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How to Write Quality Articles

Updated on May 22, 2010

The most important thing if you want to make money writing articles is to
create or churn out quality articles. This is the most important. I have often
met a lot of individuals who want to make money writing articles, and what
they do is go online to copy other people’s articles and paste it as their own.
This is called Plagiarism and is very unlawful. In pure English, this is called
STEALING of the highest order. Also, you need to know that just any serious
internet enthusiast can easily find out if an article is copied online. There is
actually a software that helps to check if an article is copied or not. Therefore,
stay away from copying other peoples work online and passing it as your own.

How to perfect the KISS winning Strategy.

I need you to pay attention to this as it’s very important and it’s the key to
your success online. It’s quite simple too, but just anybody can make mistakes
while writing articles and such articles will not be accepted, so keep on this;
There are three important things when it comes to writing articles. Those three
things are;
1. Your Introduction - This is where you talk about the topic you want to
2. The Body – This is where you talk about the topic itself or address the
issue the topic is all about
3. The conclusion – Where you highlight the point you were trying to make
by writing the article in the first place.
These 3 things incorporate a standard article. Most times, you’ll only be
required to write between 350 words to 500 words per article.
Most times, you will not have the faintest idea about the article you want to
write about. There is no reason to fret; you can always research on Google to
find out more information before writing your article.
Let’s take an article as an example. If you are required to write an article on
the below topic;

"The hidden benefits of a good night sleep for your kids".

Action plan:

The first thing you need to do is to do a google search on “benefits of good
sleep for children”, then highlight some websites that detail some of these
ideas…., then write down the point. I repeat…Only write down the point…DO
If one of the key benefits is “A
relaxed Brain & sound mind”, then you can write this down as a point. Don’t
begin to copy the entire article. You’ll have to write your own article in your
own words.

List at least 4-5 points on the hidden benefits and then keep them safe
Secondly, write your Introduction. The introduction talks about why a sound
sleep is very important to a child. This should not be more than 50 words
Thirdly, Start speaking about the 5 benefits of good night sleeps, by choosing
the point one after the other and writing two sentences each about them.
When you are done with writing the 5 benefits, then write your conclusion
stating that Based on the points you highlited above, its important that
children have a good night sleep.
By the time you write the above, you should be close to 350 to 400 word
article which is suitable for submission to the various article websites that I’ll
show you in a little while

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to write your articles even if you are a
complete novice and have never written an article completely before. I can
guarantee you that this is very simple as long as you follow my lead. When I
first started out, I hated writing articles too, however, I followed a simple
strategy called the KISS System. The KISS system is simply Keep it simple,


There is one thing with success, and that is the fact that it comes with a dint of
hardwork. I can guarantee you that your first few articles will be quite difficult
at first. This is normal. It takes repeated writing to become better at what you
guarantee you that there is no shortcut to what I have stated above. Take your
time, write and write and you’ll become a better at article writing.


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