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Flora Kidd vintage Harlequin Presents author

Updated on January 8, 2012


Flora Kidd was born and raised in England. After WWII ended she went away to college to train as a teacher and met her future husband. Flora and her husband both shared a love of the sea and sailing. They lived all over Great Britain and eventually had 4 children. Flora was given some romances to read and thought she would like to try and write one. Eventually she and her family moved to Canada and have been at many exotic locations, many of which have found their way into her books. She wrote over 60 books in the Harlequin Presents and Harlequin Romance lines.

I am slowly reading all the vintage harlequins and as I do, I am adding details to the descriptions in bold.

Vintage romance reviews Reviews of older Harlequins

Vintage Searchable list of all vintage Harlequins



She loved him as he had never loved her For nine months Elaine had tried to forget Yvan. She thought she'd succeeded, but now she knew nothing had changed. She'd been back in Chambourtin only twenty-four hours and already Yvan was filling her whole mind--pushing everyone and everything else out just as he had a year before when they'd first met and married there. So his words were shattering. "I've decided that it's best for us to get a divorce," Yvan said curtly. "Did you think I'd never agree?"


Nothing had really changed, Diana thought miserably. She'd been foolish to hope that lovemaking would resolve the situation more satisfactorily than talking. Jason, her husband, was a law unto himself. And she knew she wouldn't want him any other way. Uncommitted, untamed, he came and went as he chose and expected her to understand. "You were supposed to trust me." Jason said. If only she didn't have this fear that one day he might go out and never return!



"You didn't really want a wife," she accused Edmund. "I've often wondered why you bothered to marry me." Delia had followed her husband into the depths of the Brazilian jungle. Oh, why had she come? What had she expected? An instant and ecstatic reconciliation something like the instant and ecstatic love they'd felt when they'd first met? Too much time and distance had come between them for that to happen. He wasn't the same man. He didn't want her ....



She never expected such consequences! "Now that you're here, I'm going to keep you here to live with me," Juan declared smoothly Sorrell gazed at him in astonishment. He was not only immoral, he was crazy, she thought hysterically. Never before in her wildest dreams had she imagined herself being held under lock and key by a famous bullfighter! But Juan seemed determined to keep her on his ranch in Colombia. Oh, why had she ever though, she could straighten things out by coming to see him? And how would she ever escape?



She was afraid of his love now It had taken Aline five years to get over the pain and humiliation caused by Dominic Lietch's harsh rejection of her teenage love. The foolish young girl had become a sensible young woman, so when Dominic returned unexpectedly to Scotland, Aline was dismayed to find that her growing up had not changed her feelings for him. She was determined to get away from his dangerous magnetism before he could hurt her again. Dominic, however, seemed equally determined to make her stay ... .



Nothing in life, or love, is free. Dawn Aylwin's search for her missing sister, Judy, had landed her deeply in trouble. Robbed of all her possessions and left to drown off the coast of Mexico, she was miraculously rescued by Sebastian Suarez. Sebastian gave dawn shelter and his protection "Destiny has placed your life in my hands," he said firmly. "I will take care of you, and aid you in your search." But Sebastian wanted something in return. And Dawn wasn't sure whether she could accept his terms of repayment....



Caroline refused to let her wealthy father force her into an arranged marriage. To escpae his tyranny, she fled to a mountain valley in Spain. Instead of the old childhood nurse she expected to find there, she met Pio Viroda. The rebellious son of a poor revolutionary, and an artist, Pio’s political cartoons had made him an enemy of the establishment world to which Caroline belonged. The only interest she shared with Pio was her need for personal freedom. But when he drew her into his arms and kissed her, she ceased to care about the differences that divided them.

Set in Spain, Caroline’s father is a Basque, and forcing her to marry. She had gone to school in England, where her mother was from. She is to be married to the son( who is gay) of a business associate in 2 days, so she sneaks out of the house. She runs to a farmhouse in the Pyrnes where she stayed as a child. Pio’s father was her mother’s lover and her father thinks he gets involved with her just for revenge about how Pio’s father was treated. Caroline’s father eventually dies and she finds out he was penniless, he wanted her to marry for security.



