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Endings Are Memories

Updated on March 19, 2017

I remember the first time we met
Your eyes didn't really meet mine

I was somebody's and
didn't think you could be this special

Until you handed me a notebook
where I first wrote for you

I remember our first date
The first time we held each other's hands
The very first time, I knew how soft your lips are

I remembered our first fight
You were very sorry for your mistake
While pride became my armor

I remember the first escapade we had,
We kept it from everybody
Yet our happiness flowed in our body

I remember everything you and I used to do
Those days my happiness is only you

I remember every little detail about you
even to the very last day you were mine

How funny it is, everything can only be done by reminscing
and eveyrthing is already part of a memory

cause you and I no longer exist
And you are now only part of my memory..


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