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Encyclopedia Prehistorica - Dinosaurs, Sharks, Mega-Beasts

Updated on April 19, 2013

Encyclopedia Prehistorica - Complete Collection

The Encyclopedia Prehistorica is not your usual collection of pop-up books. Amazingly intricate and detailed dinosaurs, sharks and mega-beasts emerge from the pages. These books will delight children with an interest in dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart are extremely skilled artists who have produced an amazing collection of books at a very good price.

We have two dinosaur mad boys. The older one will be getting the boxed set of Encyclopedia Prehistorica for Christmas this year - he'll be 4. The books are aimed at aged 4 to 8. Younger children would certainly enjoy them with supervision and I'll bet older children and adults will want to take a look too.

Definitely one of the best dinosaur Christmas presents around!

Update: My four year old got the Encyclopedia Prehistorica for Christmas. It really is superb. Of course the pop-ups are seriously amazing. But I'm so impressed with the research that has gone into finding fascinating facts about the prehistoric world. I've been really enjoying sharing these books with my son and I think we'll still be looking at them in several years time.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection

These books are a masterpiece of art and engineering and are packed full of dinosaur facts too. This is the kind of gift that a child will hold on to into adulthood and want to share with their own children.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: The Complete Collection

The big pop-up beasts are amazing (and just a little scary!). But Reinhart and Sabuda don't stop there, the book is full of mini pop-ups too. Brilliantly executed.


Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart talk about Encyclopedia Prehistoria

Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart talk about their pop up books. Slide along to 3:40 to hear them talk about and demo the Encyclopedia Britannica books. Or just watch the whole thing - these guys are great!

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up - Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart

Our boys love dinosaurs and T-Rex is their absolute favorite so this book is guaranteed to be a big hit. Raah.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters - Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart

Our older son is fascinated by the fact that sharks were around at the time of the dinosaurs and are still around now.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters
Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters

This book gets the most amazing reviews on Amazon. Click though to read them.


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up

And to complete the series, mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers and pterosaurs to mention a few.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up

They've done it again. Another well-loved pop-up book full of amazing beasts and fascinating facts.


Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Video

This video gives an idea of the amount of detail that goes into these books.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs - Production in China

Watch the book being made.

Robert Sabuda Books - Pop Up Books

Robert Sabuda's other books are just as brilliant.

What do you think of Robert Sabuda's books?


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    • pixelposy profile image

      pixelposy 7 years ago

      These books looks amazing. I have a soft spot for pop up and combining it with educational information about Dinosaurs makes these books perfect. Thank you for introducing them to me.