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Eternal Day Dream

Updated on October 26, 2012

Her eyes were soft, filled with wonder and illusion. Her gaze was steady and unbroken as she watched the rain drops dance in puddles on the concrete patio through the dirty window. She was here in the physical but her mind was a million miles away frolicking with the multiple thoughts drifting through her imagination. She often wished she could live inside her fantasies forever. There she was totally free, the universe was her play ground and nothing was impossible.

Her internal world was beautiful and flawless. There she was a goddess and all the creatures of the land worshiped her. The world she created was void of corruption and sin. Mankind didn’t exist; it was only her and her stunning creatures. The environment was temperate and unchanging, it was paradise and it was all hers. Flowers were always in full bloom, trees were laden with ripe fruit and all the animals lived in peace. This was her Eden and she the creator.

She ran through the lush meadows and thick forests, giant white and silver wolves with two tails joyfully ran alongside her. Birds with glossy ebony feathers and four broad wings flew over head, brushing her hair with their long flowing plumage. She leapt across a crystal clear stream stopping to collapse among the red and black orchids. The wolves slowed to a stop and curled up beside her. She laid there, her face buried in their soft fur. Their warmth surrounded her as night drew near. She looked up at the full blue moon as it bathed everything in pale illumination. The purple stars twinkled as the orange crickets and red speckled frogs lulled her to sleep with their sweet songs.

She awoke from her day dream to find herself still sitting before the window. The rain had stopped and the sun was peeking out from the dark fluffy clouds. She sat there still and lifeless till a soft voice drew her fully into reality. “Alora it’s time to take your medication dear.” The plump nurse smiled at her softly, her voice was sweet like honey. Alora took the cup from her hand a swallowed the pills like a good girl. She watched the nurse as she walked away before continuing to stare through the asylum window, returning to her perfect paradise


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    • Carolyn Moe profile image

      Carolyn Moe 6 years ago

      Seems perfect sometimes, doesn't it?