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A Halloween Treat: Fluffy Creepypastas

Updated on March 23, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a freelance writer who enjoys crafting short stories for her readers in the fantasy, mystery and horror genres.

Happy Halloween!

Read on for some chilling tales featuring some of your favorite creepy[pasta characters.
Read on for some chilling tales featuring some of your favorite creepy[pasta characters.

Ready For Some Fluffy Creepypastas?

OK, a lot of us know creepypastas are. They are cut and paste stories that are floating around the Internet. They start off pretty basic, but as the evolve and grow, they change into something darker. Which means they should never be fluff fiction, right? You know what fluff fiction is. Not much plot but it gives you a good dose of the warm fuzzies.

I tried these stories out in a different venue, but wasn't pleased with how they just sat there, so I thought a debut on HubPages as a special Halloween treat for my readers might be fun. Keep in mind this is all my original writing and photography, but any creepypasta characters belong to their original creators and no copyright infringement is intended.

Given the nature of the original creepypastas these stories are suitable for my readers who are teen and up. Sorry, kids!

I honestly wrote these stories as an antidote for some of the terror people enjoy spreading with the stories. A good scare for people of the right age is fine, but frightening kids in a cruel way is not. Now relax, sit back and enjoy!

PS To celebrate the approach of a new Halloween I'm pleased to bring you the complete collection of thirteen original tales. And as always if you own a video and wish to have it removed, please contact me via HubPages, thanks and enjoy.

Slenderman, Slenderman

Slenderman Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Slenderman. This is the story that started me down the road towards fluff. Slenderman belongs to creator Victor Surge (Eric Knudsen).


You know you shouldn't go out in the woods at night, but you do it anyhow. You'd had a terrible day and somehow the woods in the dark are comforting. Because he lives in the woods, right? You think then laugh at yourself. You know he isn't real, but you want him to be. Because the bullies had been so mean to you that you need someone who would understand you, someone who would sympathize.

You know he scares most people, but you also feel he is misunderstood. People disappear all the time and although you remind yourself as you walk in the moonlight that he is entirely made up, you think he is more curious than anything. But if he was real, well maybe, just maybe, he'd take you away to a world where bullies would never hurt you again.

A tall figure steps out onto the path in front of you and you feel your heart lurch. Who is that? The bullies dressing up and having fun with you? Making fun because they found the sketches you did of him? You feel fresh tears sting your eyes and march forward bravely, refusing to be hurt be their cruelty any longer.

As you do the man seems to grow taller and tentacles sprout from his back. You refuse to be afraid. No doubt they went to some stupid costume store just to make the joke that much crueler. But as you draw close you realize this is no man in any costume. This isn't a guy on stilts either.

The tall figure bends towards you, his head tilted to one side curiously. "Can you take me away?" You ask. "Please?" He holds out a hand in reply, an invitation. You touch it, surprised it is warm and his grasp is gentle. It seems like he's speaking in your mind. No, not speaking, singing. Over and over again, the same words that somehow comfort you even if you can't make them out.

You feel yourself enter a sort of dreamlike state as his lifts you tenderly into his arms. He's still singing to you, that beautiful song that assures you everything is all right now that you're with him. You close your eyes as you drift off to sleep, and when you open them you're in a different world from the one you come from.

There's nothing scary here, nothing bad. The woods are full of beings like him, and other fantastical looking creatures that greet you warmly. You laugh as small winged creatures dart about, giggling and inviting you to come meet the others he brought over before you. And they are all there, all the people who ever disappeared, safe and sound.

People of all ages, races, shapes and sizes that had decided accepting his invitation to his world was better than staying in one where they felt cold and alone. And as you settle into your new home you realize you'll never be lonely again.


The fluffiest story here, I think.

Sympathy for Slenderman

Offendy Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Smexy. Offendy belongs to his original creator.


You've just moved to a new city after winning the lottery. This is actually the fifth city you've moved to, after a name change and other precautions to keep people away from you. You aren't a bad person, but you had no idea how violent some people would get when you refused to just hand over your winnings to them or their cause du jour.

The only problem is, you currently have no one in your life. Your family turned on you as well, each with a litany of reasons why you owed them all that money. And the thing is, after taxes it is an OK sum. Not the huge amount of zeroes everyone seems to see. True, if you're frugal it should last you many years, but at this point it has to as you try to avoid the public eye.

You start going out and living during the nighttime hours. The city you're in is alive at that time and you get relaxed enough that you develop your usual haunts. You especially like a park that few people know about. It's in a nice part of town and really not all that big, but to you it is heavenly. You like to go there and relax, sometimes you take the paper and read in a well-lit area or you pick up some take out and eat it by the scenic lake.

The police walk by now and then and the station isn't too far away, so you let down your guard and start to take walks at night as well, each time venturing a little deeper into the park. And you love exploring at night to the point where you realize one night that you've traveled well away from the brightly lit part of the park. You turn around nervously, feeling that someone has been watching you all this time and you didn't even realize it.

The hair on the back of your neck rises, but you refuse to run. You walk calmly and after a while you hear footsteps behind you. Heavy footsteps. You don't dare to glance back, but casually quicken your pace ever so slightly, trying to reach the safety of the light. The steps behind you quicken as well and soon you can hear heavy breathing behind you.

That's all it takes for you to start to race along the path, not daring to waste your breath on screaming. You're almost to the light when your tackled from behind. You yell in surprise and your attacker hauls you back to your feet. You have no idea what he wants because before he can speak two white hands with nails like claws appear on his shoulders and he's hauled back into the shadows.

