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Embroidery Books

Updated on October 9, 2014

Hand Embroidery Projects

Needlework can be intricate and delicate or big and bold. Both are lovely! Find great hand embroidery projects in one of the many embroidery books available.

I don't do a lot of embroidery, but I have done some crewel and simple embroidery before.

And I love perusing these books to get ideas. I rarely use the entire pattern but choose bits from them to accent a sewing or craft project I'm working on.

These are best selling embroidery books that are highly recommended by actual users. Find just the right one for your next project!

Photo of Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400 Easy Embroidery Designs courtesy of Amazon.

Doodle Stitching - Embroidery book of doodles

This beginner's embroidery book contains nearly 30 embroidery projects that are truly for those who are just beginning to do needlework or for anyone who wants to make some quick projects.

Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection - 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs

With more than 400 embroidery designs and 17 projects, this sequel to Doodle Stitching is sure to please the beginning to intermediate (or advanced) embroidery stitcher who wants more designs.

This embroidery book comes with a CD of the more than 400 designs to download to your computer and resize to fit your needs.

Give an embroidery book to someone who loves sewing, knitting, crochet, or crafts. You'll help them find a new love!

Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches

Embroidery Supplies - The basic to begin to do embroidery

An embroidery book and a few of these supplies make a great gift for any crafter!

Instead of giving some "thing" that sits around the house, a crafting gift provides hours of fun for the recipient.

Little Stitches, Embroidery Books

This embroidery book includes 12 projects and 100 original embroidery designs.

Instructions for making 11 different stitches are also included to help even the most beginning needleworker have success.

The Spirit of Bead Embroidery

This bead embroidery book contains 14 projects to add bead stitching to jewelry making. I've made some lovely embellished pieces using beads and this three-dimensional art form is really eye catching.

Affiliate Disclosure

This author, Peggy Hazelwood, participates in Amazon, eBay, All Posters, and other affiliate advertising programs. When you click an advertising link on this page and make a purchase, I receive a small percent of the sale. Thank you for reading this far!

Do you do embroidery or other needle work?

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