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Fifty Shades and the New Woman

Updated on August 8, 2012
Handcuff by nixxphotography
Handcuff by nixxphotography | Source

The New York Times Bestselling trilogy, Fifty Shades, is receiving praise, but from an unexpected source: the bedroom. As a result of this dawning new age, where women are once again embracing the power of their sexuality, they are doing so guided by the fictional characters of E.L.James. The Fifty Shades trilogy explores BDSM (bondage, domination, submission and masochism) through the eyes of a young innocent woman, Anastasia Steele, who meets billionaire Christian Grey, a dominant.

Readers are embracing their kinkiness and the adult toy industry is trying to keep up with demand. Whips, Ben-wah balls, masks and crops are all taking center stage as women explore another level of intimacy. But why now?

With mainstream attention, there is now more acceptance, and more discussion about sexuality. No longer desiring the same "vanilla" sex (sex that is the accepted norm, such as missionary position), Fifty Shades has given women ideas on what they can do to experience a new level of sexual gratification by dipping into the treasure chest of tools provided by the writings of E. L. James. Just by a quick Google search, you'll find women who are re-reading the series, and finding fodder to awaken their own "inner goddess."

The timing for this series' release was perfect. Not only has mainstream media been more accepting of all things BDSM, as evidenced through Rihanna's recent smash, Whips and Chains, but this sexual preference has been spotlighted in many households even through Adult toy parties, where the gadgets needed can be bought in the comfort of your own home.

What started out as fan fiction to Twilight has received its own following of women. Coined as "Mommy Porn," it is something that ever woman who needs a fresh spark in the bedroom should read.

Tina Glasneck is the author ofTHOU SHALL NOT. She also authors craft articles and short stories. With a theological and criminal background, Tina enjoys creating heroes with bite, villains with motives and a plot with an impeccable pace. She is currently working on her follow up novel, Angels Cry.


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