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My first posting as a teacher

Updated on April 14, 2013

A story of mine, posted to a rural of Sarawak as a teacher

I'm a teacher in my country, Malaysia. As a government teacher in here, we have to be ready to be post anywhere in Malaysia, even in very rural area. Some parts of Malaysia, especially in Sabah and Sarawak where jungle is still thick and in Sarawak river is still among the important transportation in here. And for my posting, I've been post to Sarawak.

Shocked when I received the news

I wanted to be a teacher at my hometown, yet, I was sent away to......

I was shocked when I got the news. My first posting, I've been posted to a place that I never been too, that is in Boreno Island, a state called Sarawak. Malaysia consists of Peninsular (west) Malaysia and east Malaysia. As I'm living in west Malaysia, I need to use a flight to go to Sarawak. I never been in a flight before and the news excite me . Luckily for me and for the rest of the teachers, everything is provided to us. All the appointed teachers only need to go to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and from there we will be taking a flight to go to Sarawak.

It is my first time to arrived at Sarawak. At the appointment letter, it only stated the district of my school, that is Miri. So on that day, me and a few fellow teachers have been brought to Miri. Miri is town, and famous for its oil. A lot of Brunei people come here as my friend told me it only takes two hours journey from Brunei. Usually they come to Miri to shopping or to travel.

i'm afraid thinking about things that I'm going to face in here. The possibility if being send to rural areas....

The briefing and the posting

the moment of truth :>>>> posting

On the first day, we stay at the hotel. That night we will be told our appointed school

and most of us afraid of the news because most of us do not want to be put in a very rural area of Sarawak.

Then the moment of truth arrived. I got my news. I’ve been posted to a district call Baram. Before this I never heard of a place call Baram and then from discussions with other teacher, it turn out that Baram is a very far end district of Sarawak. It a very less developed district. This facts scared me and I cried.

I even searched about the school that I’ve been appointed to. I found out that there is no pipe water, no electricity and no phone line. Ohhh, how am I going to survived at that place?

After being briefing about salary and our responsibility, then the moment that I’ve been waiting for. That is the journey to my school. From Miri, I heading to a place call Marudi, as that where is the District Education Office is for my school. The officers there will be responsible for our safety and salary. And from Marudi, I will be heading to my school. The first facts about my school, only by using four wheel car that we can arrived. Normal car will be too risky to use. I cannot describe how the journey is like, only through picture can explain the condition of the road. My friend told me that even though we are in the car, it seem like we are riding a horse, keep bumping. It not a very pleasurable journey.

Make Sure you have this to store your memories

The arrival

First Impression of the school

After more than six hours of bumpy ride, we arrived. This is my truth. I will be a teacher to an Ibanese pupils as the place is an Iban village. It will be a new experienced to me, but that is my duty in here. This is what happen nine months ago, and after nine months here, I obtain many new great, happy and sad experiences, and I believe everything happens for a reason. Keep strong is the only way I can survived in here and in anywhere.

My first impression here? Indescribable, but as my father kept told me, be patient and you will be rewarded

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      very educational ... glad I browsed upon your lens! If you like to browse lens as I do, mine has a great educational topic with poll questions for my readers to enjoy.

    • AbhinavB LM profile image

      AbhinavB LM 6 years ago

      Interesting story I must say... But consider it as a charity on your part to teach those people... who have limited resources.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      What an interesting story. I always admire teachers who work in areas far from their homes.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      What an interesting story. I always admire teachers who work in areas far from their homes.

    • masz09 profile image

      masz09 6 years ago

      @rbkun: yup, upin ipin, really good show.

    • masz09 profile image

      masz09 6 years ago

      @I-sparkle: Thank you. But now I've been posted to another school in Johor, the condition is not as challenging as in Sarawak, but it more challenging in orther areas. Thank you for coming.

    • I-sparkle profile image

      I-sparkle 6 years ago

      Nice lens. I think that you showed incredible courage to go to this undeveloped area to teach. Congratulations to you on a good lens and following through on this daring goal that you set for yourself.

    • mamakat lm profile image

      mamakat lm 7 years ago

      Interesting story. I can imagine how scary that would be, to leave the city, and have to live in a place so isolated and primitive. I would have cried, too, I think! In fact, I probably would have backed out on my teaching contract.....! I can't even imagine what it's like, although most of the world lived like that up til around a hundred years or so ago!