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Forever my Angie

Updated on April 8, 2012

Every time I look away

Thinking bout just what to say

Down on my knees I pray

You are around until the last day

Deep inside your eyes I know

I just want to make your heart glow

The closer every day we grow

And my soul to you will flow

Whatever I will be

You are what I want to see

You will always belong to me

I love u always my Angie

My love belongs to you

Whatever it is you do

My heart will always be true

My wish is you want me too


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    • kennynext profile image

      kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere

      Ty acaetnna. When you find a real love, there is nothing better.

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 7 years ago from Guildford

      Simply wonderful, I do hope she loves you as much too.

    • kennynext profile image

      kennynext 7 years ago from Everywhere

      Thank you lots and lots. We are always challenged in our lives and that makes it worthwhile.

    • kaltopsyd profile image

      kaltopsyd 7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Aww, this is so sweet! I wish you all the best with getting your Angie to the US.