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Updated on July 9, 2010

Long wait to get publish

     It took eighteen years to get published.  This children's picture book was originally written at

the time when I was being alone and felt deep emotions of loneliness and if I will not do

anything about it I may go deeper to depression being the reason that I left my family to seek a

greener pasture in North America. Much to my dismay the paradise I'm dreaming of was all

blown into the air when I found out the reality that I have to start all over again


and what makes it worst is the chance to get started where everything is on point zero. Point

Zero when you have to build relationships in a new environment and even if you used both

hands and feet to go forward the prospect is dim because in your mind everything is whirling

how life is going on a daily basis.

      My first attempts in writing landed me in Washington D.C. to received my International Merit

Award in Poetry Writing. I continued writing children's stories appyling for grants to get publish 

but no approval arrived whatsoever.  Two times it was accepted but the money involved is high

so i choose to put my stories on the shelf and kept them in my boxes of documents.

       Meanwhile I have two books where another poem was included in the anthology of poetry

buying my own copy for posterity and copies of my poems on tape.

        Occasionally I kept searching for publishers and still offers came that publishing maybe

realize if I pay only copies that I order but I refused thinking it may just get dust on my book

shelves and never  reach my readers.  Then lately I decided to use one of the publisher they 

 call the"Vanity Press" for a few copies to print. When I pressed the cart the amount multiplied 

dramatically to pay a few copies is beyond my reach so I cancelled my order.

           Then few months ago I went to talked to two ladies at the local public library

and told them about my children's books who are very responsive to my query giving me two

books on how to get publish.  The greatest idea that I discovered is to choose  a traditional

publisher to get paid not those who offer their service for a fee.

          Now where to get the publishers who would pay me is like searching pebbles at the

of the sea,I mean what means and ways would I take to find that kind of publisher whom I never

met who offers to pay me?

           One day my lucky day came searching on cyberspace a publisher that would

never ask for money to publish my book. A contract was signed for some period of time that

my book will be sold in the market and my friends and relatives are waiting for the announce

ment letter when my book is release.


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