Why cling to a dying dream? Five years before on her first trip to Scotland, young, impressionable Ellen had met and married the dashing Dermid Craig. But Dermid and Ellen had been separated for almost three years--longer than they'd be together. Now, flying from Canada to Scotland, with their small son to confront Dermid again, Ellen tried to understand what had destroyed the passion and promise of the early years. Why not concede that it was over? Or was this her last chance to rebuild their marriage?

Ellen has brought her son for the reading of his grandfather's will. She had married Dermid in Scotland but when she went back to Canada to visit her parents, they made it clear they didn't like her husband. She stayed because her father died and her mom fell apart, but her mother worked hard to keep her and her son there. Dermid wouldn't visit her there because of her mother and she refused to visit Scotland



"Just what do you think you're doing?"

Ellen's heart leaped at the familiar voice. Slowly she turned her head. He was there, leaning on the counter beside her--a tall man in a well-tailored tweet suit, watching her with dark brown eyes. Her husband, Dermid Craig.

"I'm hiring a car," she said coolly. "What are you doing here?"

"Meeting you," he replied with an ironic quirk of his mouth. "I've got a car wating."

"Dermid," she said determinedly. "I'm not going with you to Inchcullen. I'd rather drive myself."

His glance went to the bewildered little boy beside her. "A bit hard on him. But I might have guessed you'd put yourself first."

Oh, why had she come? Dermid was just as aggravating and tormenting as always. Just as dangerously attractive,too......


"I'll never give you a divorce..." Cesare had told Kathryn firmly. "Because we married in haste it doesn't make our marriage any less solid, to my way of thinking." Kathryn had been stung by his words. It was true she had married him on the rebound, but she had left him because of her love--to free him to marry the beautiful Sophia Barzini. Now, eighteen months later, Cesare expected Kathryn to resume their marriage. But how could she? The issue of Sophia was still unresolved, and Kathryn wasn't prepared to be second best!



Visiting her sister in the Bahamas, Charlotte was very worried about her sister's blatant involvement with Burt Sharaton. It was on her brother-in-law's account that she decided to take her courage in both hands and tackle Burt about it-with disastrous results. At first furiously angry with her for interfering, Burt then virtually kidnapped her aboard his yacht-and if she didn't cooperate, he told her, he would ruin her father. What could Charlotte do now-apart from fighting the attraction she now began to feel towards Burt? Was there any way out of this tangle?

Charlotte is a reporter from England. She comes to visit her dad and sister, Nancy, who has left her husband back in England. She says she has left him, but she hasn't told her husband that yet. Their father works for Burt, he manages his club. The father was suspected of embezzlement at his last job and Burt thinks he is doing that at her club,too. Burt is a cynical widower who sends a note to Nancy to go on a cruise with him (expects her to become his mistress).

Charlotte doesn't realize that her sister had been throwing herself at Burt. So to protect her sister, she intercepts the note and goes to tell him off. But she falls in the water and he fishes her out and suddenly the yacht is on its way. He says she must be his mistress or father goes to jail. They eventually land on an island and she tells a gossip about her kidnapping. So Burt asks her to marry him. He tells her that his wife was mentally ill, she killed their baby, then was institutionalized. She later killed herself. Charlotte tells her dad about the blackmail and he gets her back to England. He was being blackmailed about the former embezzlement, so he stole from Burt to pay off the blackmailer.



Leon was just a familiar stranger. Roselle's marriage to Leon five years earlier had had a bizarre beginning. Now, it seemed, it would have an equally strange end. Her visit to Leon's vineyard in southern France was merely to ask him for a divorce. After all, they'd never lived together as man and wife--except, of course, for those few wonderful months in London. But that was long ago, and Roselle knew Leon didn't really want a wife. Why, then, had this reunion--and her request--sparked such a violent and passionate reaction?



Lyn felt she had to return to the island. Lyn Brennan thought it safe to return to Morgan's Island. And after the scandal that had marred her reputation--as well as scarring her face--she felt she had nowhere else to escape to.It had been eight years since she'd been on the island, since her infatuation with Joel Morgan had nearly broken her heart. Now Lyn was older, a woman of cool reserve.But that reserve was shattered the moment she realized that the rugged island fisherman walking toward her was Joel--more dangerously attractive than ever!

