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Updated on November 14, 2009

when the morning comes and the sun is rose i cant help to smile as i see your face, your arms wrapped around me so tight a crowbar couldnt break your hold. the morning dew mist across the grass as we sit on the porch to drink our favorite cup of joe, make me smile just to know that you are mine for everĀ  and a day.

the first kiss is the day i could say i fell for you, the things you do catapult me, like a spark plug in an engine, your gaze beams my way in that way to say you love me. your like a the pedals of a vibrant in so many ways, your aroma drive me crazy, your soft touch melts my heart, and our love grows from each days sun rise to set.

when twilight seems to form and my head hits the pillow tucked in your arms sends a sense of safety through out me, as i dream those sweet dream, your there to fight the boogy man under the bed, and the monsters in the closet. your there to hold me tight and make sure i sleep alright but most of all you're there to love me like i love you.


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