You hear him scream, then silence. A man steps out of the darkness and into the light that you've managed to crawl back into. He's tall, dressed in a black trenchcoat and hat. At first you think he's wearing a white shirt and tie, but you realize it is only a black tie on starkly white skin. His head is down so you can't see his face, but you sense he's looking at you. "Kind of late for you to be out, isn't it?" He asks, his voice a velvety purr.

"Maybe." You say warily as you get to your feet. "Thank you." You say.

"Think nothing of it." He says cheerfully, lifting his head so you can see a massive grin with razor-sharp teeth. You realize it is the only feature on his otherwise featureless face, yet he seems to see you just fine. "You know, you really shouldn't wander around in the dark alone. There are people like me in it." He says in a growl, taking a step towards you.

"But you saved me." You say in dismay.

"Yeah, I'm just messing with you." He stops and stares at you curiously. "You come to this park an awful lot, always alone. You don't like people or something?"

You shrug, you don't want him to turn out to be just one more person after you for something. "Maybe."

He nods as if you just told him a lot more than you'd meant to. "Usually I don't help people. Usually? Usually I hurt people. Don't come here again." He turns on his heel and walks away, almost instantly melting into the darkness.

You know then who he is, what it was scratching a warning at the back of your mind. You turn to leave the park and he's directly in front of you. "Messing with you again. So, don't I deserve a reward or something?" He asks.

"What kind of reward?" You ask and he tilts his head back, sniffing.

"Hmm, that Chinese in your pack should do it. Your absolute favorite and they made it just right. Don't bother going back, the cooks changed shifts about an hour ago." You take the food out of your backpack and give it to him.

He smiles at you again then tilts his head as if he's trying to figure out something, then chuckles softly. "I'll go halvsies with you." He says good naturedly. You get the idea that he's playing with you, but not in a malicious way. Once you've shared your food you leave, not daring to look back. You feel something brush you cheek and blink as you see a rose petal float by.

You turned, startled, and the man is standing watching you while rose petals billow up around him them towards you, swirling through the night air. His grin widens and then he simply isn't there.


I'm not sure if that was fluffy or scary. I gotta stop listening to creepypastas as I write.

Smile Dog Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Smile Dog. Smile Dog belongs to his original creator.


You didn't have much choice but to go on the old country road late at night. It stretched on for miles in desolate farmland, but it was the shortest way into the city to meet your friends for a movie. But you hadn't been driving long when your car just died. You cursed, wishing you'd remembered to fill up your car earlier. And since you left your mobile at home you guess you'll have to walk for gas.

You get out of your car, locking it up and grabbing your gas can. There had been nothing for miles the way you came, so you start forward, hoping to see lights across a field so you can beg for some gas. If worst comes to worst you suppose you'll have to walk miles to fill up. You start to whistle as you walk along, swinging the can easily as crickets chrip and nightbirds sing.

Other than that the night is quiet, except for panting. You look down beside you to see a Husky trotting along beside you. He almost seems to grin at you, so you smile back warily. God, he looks just like that Smile Dog. You think. Doesn't he drive people crazy or something? The dog whines and lowers his plumy tail, seeming to beg to walk with you.

"It's OK, fellah. I'm scared of walking alone too. Come here, boy." You say. And even though your father told you never to kneel down in front of a strange dog, you do, trusting him not to bite you. He barks happily and comes over to you, licking your face. When he backs up to sit and gaze at you adoringly his grin is impossibly wide.

But somehow, you aren't afraid. If this dog is real, if he is Smile Dog, maybe he can choose who he is nice to. He prances around you as you walk again, subtly changing. He honestly doesn't look too bad, and he seems to be protecting you from something. You start talking to him and he seems to listen and understand. Steadily he starts to look like he is rumoured to in his photo, but again, you aren't afraid. If anything you feel protected.

You come to a turn off, you can see lights in the distance, but Smile Dog leaps in your path and lowers his head, growling a warning. You back off, then walk down the road you were on. He trots beside you, tail wagging happily. And when you at last come to a gas station, he watches over you from the shadows.

He escorts you back since you don't trust the lone attendant to give you a ride back, and every so often your canine companion looks over his shoulder and growls softly. He watches you as you fill your tank and you look at him. You know he really isn't a dog. God only knows what he is. But you whistle and he jumps in your car.

The next morning you find your loyal new friend sitting in the kitchen with the paper. And when you read the paper and realize what terrible fate he protected you from the night before, you hug Smile Dog. He licks your face happily, then looks at you entreatingly so you make both of you breakfast.



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Splendorman Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Splendorman. Technically he is a happypasta, but he belongs beside his brothers in the same fluffy folder, methinks. Splendorman belongs to creator Neil Cicierega.


You woke up early today, it is the day after your birthday and you want to try out the new camera you found in a gift box in front of your door. It was odd because you didn't think anyone knew about your birthday, but you love the cute little camera all the same and just wish you knew who to thank.

You remember spotting a lovely open meadow not far from where you live, so you head out there to try out your camera. And something strange starts to happen. After you snap a photo instead of seeing the result in the viewfinder you see a hot air balloon. That's odd, but maybe the camera was used and the shot somehow got left on there. You try again and see a cute little kitten as the result.