Lyn used to spend her summers on the island off the coast of Maine, she had a crush on fisherman, Joel, who rejected her. He is now a single father, Lyn soon meets his daughter, Rina and starts to get close to her. Lyn had run to the island because of her politician boss. She went to deliver some papers to him one night and she rescues him from a fire. She is then accused by his wife of being his mistress.



"Guess I'm glad I stopped by."

Joel's remark surprised Lyn. She stood rooted to the spot, trying to make out the expression on his face. At once he swooped in like a hawk and bending his head, kissing her soundly on the mouth.

"Just who do you think I am?" she spat at him furiously.

"A soft touch," he retorted jokingly, moving toward her again.

"Not any more, Joel Morgan," she almost shouted. "I want you to get out....."

"All right," he said. "I'll leave for now. I can see what a kick it gives you to turn me down. You've had your revenge for the way I treated you eight years ago and we're square now. We can begin all over again."

Never, thought Lyn. Once was more than enough.



Knowing the truth deeply shook Teri. Marriage to Damian Nikerios was the only solution to Teri's desperate situation. Her father's debt to him would be canceled, her family saved from ruin. Damian was the attractive son of a Greek millionaire, and even though she had not married for love, her life on the isle of Skios was a pleasant one. Then she discovered the real reason why Damian had married her--to hide his affair with his father's third wife! But why should she be angry? She didn't want him herself ...did she?



Her only chance was to trust him. Confined and suffering from amnesia in a revolutionary country, Kate was near despair. When Sean Kierly appeared, claiming to be her fiance, it was a godsend. Unfortunately, the authorities insisted they be married before being allowed to leave. Surprisingly, Kate found her husband very... desirable. Surely he felt the same way about her or they wouldn't have been engaged? Then she learned the shocking truth. Sean hadn't even met her before the planned rescue, so he couldn't possibly love her now!

Kate is being kept at a convent, she was in a plane crash with her parents and is the sole survivor. The new ruler won't let her leave with Sean unless they are married. So they are and once they get to Mexico, she starts to remember things and once she reads Sean's diary, she knows for sure that they were strangers. But by that time Kate loves him, she tells him, but he still leaves. They meet again a couple of years later in Ireland. By that time she wants a divorce, she has a new boyfriend, the father of one of her students. (The father calls his daughter a lazy little bitch and is a complete jerk, I don't know why she would have anything to do with him.)



"This is where we say goodbye, Kate."

Sean held out his hand to her, changing with that one gesture from the husband and lover of the past twenty-four hours into a polite stranger.

"When will I see you again?" she asked desperately. "Will you write?"

"I'm not promising anything." He stared at her, a frown darkeing his eyes. "It would be best if you do as I suggested about our marriage," he added quietly. "Take care, Kate."

"You, too." she whispered as he turned and walked away.

Blinded by sudden tears,Kate fought back a great urge to run after him and beg him not to leave her. Her San Marco adventure was over, was already becoming a memory. And the future, vague and shadowy, was beginning to claim her....


It was easy to fool one of the Lindleys. Stage glasses and a severe hairdo had tacked Gregory Lindley into thinking that Margret was right for the job of housekeeper-governess. Maybe it was because he never really looked at her. Which was fine. Too bad Carl, Greg's rugged and impulsive cousin, wasn't as easy to outwit. He soon found out Margret's true age--and the story of her life! But that didn't stop him from offering to whisk her off to Peru Margret knew better than to agree--but her heart was tempting her to go...


“I never want to see you again, Never!” Sara remembered well her parting words to her Hungarian husband, Janos Vaszary, 2 years before. And now she was at a concert in California watching him onstage. If she had known he would be there, she never would have come! His darkly romantic appearance and his violin solo, so full of passionate vitality, swept her back in time to their meeting. And again she relived their marriage—until the moment she had discovered how deeply he had deceived her

.Janos had come to England to see Sara’s cousin, who he had met before. She was supposed to help him with his career after his defection. The cousin asks Sara to delay him, her fiancé doesn’t know about Janos and he might be jealous. So Sara does delay him on the way to meet the cousin, and they end up quickly marrying. The deception is that Janos needed to marry a British citizen to stay in the country, and he used Sara to do this. But Sara is wrong, he already has immigrant status, and he married her because he loved her.


