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Explore Freelancer Food Writing for Earning Income

Updated on February 3, 2016
Delicious food can be found all over the world.
Delicious food can be found all over the world.
The opening and closing of restaurants is great content for food writing articles
The opening and closing of restaurants is great content for food writing articles | Source
Magazines are a great provider of revenue for many freelance food writers
Magazines are a great provider of revenue for many freelance food writers
One of the best perks is getting free meals
One of the best perks is getting free meals
Make readers have the experience of the food
Make readers have the experience of the food
Describe it as more than simply delicious or tasty
Describe it as more than simply delicious or tasty
Local community newspapers typically do not have a food section, solicit to have one started
Local community newspapers typically do not have a food section, solicit to have one started
Restaurants are found everywhere and everyone wants to hear about food
Restaurants are found everywhere and everyone wants to hear about food

This is a beautiful portrayal of a family using soul food to help get over the struggles in life they encounter. A wonderful story worth the telling. Amazon has

Professional writing positions for food is a segment of the industry with plenty of opportunities

Food writing is designed to make an audience or reader feel they have experienced through the senses some of what is being illustrated. If done correctly the audience is more than engaged in the text. They want to be part of the banquet or feast at hand. Rustle up feelings of regret for not having a meal at the restaurant discussed in paragraphs or the article title. If performed correctly, stomachs growl, mouths water and taste buds tingle. If these things happen, a writer for foodstuffs has accomplished their goal.

There is something strange about the human body when it comes to food. When thought of in a positive manner the body typically responds if engrossed. For example, imagine kicking a soccer ball and being occupied enough in the act, the nerves in the foot start to tingle. It’s as if reading the words make us become involved in the activity as we read about it. The same is possible with freelance writing jobs found in the food industry.

Any person capable of retaining the attention or able to occupy the reader enough makes this process work well and earns a great living. Craft content to make taste buds tingle and convey info well enough to get a customer regretting not going to a restaurant or even a location serving the meal. Most importantly make them desire eating whatever is being talked about or regret not doing it.


There are more advantages than disadvantages associated within this professional niche. Check out some of the things which put it on the map in front of a variety of different vocations. This is a true calling for lots of individuals.

Covering the opening and closing of local restaurants is one of the biggest coups for lots of individuals. Restaurants happen to be one of those industries found to open and close at a phenomenal rate. Unfortunately, approximately one in every five fails within the first year. This means an unlimited supply of material tied to the events.

Trying new and different kinds of spreads is delightful. There is the possibility everything described as a delicious feast will not feel that way to everyone. Although, imagine discovering something new to add to the list of favorites. Sample something new like sushi or other banquet of a different ethnic group.

Lots of clients hire these types of professionals for their expertise and often invite them to visit eating establishments or even other countries in order to discuss the cuisine. It is not unimaginable to see all of China simply to relay to readers the fare found around a certain province or area. The right resumes or experience puts a writer in a position to have endless possibilities such as these.


There is not that many to discuss. In fact, the one drawback comes in the form of creativity. The inability to have imagination or draw inspiration for originality and enough vision to make the food real to a reader is important and a key component.

More than a few magazines and other publications ask for travel in order to write for them. If traveling is an issue, it is capable of hampering these opportunities.

Although there are a number of specialties inside of the niche, like seafood versus soul food, some recognize there is not enough variety. Food is still the same whether is is organic or GMO (genetically modified). The smaller categories inside of the main one for some is not enough.

Eating out sounds great on someone's dime other than yours. This is not always the case. More than a few clients could request spending a writer's own money and then reimbursing for any expenses later.

Other things to consider

Finding clients and business when its dry

Drum up work when its slow or nonexistent. Lots of folks do not have the fortune of living in a large metropolis. In these instances a local newspaper missing a section devoted to food and food writing still needs the same services. Instead of working on a regular basis for an editor for the work, submit articles created for general publication. How about making one to print under letters to the editor? The work is still in the paper under a personal byline and possibly identified as resourceful enough to inspire the editor to get it circulated somewhere else which furthers the same career goals.

Several restaurants are seeking out advertisement sources. If these are new and not announced or broadcast enough for the community they serve, some owners want to further that agenda. They look for professionals to put the word out and review their goods and services. Searching for someone to make the public aware of the business means finding a food writer to make it happen. This is where a professional food writer is an answer. Offer services to new establishments for a fee. Sit down and discuss with owners or operators what they have in mind and find a concession which satisfies both parties.

In conclusion

While this substance is used mainly as a fuel source for the body, it does not have to be bland or boring. Food writers enhance, educate and even entertain us with their whimsical ways of creating content. They have to make us believe anything they are investigating is more than fuel. If this is something appealing to any person currently writing for a living, investigate more. It is a niche full of possibilities for the right person full of innovation and ingenuity.

Do you have what it takes?

Using words as basic as tasty or delicious to write in the food industry for the web or in magazine publications, simply is not enough and won’t cut it. Not to say never use these adjectives, but you need a lot more to be successful at freelance food writing. The competence is required to create images and strong emotional associations to grab the audience. Have the expertise to bring them into the bowl or plate of what is being served.

Mr. McDougalls organic salad is delicious and priced the same with Amazon.

Magazine article or segment options

The other largest option for making money outside of creating work for the web is crafting content for magazines. For many writers there is an intersection of magazine writing along with web publication. Whether money is made with paper versions of the same text or not, both pay fairly well. Some of these publications want the same stories online and in their paper form of the same info. Others pay for two separate articles.

Food spreads to other genres which make more money, but are still parallel to the same niche

There are scores of books and other publications solely committed only to writing for food and dining. Others devoted to nightlife, general lifestyles and tourism that also seeking freelance food writing articles in addition to main content articles. These generally have a print publication as well as freelance writing online. The possibilities open up even wider to make more money with this in mind.

Julia is a professional food writer/marketeer. Please take a couple of minutes to understand the reality of embracing this genre of freelance writng

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    • Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

      Ask_DJ_Lyons 6 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee

      This was a very useful and well-written hub. Thank you!

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      This was an excellent article, but I can't eat spices so I'll never be able to get into it. I enjoyed the article anyways. Good job.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I don't know if this is my talent but I sure enjoyed the pictures, especially the sushi!