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50 Shades of Grey Summary

Updated on August 29, 2017

Fifty Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is currently one of the best selling novels in the world. It has surpassed paperback book sales of the Harry Potter series in UK and is expected to break other related records. Its popularity has attracted a wide fan base - both men and women from age 18 and above.

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What is Fifty Shades of Grey all about?

50 Shades of Grey is a romantic novel by E.L. James. It is written in the first person point of view. The story is divided into 3 books namely the Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed.

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50 Shades of Grey Summary - Book 1


Anastasia Steele is a 21-year old, English Literature senior in WSU with only a few weeks left before graduation. In the middle of completing prerequisites, her best friend Kate drafts her to interview one of the school sponsors – Christian Grey. He is the CEO and owner of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. He is 27 years old, good-looking, domineering and distant.

Desire ignites upon their first meeting. Ana aspires him to be her boyfriend. Christian on the other hand wants her to be with him but under his terms. Due to desire and curiosity, Ana is lured to accept Christian’s terms not knowing what she has gotten herself into. Christian then introduces her to his lifestyle. At first, she is hesitant to push through because she is unfamiliar and scared but her longing to be with him exceeds more than other feelings. Hence, she willingly takes her chances with him.

Ana wishes to have a loving relationship with Christian. Yet, their arrangement excludes this sentiment. She happily tries to adjust and accept the type of relationship that Christian can offer but eventually she grows weary and decides to leave.

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50 Shades Darker Summary - Book 2


Ana and Christian’s separation cause much pain and suffering. Ana works all day and spends her nights crying. Christian lives in misery – a feeling entirely new to him. In order to escape despair, Christian keenly decides to change his ways to get Ana back.

The second attempt to a relationship is different. Both Ana and Christian adjust to each others needs and choices. This new arrangement works well with them but their happiness is cut short due to Leila’s (Christian's ex-sub) appearance and foreboding. Although there is no concrete risk, Christian takes no chances and succumbs to protecting Ana at all costs. The sudden shift in their relationship infuriates Ana but she eventually understands his reasons.

Strict security has been imposed to provide protection. Yet, Leila gets an opportunity to come face-to-face with Ana. In their encounter, Leila holds a pistol but does not threaten to shoot. She is in a distressed state and in need of immediate help. Christian sees the situation at hand and tries to go in between and distract Leila. He successfully achieves his purpose by dominating Leila. However, Ana becomes troubled with what she has witnessed – a glimpse of Christian as a Dom with his sub.

The scene she has witnessed set off another dilemma in Ana and Christian’s relationship. She feels insecure and uncertain. She sees herself as an unworthy partner. In order to keep Ana in his life, Christian surrenders and asks Ana to marry him. She does not easily consent to his proposal and demands for more time. Christian half-heartedly accepts.

The relationship of Christian and Ana returns to normal with both blissfully enjoying each others company. However, Ana’s life is crushed when Christian fails to go home in time after flying in his helicopter. She spends her hours in silence while waiting for news about him and his arrival. It was only before midnight that Christian walks in their place and everything & everyone is relieved. The cause of delay is due to an unexplainable helicopter problem. This information alerts the entire Grey family and results to stricter protection. The incident strengthens Ana and Christian’s love for each other. Thus, after midnight, Ana accepts Christian’s marriage proposal.

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50 Shades Freed Summary - Book 3


Ana and Christian wed in a simple ceremony witnessed by family members and close friends. They then spend weeks together to spend their honeymoon. Once they got back, they spend lunch with the Greys. On their way back home, they are subjected to a car chase, which alarmed them both.

In spite of the looming danger, the newlyweds come back to work, attend their busy schedules, go to gatherings together, and spend dinner dates. Their arrangement considerably changes when Ana's father (Ray) gets into an accident after he went fishing. They had to spend days & nights checking for medical updates and visiting Ray, who succumbs to a coma. When Ray finally wakes up, they transfer him to a nearby hospital.

Just as one crisis has ended another turns up. Due to Ana's busy schedule and his father's accident, she overlooks her doctor's appointment and fails to get the birth control shot in time. Hence, she gets pregnant. Upon learning the news, Christian uncontrollably gets angry, blames Ana for her foolishness, and becomes distant.

During this time, the threat to their lives resurfaces - Jack Hyde, Ana's former boss whom Christian fires out of work due to his indiscrete actions. He takes the opportunity to compel Ana to give away $5 million in exchange of Mia (Christian's sister). Out of fear for Mia's life, Ana gets the specific amount in their joint account. This act gives out a wrong signal. Christian thinks that money is the only reason why she married him. Ana not wanting to involve him in the present danger simply assents to his judgment. In the course of the exchange, Jack inflicts pain on Ana which hurts her to a great extent. Before she fells down and darkness invades her, she shots Jack on his thigh. All too soon, Christian together with the authorities arrives and seizes Jack Hyde.

Ana undergoes treatment. She is made to sleep for days to decrease the swelling on her head. Although asleep and immobile most of the time, Ana can still hear excerpts of conversations from those visiting her. She hears Christian talking about the baby and this made her happy. When she finally wakes up, Christian is at her side giddily attending to her needs.

Ana and Christian soon resolve their issues and promise to be with each other at all times. Christian then tells her everything about him - his childhood life, problems he had to endure growing up, and the reasons why he became the Christian Grey that she knew. Ana embraced his totality and they both lived a happy life with their son and soon to be daughter.

Fifty Shades Freed on Amazon

Duel Debate

I have read online articles about the possibility of a 4th book.

Do you think it is best to add a 4th book to the Fifty Shades series?

What can you say about Fifty Shades series?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @anonymous: No fourth book ...the trilogy in my opinion says it all..down to the happy endings...however they should have signed my all time favorite and sexiest actor Bradley Cooper to play the Christian Grey role? mmm yuumm

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love the series ..only hoped my one and all time sexiest man should have been Bradley Cooper playing the Christian Grey role..

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      4 th book please do they have the baby?!?!?


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