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EndeD - The Story of a New Superhero by Christopher Dapo

Updated on March 6, 2012

Part 1 - Should Have

My life should have ended.

I remember seeing the fragility of life as a child. It always fascinated well as frightened me. I kept pretty careful all my life, not a nick, not a scratch, not a bump or a bruise, never fought a real fight outside of a wrestling match, I can't even remember hurting once really...
All the same, the mystery of pain - I guess that's what freightens me... I don't want to find out...or didn't...

When I was twelve, I got a I thought...but, not only did I not feel pain, I didn't even see a scratch...maybe I just imagined it...

I think about it when I feel this way...

Suddenly, a round goes off...right in my ear...Fontain's evil grin ever gracefully across his face...he'd done good!

...Well...he had...

Part 2 - Fontain, Fiend Or Foe

Fontain was a punk and a bully. He thought he was tough, probably because his father forced him to be. Whatever the reason, he's still a jerk...

Wrestling wasn't a choice as much as an obligation it seems. Fontain had been messing with Josh for a while. I had to do something. Besides, this gave me a chance to learn more about how to deal with punks...



I have to admit, he must deal with his tough old man quite a bit. I'd normally had just went with it...

Fontain tried all he could, but I just wouldn't budge. Then, when he went to change up, I just stood up!


Right into Tom Boy and Jonesy! You should have seen the look on Coach's face!!

Part 3 - Going Off

In the blink of an eye, you can see your life flash through your mind. It's as if time stopped. For that moment, I thought about what got me here. The only point of it I guess was...that I'm really doing it!! That's when the shotgun pointed at my face went off.

"What th.." The guy didn't even let go of the trigger when his head came off. Disgusting little worm. His buddies decided they were gonna chime in with their bullets then, and I had fun!

Going off was something of a dance for me.

The last little homie stood there peeing himself. He'd wasted his entire clip into me. Point blank.

"Why won't you die, man?!"

"'Cause I'm EndeD. And I'm here to end you."

I walked away as his body spilled onto the floor. The clerk got it pretty bad. Time to go to work...

I searched through him for the bullets and cauterized his wounds. With a firm grasp, I pumped his heart into life and hurried out of there.

Part 4 - Control Yourself

I was in control. Nobody could touch me or my friends. The badguys had nothin'. The authorities had nothin'. People never remembered much, just that someone had saved them. They don't even remember dying, but they do question their scars...

Because of the scars they started calling me Scarman. I had to fix this, so I set out to one night...

A four-pack of hoods donned in trenches were on their way into one of the slum's liquor stores - perfect! As I started undoing my coat in the shadows of the alley across the street, something...or someone, caught my eye. They seemed to be staking the same hit, go figure. Could it be one of their's...or an ally?

Oh well, time for business. I casually walked in, they were pretty quick in their heist, already had most of the cash crammed in their bag, when they heard the bell.

"Hey boys, nice party, why wasn't I invited?"

"Who's the freak?!" One pouted, and all arms switched to focusing on me. I noticed they hadn't killed off the clerk yet and he too was stunned by my entry.

"Get behind the counter with the moron there or you're both dead," commanded one. I smiled at this and walked casually to where the clerk was...

"How do you do, sir," I said to the clerk, "what's your name?"

"Jason," he responded shakily.

"Nice to meet you...mind if I just call you Jay?"

He nodded yes, then one of the punks cocked his weapon in aggravation. I continued to ignore it...

"Who...who are you?" The clerk and the hoodlums' eyes were all on me...

"I like to call myself..."

BAM!!!! Pop! The back door flew open and, just as quick, the cronie guarding it took one to the head before he could react. A figure bolted in and took cover as the room filled with the uproar of gunfire and shattering bottles.

The clerk hit the ground behind the counter. Being interrupted, I just stood there holding my head, aggravated that I couldn't get my name out in time, bullets flying through me - Jay looked up in horror as he noticed they had no effect on me, the bullets happily shattering his display case behind me instead.

I guess the crooks thought they'd done me in somehow and they started towards the back. The one to head there last looked down behind the counter and noticed me standing there, just waving, while Jay the clerk just sat in shock. The goon's pause was short lived as the point of a blade came out his chest. His body dropped...and there the figure stood...

"You guys okay?" It was a female's voice!

Okay, Carl, control yourself.

Part 5 - The Gang's All Here

She had all the right tools, suited up like some sort of female dark avenger. And I...I was in love...

"Name's Hit Girl," she said, extending her hand to us. Jay shook her hand and thanked her. Surprisingly enough, he had shaken off the shock quite well.

"I call myself EndeD," I replied. While she shook my hand, she looked me up and down, "not a scratch on you, you must be pretty quick!"

"Nah...don't need to be."

Her puzzled look said all. I walked over to the goon she dropped last, pulled his gun to my mouth, and before she could stop me, made his finger pull the trigger.

She ducked, expecting my apparently suicidal-like act to have painted the walls with my brain fragments. It didn't.

She stood there, mouth agape.

"You're pretty resilient," Jay spouted, the shock of my ability clearly out of his system.

"Don't you ever do that again!" She yelled.

"What, this?" Popped another round through my chest...

"Yeah, stop that!!" Her frantic yell then calmed into a confused tone, "How do you do that?"

Her and Jay listened as I explained...

"I'm somehow stable, yet also somehow unstable at the same time. My genetic makeup gives me a sort of control over my metabolic structure..." I "heated" my arm. They both put their hands above it like feeling the warmth from a red-hot stove top burner. "I can agitate my body at will. Even unwillingly, my body fragments and restructures itself - meanwhile I feel not a squint of pain." I pulled her sword from it's sheath, turned sideways, and put it through my chest. Then, they watched me quickly carve out a circle of my torso. Sinking the blade into my knee, I grabbed the chunk of my torso with both hands and pulled it out, allowing them to admire my lively organs still pumping, the blood dissipating and streaming back to my body, as the rest of my removed chunk dissipated through my hands like mush and found it's way home as well.

Their shock was short lived, "Let's get going, the po-po's are on the move." Fontain was my backup for this very reason.

"Let's go to my place," Hit Girl said as we piled into Josh's van.

She had a nice hideout - she said it became available when she'd off'ed a druglord who'd stayed there. It was a mansion out in the sticks where questions were never asked.

We chose our seats in the huge livingroom there as everyone enjoyed the moment of relaxation. I looked around at us...

Josh Tomlin, my school buddy and a heck of a computer whiz. Rolland Fontain, ex-bully and newfound friend, his cop pop being the perfect source for work and warning. The newly retired asian liquor store clerk, Jason Mika, who we would later find out was a super mechanic. The rogue superwoman known as Hit Girl, sexy, yet, to-the-point with her hits, and founder of our new hideout. And then there's me, Carl DeDoyle, better known as EndeD.

Yep, the gang's all here.

Time to go to work!


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