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Updated on October 5, 2016



Playful little firefly, hello…
Your fire’s ready for the night, so let’s go…

Eyes like rear-view mirror flashing heaven’s gate,
Young wings that get caught up in innocent flings,
I think I’ve mistaken your hair for a fairy’s tail,
As a stray light from the mirror ball latches my eyes…

This feeling is very light,
Like forgetting my name is all right,
I hid behind the shower curtain, trying to tame my mind…
But I slipped through my words and fell face first into the tub,
That’s when I heard that careless laugh.

I think I fell in love…

Hey there firefly, you’re asking me to take your hand,
If I did, where would you take me again?
The stars in heaven still look fresh after the light drizzle,
Will it be proper if I let you carry me by your shoulder?
I keep asking questions for your wrong answers,
And good night will always come out unfair from my lips.

So let’s not say a single word.

Firefly, firefly…the next morning will be a wildfire.
Flap your thin wings; tell me just how fragile they really are…
Then I’ll tease your heart as we’re charging towards the moonless sky…
There’s nothing to reach above, so I tell you to close your eyes…
Don’t even think about drowning your light when the sun comes up,
So small, but I like you just the way you are…

I’m right here little firefly, so why are you staring somewhere else?
I’ll put a finger on your lips so to shut your mind,
And I’ll drag your thoughts back to me again.
I’ll pinch your nose just to wake you up,
So your eyes can only see my smile…
We’d giggle together when nothing else around us makes sense,
How can a heart not drown in that magical sound?

But I think I’ve forgotten where we are....

I seem to lost my tracks when the spell ahead collapse,
But we’re so close around midnight now….
A little confused, I held out my hands for you to grab,
Until we’re bounded in that chain of riddles and secrets...
You took time to trace a hidden map in my palm,
And you called it Home…

Is that where my heart is asking to be now?

Firefly, I don’t know where the starting line is…
I’m a little lost right now.
Perhaps tell me if these raindrops are even real,
When there’s not a single cloud forming in the sky…
I even forgot that tonight we’re together in this race,
Time seems to drag on in a daze...

Butterfly, butterfly, that’s what I am…
A butterfly wearing wild petals on her back,
Just to keep herself from falling into the rocks…
Nectars and colors, that’s what I am by the day,
And when the night time falls, I just stop seeing myself that way...

Firefly, go away…

I can’t watch you fall in love with someone else tonight,
while in this moment I live in the dim light you provide,
But it will hurt so much to watch you fall out of love again the next night.
For an antique heart, they don’t coincide.
For a guilty mind, it’s an unbearable sight.

So let’s just stop playing now.

Hey firefly, please don’t cry.
I can’t allow those tears to extinguish your spark…
But tonight won’t last, tomorrow we’ll wake up.
How do I make up my mind so fast?
You tell me I have a reckless heart,
For I dare to catch the sun in my hands…
And one night when it landed right into my palms,
I gripped it tight,
Only to let go of it again..

© 2016 Jlaine Pescott


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