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Faces-A Poem about Faces

Updated on January 14, 2017

The Face that make America happy.

Fat faces, small faces, faces with eyes so big I can’t even see their faces

Happy faces, cheerful faces, faces with excitement for new faces in some old places.

There have been new faces in the old places before, but never the faces of those who looked inside from outside. The faces of the past, builders of the foundation, hands callus from the years of laying bricks, now look down from their heavenly box seats, giving approval for the new face with the smile.

Faces, All I see are faces

From television to newspaper, from YouTube to tee shirts, the face is here.

The smile and the face are in all the places, everywhere you go the smile is there and on the faces of those who rejoice seeing, the face with the smile.

It started in Iowa where mostly people with white faces took the chance on the smiling face.

The eyes were soft and friendly, the smile was one of friendship, and the color was caramel and fresh.

The smile and the face offered a new beginning, no longer a battle between black faces and white faces or red faces and blue faces.

Faces, All I see are faces

Young faces, looking to create the new face of America, old faces with the scares from facing a country that hasn’t always had compassion for their faces. Those are guarded faces with no expressions waiting for the face with the smile to step up center stage.

Not all the faces were happy; some didn’t even show their face. They could not get over some new faces showing up in some places guarded for years for people with other faces.

Millions of faces for as far as the eye could see, brave the freezing cold to hear the words of the new face.

We must face up to the responsibility of being the new builders, bricklayers and repairman of our world.

Even in the cold the faces were warm

For the face with the smile was the sun, a new shining light for a country where the face of despair no longer rules.

Even in the cold the faces were warm

Robert Butts

Nov 20, 2008

Please read to your children

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    • profile image

      Pearl 7 years ago

      A smile comes to my face as I read this poem, a warm smile.