You lower the camera, half expecting to see a cute little kitten, but there isn't any, just the wildflowers in front of you. You shrug and try a third and final time. This time a cheerful pink face fills the screen and you'd know those adorable button eyes and cheery grin anywhere. Splendy! You lower the camera and think you hear a giggle.

It seems to be coming from behind a nearby tree. You decide to play along and approach the tree, then stop as if you're going to walk away. A tentacle with a bell on the end appears beside the tree and rings the bell teasingly. "I know you're there, come on out." You say and race towards the tree as the giggling starts again.

But by the time you have gotten behind the tree there is no one there. You shake your head and smile at his antics. You turn around to go and he's directly in front of you, dressed as always in his polka dotted suit and top hat. smiling hugely. Splendy grabs you in a huge hug, giggling. "Do you like the camera?" He asks. "I hope you do, I thought you might like it since your old one needs replaced."

"I do, thank you so much, Splendy!" You say returning his hug. You realize neither one of you is in a hurry to let go and look up at him, blushing slightly. He smiles down at you, his gaze softening as he keeps his arms wrapped around you. Then he smiles and bundles you into him gently. "Splendy." You manage happily and his tentacles start to wrap protectively around you.

He chuckles softly, and you feel him teleport the both of you. You look around to see your favorite shake shop then look at Splendy who smiles warmly at you. "I wanted to take you out yesterday, but I thought it might be a nice surprise to go out today instead. I hope you don't mind."

"Mind? I still don't know how you figured out it was my birthday yesterday." You say and he giggles and actually blushes. Splendy escorts you in, ordering huge shakes for both of you. He smiles at you.

"I know a lot about you." He says happily. "You're my friend and-" His voice gets adorably squeaky, then breaks. "And I'd like to see you like this more often." His words make you both blush furiously.

"I'd like that a lot, Splendy. If you have time why not go with me to take pictures after this? We can go to the pet store after to see the kittens." You say temptingly and his grin is huge in reply.


I'm starting a fluff bunny preserve on that one alone.


Ticci Toby Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Ticci Toby. The story photo will make sense after you read. Ticci Toby belongs to his creator.


You're at your favorite mall that has been converted into a flea market of sorts, browsing for cosplay stuff when you hear the news over the loudspeakers. "Due to the building failing inspection the mall will be closing forever and all visitors are asked to leave, and all vendors to also pack up and leave. Thank you." You're not surprised. The building has looked terrible for years, with massive patches missing from the concrete floors and vermin scuttling around.

But it's a cheap place to snag stuff you likely shouldn't own, and as you are wandering around in the confusion of people leaving, you get an idea. You are going to hide and stay until nightfall. You know there are no security cameras or security in place or even alarms. And you don't want to steal or damage anything, just explore.

Quickly you make your way into one of the many stores that is no longer used, get up on a counter and manage to make it up into the open vent on the wall with no trouble. You scuttle inside, giggling to yourself. This is so unlike you, you'd almost swear someone is egging you on to do it. And since it is warm in the air shaft and you are running on fumes from an all-night gaming session you soon are fast asleep.

When you awaken the mall is dark and silent. You grin to yourself, backing out of the vent slowly and quietly. If anyone else had the same idea, you don't want them to know you're here. Your eyes adjust to the dim light coming from the dirty skylights out in the mall and you start to explore, amazed at how much was just left behind be each vendor. And although you'd never steal, free stuff left behind you'll happily take.

You are grabbing a scarf that is lying under a draped table when it abruptly snakes under the table. You scuttle backwards and watch as a pale grey hand emerges, then a man, at least you think it is a man wearing some kind of goggles and the scarf wrapped around his face emerges. He twitches uncontrollably, his shoulder jerking first, then his leg, as he stares down at you. "Cool scarf." You manage.

"Thank you." His voice is muffled but happy as he answers. He puts his hand out and helps you rise. He looks at you and you look at him, not really able to see any of his face with the scarf on and the hood of the hoodie he's wearing up. "I just got here. Is there a food court?" He asks and you nod then lead him over.

He stutters sometimes as he speaks, and he twitches, but he seems OK to you. And when you reach the food court he starts raiding each area for any food left behind. "Sometimes he forgets to feed me." He says over his shoulder. You don't ask who.

As he's searching his scarf slips down, revealing something that looks like a mask or a mouth guard of some sort. You aren't really sure. But you decide not to hang around and go to leave when he suddenly vaults over the counter he's behind to land in front of you, then holds up both hands. "Look what I found, food!" He says excitedly. He offers you a foil-wrapped burger and you take it, having eaten food that sat out longer and soon the two of you are raiding every store, giggling over your spree.

In one he finds goggles that look kind of like the ones he is wearing. He tosses you a pair then giggles happily when you try them on. He comes over and takes the scarf off and wraps it around your neck tenderly. "It looks nicer on you." He says, the flushes when you hug him in thanks. He hugs you back hesitantly, as if he isn't used to being touched.

Before dawn he leads you out the way he got in, collecting two axes he must have left there. But he just puts them on a sort of belt he's wearing and stands looking at you thoughtfully. "You didn't run, or make fun of me. You were nice to me." He says with a twitch. He leans forward and hugs you suddenly. "Thank you." He says happily.

"You're welcome, and thanks for tonight. I had fun." You say. He nods.

"It's a shame this place is closed. I'd like to see you again sometime." He says, and you know he's trying hard not to stutter. "But it wouldn't be a good idea anyway, I mean, I think you figured out who I am." He touches the axes.

