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For the Love of Reading - Exploring the World of Reading and Books Through Poetry

Updated on October 7, 2014

For the Love of Reading

I'm excited to have you come with me and take a peak at the world of reading and books through my original poetry. I hope you enjoy this lens!

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

I've Been an Avid Reader

I've been an avid reader for ages

And love my many books

Instill the love to read in stages

And you'll not get bored looks

A Book That Has a Solid Feel

In answer to the question "Will there be Books in 100 Years?"

A book that has a solid feel

With pages to be turned

Shall become a rarer deal

As printed books are spurned

So digital may trump the print

And cost much less to make

Ending the paper books' stint

'cept for a collector's sake

This said, I pray that books exist

The way they are today

So reading will persist

In this elemental way

Introducing Dr Seuss - Classic, Funny, Poetic

Needle - A copy of this book was given to me by my 3rd grade teacher

I have always loved good science fiction

When I Hold a Book

When I hold a book

I know that there is magic inside

I just need to open it and look

Where the treasures of imagination hide

A Wrinkle in Time - A childhood favorite of mine

Childhood "Friends"

I still have books from grade school

Purchased through Scholastic Clubs

Arrow and Tab were the monthly rule

Now I have them for my cubs (er ... children)

Here is an Original Poem About Books on the White Shelves

Books on the White Shelves

Billions of Books

Billions of books upon millions of shelves

Put there to delight and edify ourselves

Pick one up, feel its weight, turn a page

Let the writing jump out to make thee sage

I'd like to "hear" what you've to say

On the subject of Reading, today

Reader Feedback if You Please

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