Write the story or poem that this image brings to mind.

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  1. brutishspoon profile image64
    brutishspoonposted 4 years ago

    Write the story or poem that this image brings to mind.


  2. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago


    It was an unusually cold morning in early November 1889.  Besides the morning being unusually cold, it was frighteningly eerie.  It did not seem like morning at all.  The morning sky was a deep ashen grey, quite purgatorial to say the least. 

    However, the morning seemed to be heavenly-such a release from the abysmal darkness of the night before.  Hensington Castle in Northern England on the Scottish border was the location of the appearance of the barghest.  According to some, Hensington Castle is home to the most fearsome and demonic of all barghests.

    Legend stated that this barghest regularly appears in the surrounding moors of the castle at midnight.  Those who were unfornate enough to encounter this demonic beast die shortly thereafter.  George Collins, the groundskeeper of the castle, knew this all too well.  According to Mr. Collins, Hensington Castle has a sinister reputation.   Hensington Castle was the home to the Wesleys, minor nobility who were considered to be declasse.

    One of the Wesley ancestors, Lenore, was involved in necromancy and black magic.  It was whispered that Lenore indulged in some horrific rites, much to the utter fear of the townspeople.   Lenore was supposed to be tried for witchcraft and necromancy to be burned at the stake.  However, she escaped that fate by summoning the infermal forces.  A dark man appeared, taking her to hell according to gossip.   To some townspeople, the mention of Lenore's name is enough to create fear and dread.   

    The more educated and enlightened classes viewed this as legend and superstitious folklore at best.  However, it was reported that last night, a ghost of Lenore Wesley was walking the barghest, making unearthly, infernal sounds.  It was further stated that the Dark Man accompanied Lenore and the barghest.  People were warned to stay aside and away from Hensington Castle after sunset because infernal elements were lurking about.   So between 6 p.m. and 7 a.m., everyone was inside their homes because of the legend that Lenore was fond of taking souls to hell and used the barghest as a medium to do this.....Nighttime was a time to be ............FEARED..

  3. profile image0
    cynamansposted 4 years ago

    Lady rage spreads her terror among the skies
    The widow of death, bows her head and darts her eyes
    As she descends upon the earth
    to a dark omen she has given birth
    Lady rage is queen of the night
    destroying all who live in light
    her rein knows no end
    let the blood of innocence continue to pour in
    circles around her red robe
    the Goddess of hell
    has come to lead her lost souls

    1. gmwilliams profile image82
      gmwilliamsposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      MAN, this is .....GOOD! Such verbal imagery indeed!

  4. brutishspoon profile image64
    brutishspoonposted 4 years ago

    A Trek through the boggy moorland in search or a treasure. read more


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