You nod, you'd figured it out almost as soon as you saw him, and honestly you'd expected a guy as famous as Toby to be a real conceited jerk, but he's been sweet to you, and nicer than anyone you've ever dated. "I sort of knew for a while, and I wouldn't mind seeing you again. It's cool what you do. I mean, it's part of who you are, sort of like your job, I guess." That sounds six kinds of stupid to you, but he nods proudly.

So you agree to meet him back at the mall the following weekend and at last head home, your backpack bulging with the treasures you found. And it isn't until you get there and see yourself in the mirror that you realize you're still wearing the goggles and scarf he gave you. And once you open your bag you find a plush doll he must have stuffed inside for you because you sure don't remember picking it up.

There's a note attached. "This reminds me of him so I kind of thought you'd like it." And it's signed "Love, Toby." With two cute little crossed axes on it. You giggle and hug the doll close to you, wondering how you'll be able to go a whole week without seeing him.


Fluff bunnies are celebrating worldwide at this point.

Abstergo Man Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Abstergo Man. Abstergo Man is the creation of CreepsMcPasta.


Enough time had passed after your aunt's mysterious disappearance that you, her only relative inherited her house. It sounds like a dream come true as you were weeks away from loosing your apartment and a sizable amount of money came with the estate. Strangely, the lawyer won't go out to her house with you, so you are on your own as you walk from the bus stop to her small home. You frown as soon as you see the place.

All the curtains are drawn tight and when you enter you give a cry of dismay. Because every light is on. And I mean every light that makes sense like lamps, and ones that don't like floodlights hooked up in every room, you wonder how much this is going to cost you and sigh, going around to shut off every light. And it just gets worse because as you turn off the lights you realize the walls are glowing. All of them.

People has said you aunt was a bit odd, but you'd had no idea. Still, after settling into bed that night you are almost grateful for the glowing walls. At first. But a strange thing happens. The walls seem to fade far too quickly plunging the room into darkness. You feel like you're being watched and turn on the bed lamp. Nothing.

You flick off the lamp and lay back down, only to be awoken later by the sound of someone breaking in. The door to your bedroom opens just as you manage to flick on the light and a man rushes towards you. Suddenly the lamp blows and you hear a single scream. Then heavy breathing and you realize there's a third person in the room.

As you stare into the darkness you make out the shape of a man standing utterly still, holding the limp body of the man who attacked you. The man speaks, his voice sounding older than time itself. "Are you a perfect person?"

You get the idea the wrong answer will be dangerous so you say: "My aunt thought I was. She left me her home." The man makes an amused grunt in response.

"I need a companion, someone to travel with me. But we will have to search a very long time for a prefect person. Come with me." You think you see wings starting to emerge from his back. Then you remember your aunt's calls. Her ravings about being followed by a fallen angel looking for redemption.

This has to be him. You remember her saying the light makes him go away. Or did she say he can destroy the light? "Come with me." He repeats in that ancient voice. "Come with me, you'll be safe." And even though you know your aunt was running away from this man, this fallen angel, you get up and dress, then pack a bag, all in darkness.

It means a bit of stumbling around, and you think you feel wings brush against you once, but soon you are ready. The man is somehow gone now that the mysterious figure held. And he holds his arms out to you. "Come to me, child. Embrace the darkness until we find the one who will lead us into the light."

You go to him and he wraps his arms around you, then shelters you with his wings. The face that looks down at you is leathery, ancient, like no angel you've ever seen or heard of before. But he is your angel now, always there no matter where you go, always watching, always searching for the one perfect human with you by his side.


Your very own fallen angel, aw.

Clockwork Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Clockwork.


You don't know why you came to the city. Getting to go out and party all night sounded awesome until you could do it, but frankly these places aren't fun, they're scary and sad. And since your friends want to have a good time you have no choice but to wander the city for hours if you expect a ride home. Soon you are hopelessly lost and cut down a dark alley to try and reach the next street.

Big mistake. A huge figure suddenly lurks at the end, you whirl, only to see another figure behind you. As they close in you hear a bang as a woman in a leather bomber jacket and jeans lands on the dumpster beside you then leaps forward. You can't believe what her flashing knives do to your would-be attackers.

Soon the alley is open again and she leans against a wall, keeping her face at such an angle that you didn't get a good look at it hidden in the shadows. "Your time was up. I felt sorry for you and gave you a little more."

"Please, not that you haven't done enough, but can you help me?" Your story tumbles out and she turns her head sharply when you mention your friends abandoning you. You think you see a glint of something metallic where one eye should be, but you're not sure.

She listens then nods. "I'll take you to a coffee shop, but I can't exactly go in with you."

"Why?" You ask, confused and she walks forward calmly. She's a stunningly beautiful woman to you, even the stitches she calmly tells you she gave herself are pretty, even her clockwork eye draws you in.

"Hence my name." She taps her clockwork eye. "I put that thing in years ago and it still runs. Funny, isn't it?" She smiles warmly at you, looping an arm around you in a friendly fashion. Because you told her everything and since you've both survived tough pasts she likes you.

She guides you to an all-night diner she sometimes dares to go in to, her hood up and a pair of sunglasses on and takes you in. "Change of plans." She says brightly. "Forget your friends, let them sweat never finding you. I'm leaving the city soon to go traveling. Come with me, it will be good to have a friend and you need taken care of."

