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Shyness overcome

Updated on October 24, 2010

Shyness overcome

Whispered words to oneself of feelings never expressed
secret desire of embracing another in your arms
Looks snuck when possible admiring anothers beauty
fearing to share ones feelings smoldering with want
Putting up a front dreading rejection and shame
burning with needs of just wanting to be a friend
Uncertainty eating away at ones innermost emotions
Bravely speaking out of how one cares for another
insides running the gamut from sadness to hope
realised relief from inner turmoil shared by both
affirmations said feelings of wonder arise
as passion is shared smiles are given

these next 2 are for us online chatters and gamers

A light in the window

A light flickering in an empty window
A window bare of drapes or blinds
A chair facing the window unopened
A door opening inviting you in
A room clean and barren and dust free
A name on the side alone for a bit
A single soul waiting for others to come
A name soon appears with the first
Above or below doesnt matter it still shows
A greeting starts a talk others soon join
A few mments pass then farewells are said
A room empty of life but for one still left
A chair not empty facing a lit window
A window bare filled with writing on it
An unearthly glow in an almost empty window

Visions on a screen

Heartaches and pain follow me
sadness and gloom shadow my being
sorrow totally surrounds me
replaced by visions on a screen

Friends and allies gather around me
pals and chums stand beside me
lovers and family behind me
sharing words and visions on a screen

Mythic creatures and beings there to see
monsters and demons walking with me
human and inhuman talk with me
all in a vision on a screen

Weak or strong whatever will be
a joker or a prude will talk with me
heroes and losers and winners we'll see
enter a vision on a screen

Rich man poor manhidden from me
female or male of all types look at me
pained ones and loved ones come to see
this and more in a vision on a screen


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    • CheyenneAutumn profile image


      7 years ago

      Blu - I like the first poems message of hope and fulfillment - Shyness is a really binding thing. I am glad you took this through to an outbreak!

      The next two shorts are very well put when it comes to chat dynamics - I really like your things - keep going!



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