She was trading one heartache for another. Just when Iseult was getting over her broken affair with a Paris artist, she found herself facing marriage to Nicholas Veryan. He didn't love her; the marriage would only be to secure a stepmother for his little son, Tim. On the one hand, Iseult couldn't bear to see the boy unhappy. On the other, could she bear the kind of marriage Nicholas had in mind--a real one? And why did Nicholas want to marry her, anyway, when he was so clearly involved with Joanna Trethowyn?



But without his love she had nothing at all. It had been old Hunter Finley's dearest wish that Elizabeth marry his stepson, Dugald Morin. After meeting and falling in love with Dugald, that wish was Elizabeth's, too. But their marriage had gone sour, and Elizabeth hadn't seen Dugald for more than two years--until he returned to Scotland for the reading of Hunter's will. And even after death, Hunter's wish prevailed. Married, Elizabeth and Dugald jointly inherited his vast estate; separated, they got nothing. Nothing except the pain of a broken heart for a foolish romantic like Elizabeth.



Their relationship was strictly business. Perhaps Daphne shouldn't have left her aunt's home--much as she'd hated living there--for what would become of her now? In Mexico, alone and penniless! She didn't really consider Carlos Reynolds as an alternative at the time. She wouldn't marry a perfect stranger just because he happened to need a temporary wife! However, when he risked going to jail for her, she felt indebted. But becoming Mrs. Carlos Reynolds was one thing. Falling in love with her handsome unfeeling husband was definitely another. Sheer folly!


"No strings" was what they both agreed to. But a price had to be paid, and when events separated them, Karen bore their child alone. She had loved Val desperately and refused to trap him into a marriage he did not want. Then, seven years later, he discovered their son's existence and snatched Tony from under her nose. "If you want him, you'll have to come and get him," he told her. But it was not that simple, for memories and his still potent attraction undermined all her efforts to fight him.


Neil had once been Kirsty’s sole reason for living. Then he disappeared without a word, and she had changed from an impulsive girl willing to give herself in love to a cautious, bitter woman determined not to be hurt again. 4 years later he returned, blaming her for their breakup. “You turned me down and broke my heart.” He accused. And this time it was Kirsty who fled, without telling him the tangled secret of her love.


Was he her salvation or her destruction? Dark, foreign and satanic-looking, Vittorio had appeared abruptly when Marina's life was at its lowest ebb, whisking her away from gloomy London to a Mediterranean paradise. He was like some demon lover who had taken possession of her soul, and the more Marina was with him, the less power she had to resist him And even though she had pledged herself to Vittorio's own brother, there was no power on earth strong enough to make her give him up!



A storm, a legend and the jeweled sea...Since her husband had been killed barely twenty-four hours after their marriage Lori had let life pass her by, mourning her shattered dreams. Then she was offered a job on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dorada. It was there that she saw the ruined home of Emily Greville and heard the tragic tale of how Emily had died on her wedding day after her lover and the husband chosen by her family had fought a fatal duel. Lori empathized with the long dead bride, and the yearning in her eyes was not lost on Emily's handsome descendent, Patrick Greville .



Had she been blinded by love? Helen had almost committed herself to another man when time and chance conspired to throw her and Magnus Scott together on an isolated island off the west coast of Scotland. Magnus's mercurial moods and tender words of passion captivated her, and yet he freed her in a way no other man could. Suddenly she could express herself beyond the cold stiff shyness that had always imprisoned her heart. Then Helen discovered something that made her doubt everything her lover had said. Yet how could she have been so wrong about something that felt so right?



2 years had passed since Craig Clifton had let Samantha walk out of his life. As far as she was concerned, their marriage was over. But Craig was determined to resurrent their marriage-or at least make a good show of it-even if she had to chase her through every island in the West Indies. Why, when he could soon be free to wed Morgana and unite their family fortunes? She couldn't even trust herself anymore. Craig had the power to ignite uncontrollable desire in Samantha and well they both knew it.They lived in Canada when they were married, he would not allow her to work.