You quickly agree and it is amazing how fast you bond. Clockwork tilts her head at you. "It was pretty brave, you know, you going off on your own in this city. Crazy, but brave. I admire that. But once I teach you everything I know, and I will, time is going to stretch on forever for you, and all places will be just as safe, because you'll be the one to be afraid of." She smiles shyly and you can see she isn't used to having close friends.

And so the two of you look over a map, planning your travel route. Clockwork tells you not to worry about money, that somehow you'll always run across generous people like the men in the alley and traveling with her, you know she'll be right.


Yeah, a tad darker than usual but still Clockwork being sweet and kind to you.

Jeff Fluff

A/N: I don't own Jeff the Killer. A bazillion thanks go out to MrBettyKrueger for the inspiration. The term Smiles for Jeff's fans is totally his.


You've really gotten deep into creepypastas, those little nuggets of terror on the Internet. So deep in fact that you see signs of your favorites everywhere. And your very favorite? You're all time dream is Jeff the Killer. You learned how to do the makeup, the voice, that laugh, and thanks to some videos you saw, you knew you were one of his little Smiles.

Only what you didn't know, and never would have guessed is that seeing beauty where others see a beast would one day save your life. You'd changed where you live and of course, you had insomnia, because it is hard to sleep in a strange bed. You'd almost drift off and hear a noise and be wide awake. You told yourself to think of it being Jeff and somehow that comforted you.

You are almost asleep when you realize the streetlight from outside your bedroom window is no longer shining in your eyes. There was someone in the room with you. You open your eyes and saw the outline of a tall man who seems to have long hair and be wearing a white hoodie. He leans forward and grins at you as you switch on the light, his perpetual grin growing as he giggles a manic giggle.

You can't help yourself, you squeal happily and hug him. He's startled, but he hugs you back, his manic grin growing. "Oh my God, it really is you." You babble. "You are so handsome and you're not a bad person, Jeff, I don't care what anyone says."

He chuckles, pleased. "I always do like visiting my little Smiles. I hope you don't mind but there was a guy outside your house. He sort of," he giggles, "got my point." He starts to laugh harder and you can't help it, you giggle too.

Jeff smiles at you fondly. "You really think I'm handsome?" He asked and you nod, going on excitedly about his great smile, his wonderful white skin and his long black hair. To you even his eyes are beautiful. He seems to bask in your love, then gets up with a nod. "Well, it's been fun, my little Smile. But I have to go now. Work, you know." He giggles and heads for your window.

"Jeff?" You call as he pauses to look back at you.


"Will I ever see you again?" You ask.

"Of course you will. Now go to sleep." He laughs hysterically at his own joke and barely makes it through your window. You can hear his manic laughter floating back to you in the night and you slip into a peaceful sleep.


Go to sleep.

Seed Eater Fluff

A/N: I don't own your or Seed Eater.


You'd started leaving your leftovers in the woods, food that was still good, but it was nice to share with whatever animal might take it. After a while you started noticing things left when you'd return. A stick, a rock. It made you uneasy. Was a wild animal doing it? You doubted it. A human then, it had to be.

That worried you since you'd moved so far away from people to be alone. You didn't want anyone bothering you, especially a mooch that saw you as a meal ticket. Still, you decided to go out to the woods one last time and leave something. If it was just a clever animal it deserved a reward, and if it was a human, well, you did have a soft spot for a sob story. But one more free meal was as far as you'd go.

You were walking to the tree where you usually left the food, not really paying attention when you suddenly realized there was a man there. He seemed tall and thin, with as much bone as muscle showing through what had to be a black bodysuit of some kind. Ebony feathers tufted out from his elbows and his long feet had claws on them. Black feathers and what looked like long silky fur or maybe hair covered his head like exotic plumage.

You watched as he carefully arranged sticks and rocks by the tree, turning his head and tilting it like a bird would. Only he didn't have a human head. It was a skull like a bird's only with canine teeth and milky white eyes. He made a soft cawing sound as if he were talking to himself, then nodded, rising. "So you're who I've been feeding." You said and he turned to glance at you.

He made a soft cawing sound then clacked his jaws open and shut as if to say yes. You held the bag of what was to be his final meal out to him and he took it with a taloned hand. He looked at you and talked the way birds do, a collection of deep sounds you knew meant something. Then you realized he spoke like a crow would. He'd roughly told you something in crow.

"You're welcome." You said and he nodded then came forward to nuzzle you affectionately. You laughed happily because it made you feel good to be shown loving affection. "May I?" You asked before petting his skull and he nodded. It was warm, which made sense since he was alive. He took a clumsily sewn together mask out of a small pouch that hung around his waist and slipped it on, then tilted his head at you and gave an inquisitive caw.

"Yes, very handsome." You said, and he seemed pleased with himself. He brought up a hand to bat at the crystal that hung around your neck with fascination, then stepped back and gestured excitedly for you to follow. You did and he chattered the whole way. The scary thing was, you were starting to understand him. He led you to a den he'd made for himself in a cave, proudly showing off the huge nest he'd made out of branches and animal pelts.

You complimented him and he showed you his other treasures, mostly shiny things he'd kept that had caught his eye. encouraging you to pick them up to have a better look. You realized then that that skull wasn't a mask as you'd told yourself, and his skin was no bodysuit. You was in the Seed Eater's lair.

He sat down and made a trilling noise so you would join him, insisting you both share the leftovers. He ate slowly, keeping his curious gaze on you. He tilted his head and you assumed that he wanted to know about you. "There's nothing to tell really. I moved out to the woods to live in seclusion. Humans aren't my favorite species."

