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Book Series Review: The Empire Series of books by Anthony Riches

Updated on July 10, 2015

Introduction to the Series

There currently seems to be an abundance of authors writing book series about Rome and military life within the Roman legions and personally I can’t get enough of the subject.

However with all successful genres there will also be imitators or those that just don’t make the grade, which is why I have chosen to review the ‘Empire’ series of books by Anthony Riches which in my opinion not only makes the grade, but is up there with some of the best authors in this genre.

My Original submission about the series

I originally wrote about Anthony Riches after reading book 3 ‘Fortress of Spears’ in the belief that if an author could create believable vibrant characters capable of retaining my interest across 3 books then in all probability that same author could continue their success in additional books in the series.

When reviewing any book it’s far too easy to give away the plot or spoil a theme by inadvertently disclosing too much. I have too much respect for Anthony Riches’ series to even risk spoiling any potential reader’s enjoyment. The back cover contains a resume if you really want to read an outline of the story, but if you are a fan of Roman Legion military books you will almost certainly love the series.

I'm currently on book 8 The Thunder of The Gods and still love the series.

Empire III: Fortress of Spears by Anthony Riches

Anthony Riches

Anthony Riches is a new and exciting author in the genre of military fiction. If you read and enjoy Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwell or Conn Iggulden then I'm sure you will love this series.

All these authors are so good because they conduct extensive research and yes you will find commonality between them, because they are using real events, locations and describing Roman Britain from a position of authority, but each brings their own unique stamp to an exciting period of British history.

This genre will always be big enough for good authors and based on this first book I don't doubt that it won't be long before comparison of new author’s books includes reference to Anthony Riches.

Why I started reading Anthony Riches

Books are relatively cheap and can often be picked up in discount stores at bargain prices.

I have bought so many books at discount stores only to be disappointed after the first few chapters that I stop reading them and give them to a charity shop. I first saw book 1 ‘Wounds of Honour’ in a local discount store which was offering three books for five pounds (£5). I had already picked out two books and was simply looking for a third to make the numbers up to three.

I didn’t know of Anthony Riches at the time and it was the book cover that caught my eye. I purchased the three books and my intrigue at this new author prompted me to read his book first.

What a fantastic piece of luck, I had by chance stumbled upon a new and exciting author writing the exact type of book I love. I have been hooked ever since.

The Books In Series

  1. Wounds of Honour (Empire, #1)
  2. Arrows of Fury (Empire, #2)
  3. Fortress of Spears (Empire, #3)
  4. The Leopard Sword (Empire, #4)
  5. The Wolf's Gold (Empire, #5)
  6. The Eagle's Vengeance (Empire, #6)
  7. The Emperor's Knives (Empire, #7)
  8. Thunder of the Gods (Empire, #8)


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    • Glenn McCarthy profile imageAUTHOR

      Glenn McCarthy 

      3 years ago

      Thanks for your comments. I think your two favourite series of books are an excellent choice of reading.

    • frankcofrah profile image

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      I will start reading the books. Thanks for sharing

      My favourite book series are chronicles of narnia And game of thrones.

      I really love reading epic stories.


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