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Freestanding Magnifying Lamps - Hands Free Magnifier Lights For Reading

Updated on July 4, 2014

When your eyesight isn't what it used to be the little pleasures in life, like reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle, quickly become harder or impossible to do without a little aid. Straining your eyes to read the text of a newspaper or even large print books is a less than ideal way to relax and that's why many people turn to book magnifiers in order to continue reading, doing puzzles, knitting, cross stitch and more. Free standing floor lamp book magnifiers are one of the more versatile types of lighted magnifying glasses for reading and crafting and that's what the rest of this page is devote to.

Adjustable floor lamp magnifiers are a hands free alternative to desk lamp magnifying lights or traditional magnifying glasses. They are freestanding much like a standard lamp but with directional LED lighting and a large magnifier glass. Freestanding floor lamp magnifiers typically have an adjustable neck which can be pulled down to provide comfortable hands free magnification for all sorts of tasks like reading a book or magazine, knitting, stitching, crochet and more. They are the perfect chair side companion ready and willing to assist whenever you need a little extra help seeing things more clearly.

Light It! By Fulcrum, 12 LED Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp with Adaptor
Light It! By Fulcrum, 12 LED Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp with Adaptor

This illuminated LED magnifying lamp features a 5 inch diameter 2x magnifying lens with a 6x magnifying inset for seeing the fine details more clearly. It has 12 cool LED lights designed to provide the maximum focused illumination without producing lots of heat like regular incandescent bulbs do. It has a fully adjustable flexible gooseneck which allows you to easily adjust the magnifying lens and light to exactly the position you require it in.

The adjustable gooseneck is mounted on a wide stable base designed to prevent tipping and accidents whilst being light enough to make this easily portable too. This lighted LED magnifier lamp is the ideal companion beside your favorite chair, settee, work bench, kitchen table etc. It has a bright light with no annoying "hot spots" so no need to worry about distracting bright spots on your paper or craft project.

This illuminated magnifier is very portable at a mere 12 pounds in weight and it can be powered either by the included AC power adapter or via three D batteries which enables you to take this anywhere even if a power socket is not readily available.

OttLite W9437T Easy View 18-Watt Floor Lamp with 3x Optical-Grade Magnifier, Dove Grey
OttLite W9437T Easy View 18-Watt Floor Lamp with 3x Optical-Grade Magnifier, Dove Grey

If you are looking for the best floor lamp for making jewelry, quilting, sewing and more then the products in the OttLite range are likely to suit you down to the ground.

OttLite is the crafter's companion. It uses specialized bulbs to produce the most natural light spectrum which aids in clarity and reduces eye strain. When you are doing intricate work like beading or needlepoint then you need a lamp such as this one. Better still, the maginifier attachment lets you see this fine detail in even greater clarity which is perfect for those of us whose eyes are starting to betray us as we get older.

This magnifying craft lamp is equally ideal for more manly pursuits guys so if you're into model making, putting together model airplanes or doing jigsaw puzzles, or other similarly intricate hobbies which could do with some light shed on the scene then this is equally ideal for you guys.

The thing you will love about this floor lamp for craft projects is how east to adjust it is. The lamp head is mounted on a flexible gooseneck which allows you to raise, lower, twist and adjust to light source to the right angle for project and because it uses OttLite 508 technology you'll not see harsh glare or distortion from this bulb just clear, natural lighting. These bulbs don't get hot this many other light sources either so you'll not sit there sweating under a burning hot bulb.

OttLite's are very well made. I've had mine for years and only recently had to replace the bulb despite many hundreds of hours of use. The adjustable magnifying glass on the pole of this one is just icing on the cake and is also useful for up close reading of books and magazine as well as detail work on hobby and craft projects.


How To Choose The Right Free Standing Floor Magnifier For Reading

When choosing a magnifier for reading there are a number of different things to keep in mind. Once you have decided on a free standing magnifying reading lamp, the next thing to consider is where you want to use it, and then to understand what you need to look for in order to ensure you are getting something which meets your requirements. Important considerations are adjustability, height, size of magnifier, quality of lighting and stability, each of which will be covered in more detail below.

Reading Lamp With Large Magnifier Glass

If you intend to use your floor lamp magnifier for magnifying the size of print in books and magazines then you should look for one with a large magnifying glass. Some come with a reading magnifying glass which is surprisingly small considering the kinds of applications it is meant for. The different between a large magnifying glass for reading compared with a smaller one will mean the difference between being able to comfortably position a book beneath it or to be constantly moving the book around beneath the glass to magnify different areas of the page or frequently adjusting the position of the magnifying glass itself.

Full page book magnifiers are generally seen more often in the kind which you put directly over the page although the aforementioned reading lamp by Pro Magnify offers an extra large viewing area and the alternative shown below might be an equally good and more portable alternative if you do not require the lighting aspect.

It Should Be Both Stable and Portable

A good reading lamp should be both stable and portable. This means you are looking at a trade off between a base which is weighty enough to ensure it isn't going to be easily toppled over by yourself, children or your pets but is also light enough to be easy to move from location to location. The chances are, the adjustable reading lamp for reading in bed is going to be equally useful and required for reading in an armchair or at the kitchen table etc. Yes, you can absolutely buy more than one and that's probably the best option rather than constantly relocating it, but for those on more limited budgets or who are happy to move it around, an extremely heavy base or flimsy design which feels like it might fall apart if it were moved too often is not going to be to your liking. All the products featured on this page are well made and will be easy to move from location to location. There are lighted magnifying lamps on wheels or rolling reading lamp on casters which are even easier to move around but those are generally designed for cosmetic and similar purposes.

Get An Adjustable Floor Light For Reading

The vast majority of hands free reading lights offer easy adjustment of the lighted magnifier via a gooseneck style mount which enables you to twist, rotate, raise and lower the height of the magnification glass to the most comfortable reading position. The main consideration when it comes to finding the right hands free adjustable reading light with magnifier is how high it is and whether this height fits in well with your intended usage. Some of these are designed to be used by people needing a magnifying light for reading books in bed or on the couch, whilst others are aimed at taller seated positions like seated at a breakfast bar, kitchen table or workbench. Whilst the adjustable gooseneck does allow for height adjustment you might find a low seated or laying position is more than the height adjustment can handle on some of the taller floor light magnifiers.

An LED Floor Light Magnifier Is A Must

Whichever style of magnifier you choose one thing which is absolutely important is the style of lighting used. You simply must look for an LED magnifier light rather than an incandescent bulb because the former uses much less energy and more importantly, throws off virtually no heat whereas the latter can reach uncomfortably hot temperatures which is going to be less than appealing when you are reading or crafting underneath it.

Not all LED magnifier lights are made the same however, some are directional which focuses the light down whilst others are use reflectors to produce a more diffuse floodlighting effect. In my opinion, both look pretty much the same for close up work like reading or crafting but your experience may differ. If you think you might require light to be more spread out, say for larger needlework projects for example, then opt for one which produces the floodlight effect.

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    So useful for those who love spend their art and craft hobbies, fab lens

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    I would like to have one of these. How much handier can a read lamp be. :)