He nodded in agreement, adding his own opinion, which sound like the word 'human' followed by a string of avian curses. He seemed to realize you understood him and dipped his head as if blushing, mumbling an apology.

"It's OK. They hurt your crows, don't they?" You asked and he nodded. "And your woods, that must be upsetting. No wonder you don't like them." Except to eat. You added silently.

He seemed to actually hear that and looked affronted. "Sorry, I had no idea you were telepathic. But that's what people say, that's why they fear you." He made a rude snorting sound in response. "I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." You said and he grudgingly accepted your apology.

You left soon after figuring you'd never see him again. And somehow that made you very sad. He'd been nice enough, treated you kindly, showed appreciation for being fed. But he'd been hurt by your thoughts even though you hadn't meant to do so. At the entrance to his lair you hug him tightly and he returns the gesture, cawing softly.

You slip your crystal pendant off and hand it to him. "Thanks for bringing me here. I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings. Forgive me?" He nods slowly and you stand on tiptoe, as he lowers his skull to nuzzle you in goodbye. You return the nuzzle, then kiss his bony cheek, something that makes his trill happily.

You head for home wishing the world were different and you could see him again, but somehow you know he'll be gone by the next day. It's safer that way since he's taken the blame for the crimes of too many humans. He has to hide, to keep moving. But maybe someday, somehow you'll meet again.


Yeah, kinda fluffy. But I adore Seed Eater. He remind me of a crow for some reason. So I figure he'd be highly intelligent and sociable.

Ben Drowned Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Ben Drowned. Ben belongs to his creator.


You hadn't been back to the town you were born in in ages. As you drive along the streets, feeling a wave of nostalgia, you remember the old swinging bridge that looked like it was out of an adventure movie. You park your car and cut through the local park, then go down a small path to find it. It looks ricketier than you remember, parts of boards missing and the old ropes look terribly frayed. You've always been afraid of the bridge, and you aren't so sure you want to go on it now.

You laugh at your qualms when you watch an old man trudge across it, laden down with his bags of groceries from the small grocery store a block away. Well, if he made it, you can make it. So you gingerly step out onto the bridge, cringing when it starts to sway. You take another step, then another, clinging to the ropes for dear life.

You decide to run for it, and start to dash across, the bridge swaying loudly, and several of the rotted old boards giving way and plummeting into the raging river below you. You're closing in on the other side when the rotted ropes give out once and for all, plunging both you and the bridge into the icy cold rapids far below you. You scream as you fall, then stop as you hit the water and the air is forced out of your lungs from the impact. Helpless, you go under taking in water.

You try to claw to the surface for air, but the rapids are far too strong. You are giving up hope just as two strong arms wrap around you. From swimming class you know not to turn around and cling to your rescuer, so you go limp the best you can and soon you both break the surface. You gag and wheeze, trying desperately to get the water from your lungs and breathe much needed air as your hero pulls you against the current and up to a rocky area at the edge of the river.

And when you see your rescuer you go numb with shock. It just can't be. You tell yourself, but it is, from the elfin ears and green outfit to the glowing red eyes staring into yours, you know you've just been rescued by Ben Drowned. He smiles. "You shouldn't have done that." He says and laughs softly.

"I guess I shouldn't have. Weird question, but am I dead?"

"Nah, I drowned, obviously, and I can use water to enter your world, not just video games. And I like to keep an eye on those who loved the same games I did." He takes you in his arms, heading into a wooded area where he tenderly sets you down and starts making a fire to warm you. "I can't stay too long, but I want to make sure you are dry before I go."

You want to point out that even a bonfire would take hours to dry you out, but he takes out a flute and plays a strange melody you never heard in any game. Warm air starts to blow around you and soon you are dry. You look at Ben and he grins. "Neat trick, huh?" He asks and you nod.

You want to give your hero something, but what? You have nothing on you. "I'd like to repay your kindness, is there anything I can give you?" You ask and he blushes.

"Well, yeah. It's going to sound nerdy, but I was a huge gamer, right? I still am. If you will wear this necklace it will link us," he pauses to laugh softly and hands you a pendant shaped like a rupee, "and we could hang out and play games at your house. I'd like to do that. One more time."

You blush in reply, and soon the two of you are picking up enough junk food for an all night gaming session. And if people think the handsome young man wearing the elf outfit and shades next to you is your boyfriend you don't bother to correct them, making Ben blush.

Soon enough you're in your small apartment, playing games and just relaxing on the couch as you both scarf down pizza. Ben smiles at you from time to time and it is a nice smile, nothing like he'd pull on other gamers.

The night flies past and soon it is time for Ben to leave. He hugs you tightly, then steps back to look at you. "Thanks for this, keep the necklace, as soon as I'm across and signal to you it will be all right for you to shut the system off, it isn't like you can hurt me."

Your eyes mist up but you nod and watch him crawl through your TV screen. He appears in the game you have on pause, waves, then blows you a kiss. He laughs and winks at you when you blush, then he's gone. No doubt off on another adventure.

Herobrine Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Herobrine. Thanks go out to Yenatic-Osiria for the story request! This starts off mildly scary, but I don't think it warrants a mature warning label. Enjoy!


You think you must be one of the luckiest people in the world. Your uncle is a game developer, but he's been developing the ultimate machine based on some old sci-fi show that will literally put you in any game. Any. You figure it will just be goggles or something, but when he is at last ready to let you try it out you realize it is more like one of those those mall photo booths.