When desperate desire takes hold of 2 strangers, they struggle against it. He, a half-blind man, is disillusioned by life. And she, because a selfish man, is disillusioned by love.


She wanted him to ask her to stay. They'd agreed before their marriage to give each other enough freedom to come and go as they pleased. And it had worked extremely well--until Jessica had discovered that Alun was seeing another woman. She hadn't seen or heard from him since their quarrel two years ago, but Jessica had never stopped loving him. She desperately wanted to share his life and never be parted from him again, no matter how possessive she seemed. But Alun would never ask her ."You must do as you please, " he told her instead. "Divorce me--if that's what you want. "



It wasn't the first time Dandy had taken flight. The day before her wedding, Dandy realized she simply couldn't marry a man she didn't love and who didn't love her. So she ran away .At her grandfather's cabin in rural Vermont, Dandy experienced the mystery, the excitement, the passion she'd been longing for. She fell head-over-heels in love with Yvan Rambert, a secretive man whose heart was not free.

Yet Dandy sensed in Yvan a loneliness of spirit, a need to be loved that matched her own.


His dark eyes enticed her...It took less than a day for Norma Seton to fall into Roberto Cortelli's arms and change from a woman in control of her own destiny into someone ruled by rapturous emotion. And part of her wanted the tender magic to last forever....She realized, however, that Roberto was offering a love affair--nothing permanent. And Norma knew she couldn't bear to see the flames of Roberto's desire fade and eventually burn out.Better to act safely, she reasoned--go on with her career, marry Aubrey Brenton ...and forgo love completely.



A young widow distrusts the man who tries to come between her and her Scottish inheritance. He made love to her, then left without a word 9 years ago. Why should she trust him now?



An Englishwoman, searching for sunken artifacts in the Caribbean with her fiance, feels seasick when she meets their dive ship captain--the man who betrayed her love 3 years ago.



Eight months ago, Sandra had left Venice, walking out of her husband's life and vowing never to return. And she had kept her word resolutely, regardless of all temptation. How could she live with a man who had married her out of cold-blooded ambition and for no other reason?

But Marco didn't see it like that. "You have been away long enough," he told her implacably. "We are still married and I see no reason why we shouldn't continue to be." How could she convince him that he was wrong? And did she really want to?

Sandra has originally visited Venice to meet her birth mother. Her mother, Claire, has inherited shares in Marco's company from her husband. Claire had told Sandra to keep quiet about their relationship, but Sandra finds out that Marco knew before they married. Lucia, who claims to be his mistress, told Sandra that he married because he knows that Sandra is Claire's heir. He wants control of the shares. So Claire run away.

When she goes to Venice the second time, she finds that her mother is barely hurt. Marco just took advantage of the accident to get her back. Sandra keeps running away from Marco whenever she gets upset, instead of confronting him. Marco has to keep chasing after her,



On a Caribbean cruise, Carlotta discovers that the deckhand paying so much attention to her is really a bodyguard hired by her wealthy father because of kidnapping threats. The complication of falling in love is not part of the plan.



They’d been at university together. 8 years later magazine writer Glenda couldn’t understand the changes in Cesar Estrada, now a famous novelist. Why wouldn’t he be interviewed, even by her? Did he have something to hide?


y couldn’t say that Ed Forster hadn’t warned her. He’d made it very clear from the start that he wasn’t interested in commitment. Recently widowed Jilly, however, isn’t ready for a “torrid tropical affair.”


She disapproved of what he stood for. A millionaire stockbroker was not the kind of man Rachel wanted. Her dream of succeeding as an artist came first. Ross Eraser, dynamic and charming, changed Rachel's mind and the course of her life in four short weeks. And when people asked why a penniless artist might be marrying such a rich, successful man, Ross dismissed their remarks as petty jealousy. But he couldn't silence the soft, accented voice that asked for him on the telephone--or the doubts that filled Rachel's mind as to why he had married her .

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