Although you want to play something intense right away, your uncle warns you that the machine renders out anything exactly as it would be if you were there. He found this out the hard was when he tried playing a classic scrolling platform game and fell into a spike pit, narrowing missing being impaled and hurting both his legs pretty badly.

He isn't even sure if he should let you try, but he puts in a game he designed, babbling on about how it will let millions of people experience games for real. You nod agreeably and enter the booth, vaguely hearing your uncle's warning to beware of glitches. You giggle to yourself, knowing your distracted uncle didn't see you switch out games.

Zombie Blood, here I come! You think excitedly, and immediately as the game begins you realize your mistake. You are watching the opening credits scroll by in midair as you stand in the cornfield your character begins the game in. Now you have to make the farmhouse and barricade yourself in, and avoid being bit. The undead are already groaning in the high stalks surrounding you.

You try to run backwards, to escape the field, but it is as if there is a forcefield in place so you dart forward, well aware all the noise you are making as you brush past the dried cornstalks is leading the zombies right towards you. Several times decaying hands reach for you, but somehow you manage to make the farmhouse.

Only there are too many windows and doors to board up all by yourself and it turns out to be just as hard as it would be in real life. You are hoping your uncle ends the game soon when a man suddenly appears beside you. He's dressed in blue jeans and a light blue shirt, and has a handsome face with a neatly trimmed beard. His eyes glow white, but somehow his friendly smile sets you at ease.

"Looks like you found more adventure than you can handle." He says cheerfully then starts hammering boards into place swiftly and easily. He shows you how and soon you have all the doors and windows blocked. "I'm Herobrine by the way, but I'm guessing you guessed that." He say, smiling cheerfully.

"Thank you for rescuing me. Why did you?"

"One, your uncle's machine looked really amazing and I was curious. Two, I used to be the world's worst gamer, but better gamers would help me out, so now I do the same thing for other people. The problem we have now is that everything is real here." He says and it sinks in, those are real zombies outside. "But don't worry, I'm getting you out of here then seeing to it your uncle's machine never works again. It's awesome, but games like this are exactly why it can never be used again."

He leads you down to the basement and tunnels so far underground that you come up outside of the game's original design and away from the zombies. Herobrine smiles as he helps you out of the tunnel. "Your uncle should be stopping the game soon and letting you out. Don't be surprised when the game malfunctions after. And it isn't your fault. Sooner or later someone would have played a game and got shot, or bit, or blown up or whatever. You just wanted an adventure, no harm done."

He stays with you until the game starts to fade around you. "Wait! Will I ever see you again?" You call out. He says something in reply you don't catch. And as soon as you realize you're back in the booth and get out the game goes haywire. Your uncle is annoyed and blames you for switching games, but he's not really angry.

He just sighs. "I didn't think of the reason people my age loved games in the first place. Most of us didn't have the guts or athletic ability to do what most of our favorite games required. Luckily you made it out OK, and thank goodness you didn't play a racing game and crash. I just didn't think. That thing is getting scrapped tomorrow." He says and you agree..


At home you get online and think idly about playing a random game, but none of them sound interesting. You get an e-mail from an address containing Herobrine and hesitate. It's most likely a virus, but how would anyone know what happened? You open it and find a link. Puzzled you click it and your screen goes black, then Herobrine's face appears on the screen.

He's blocky now like he is in the games, but you don't mind. "Hey." He says and waves. "I was thinking, you learned really quickly, and it would be nice to have someone to help me help other players. I don't expect you to enter games the way I did though." He says and chuckles. "But if you want to join me, go back to your uncle's house. I'll make the machine work for one last game."

You nod and soon you are back at your uncle's house. He sleepily let's you in, chuckling over your insistence to see the machine one more time. He leaves you to it and you slip inside after loading a much tamer game. Soon you are in a brightly colored world where cute chibi style cats run around you baking cupcakes. You facepalm. Your little sister must have borrowed your game system again.

Herobrine appears and eyes the cute cats making cupcakes then laughs and thanks one of the adorable cats as she brings him a cupcake. "These are actually good, try one." He say and you accept one, noticing the cat is absurdly pleased you both like them.

As you sit down at a café table the cats ply you with more tempting treats and Herobrine smiles at you. "I was always so busy gaming I never got to go out on a date before, you know. It must be a lot like this." He grins at you and you giggle.

"Exactly." You agree.


For a creepypasta with so little background in his story, that one ran on a bit. Hope you liked it!

Laughing Jack Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Laughing Jack. Laughing Jack belongs to his creator.


You are so excited about winning a trip to a quiet country inn for Christmas that you realize you forgot to pack any entertainment. Oh, well. You think, settling down in your room by the cozy fire. Your hosts have really gone all out, decorating the live tree in your room and even putting a present underneath it for you.

And when you open it on Christmas Day you just stare at it. It's a jack in the box. Clearly hand crafted, and very beautiful, but a child's toy none the less. Still, you thank your hosts and enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day together. That night you take the box to your room and start to slowly turn the crank. It plays "Pop Goes the Weasel" in a bright cheery tone, but when it pops open the box is empty.

You don't mind though. At least you've made some new friends and you'll always have the box as a memento. You're closing it up again when a shadow falls across you. You look up, startled to see a clown standing close to you. Though instead of the cheerful bright colors most clowns wears he wears black and black and white stripes. He has a conical swirly nose in the same drab colors and ragged black hair. He blinks and you notice that even his eyes are an icy white.

He seems to know he scares you because the tall man hunkers down in front of you. "Ah, so you know who I am, do you?" He asks happily in a terrible, rusty voice. "Well, I'd like to be reborn is what I'd like, so let's make a deal. I go back into my brand new home I made sure you specifically got, and you promise to let me back out. I'm tired of what my loneliness and his violence made me into, so if you don't mind..."

You nod silently. Laughing Jack disappears into the box and at you stare at it for the longest time. He's always been one of your favorite creepypastas, he started out sweet and loving. You always cry when you think about him being abandoned. His friend couldn't take him or at least run away to visit? All he ever wanted to do was be loved. So you turn the crank eagerly and free him.

Jack appears but to his obvious dismay he is still the same drab monochromatic color. He looks at you, on the verge of tears. "I had no choice, you know. He abandoned me. And with our bond I was literally his friend and his alone as long as he lived. His evil made me this way. I don't normally do this, but I'll give you a free pass, just tell me to get back in and I and the box will be gone in the morning." He sags in defeat and you realize he is just as lonely as you are.

"No." You say and he looks up in surprise. "You may never change, Jack. You might not be able to change. And maybe it's stupid and dangerous, but I want to be your friend. No one deserves to be alone. What you've become isn't your fault." You wind down and he stares at you, then grins hugely, showing off his sharp teeth.

"That's true, isn't it? Well then, what sort of games do you want to play? I can still play nice ones, it will just be a little different, darker maybe." So you both settle on stories and even though you're way too old for it you indulge Jack in the pillow fights and hide and seek games he never got to play when he was younger.

And slowly, ever so slowly, color starts to drip back into him. Not a lot, just his eyes which first go icy blue, then cheerful blue, and his clawed hands turn back to normal, but it's a start. And as you drift off to sleep with your new friend keeping watch you can't wait to see what the next morning will bring.


Jack's story is really touching, actually. He started off the sweet and innocent playmate of a young boy, who if you know the story, had something wrong with him from the start. Poor Jack never got a chance to be the happy, carefree being he was meant to be, so there.

Skin Taker Fluff

A/N: I don't own you or Skin Taker.


This is it, you think. I am never reading creepypastas ever again. Those stories are giving you strange dreams and this one has to be the worst. You're on what reminds you of a pirate ship that was drug from the bottom of the sea, only the creepy vessel seems to be deserted. You run forward, slipping slightly on the slimy deck and you're relieved to see there is no hideous face on the ship. Well, there's that at least.

You're walking along the low railing of the ship when it suddenly lurches and a huge freak wave pounds into you. You scream as you start to tumble overboard and somehow catch the slippery railing at the last moment. Now what? You think as you cling desperately, your coldly wet clothes clinging to you and barnacles that shouldn't even be that high on any ship digging into you.

Just as you feel your grip slipping a shadowy figure looms over you. You can make out a top hat and maybe a cape. You're thinking of letting go to escape him, but a bony hand grabs one of yours in an iron grip and you are hauled on board so fast you are airborne for a heady moment before landing roughly on the deck.

You look up at the man, well skeleton, before you and cringe. He doesn't look like any cheap puppet, but like a real skeleton, with over-sized glass eyes jammed in his eye sockets. He makes a terrible pleased sound, his jaw starting to grind back and forth. "Well, what to do with you?" He asks, his teeth grinding together as his horrible voice growls at you.

"Well, I'm way too old for you to take my skin." You say standing up. "So I guess you have to let me go. I am as big as you, and honestly, looking at you makes me think of how long it's been since I've tasted bone marrow." You can't even believe you said that, but it seems to be the right response because he throws back his head and laughs.

"You think it would be easy to kill someone already dead?" He chuckles. "Good luck with that. But I did rescue you." Skin Taker points out, as if he's offended that you haven't already thanked him. "This is your dream, you know. I can be however you want me to be." He says and you blush slightly and giggle.

"Now, wait, I didn't mean that way." He says putting up his bony hands in protest. Skin Taker yelps as you advance and soon the creepypasta has managed to get himself far up the main mast. "Go away." He calls down sulkily.

"I'm teasing, you can come down now, o, fierce man of bones." You say grinning and he slides down. He seems relieved you are being friendly and helps you find your way out of the dream. The strange thing is, he starts appearing in every dream. And you become fast friends because he is friendly enough when he isn't doing whatever the person who wrote his pasta made him to do.

One night you wake up suddenly to see him standing at the foot of your bed, the dim moonlight reflecting off his glass eyes. They shift and stare at you. "You aren't the only one who has bad dreams." He says, then crawls in beside you, cuddling up close.

You awake in the morning to find him still there. Skin Taker sits up, as surprised as you are that he's in the real world and still in one piece. "I must be dreaming." He says then looks at you. "I am dreaming, but it was a nice dream all the same. Take care, my friend." He says, then slowly fades from view.


Aww, a homicidal skeleton for your besty. I give my readers everything, lol!

Did you enjoy the 13 original tales posted here? Let me know!

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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thank you! At the time I would have creepypastas playing in the background as I did everything, and I definitely have a soft spot for them as the modern social outcasts as most have rather sad background stories.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      3 years ago

      LOL, funny. My daughter and teen son are huge Creepypasta fans, especially of Slenderman, I will definitely pass this along to them. Great job.


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