Its National Poem Month.....Submit a 8 line poem! Support all Poets

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  1. bellawritter23 profile image76
    bellawritter23posted 13 years ago

    My heart you drew in the sand
    You sealed it with a water brand
    I thought our love would shirley last
    Washed up in the wave now passed

    A place special within my heart
    A step I take that will further us apart
    I love you, I loved you so
    Our love washed away, now I must go

    1. profile image0
      CollBposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      What!  It's poetry month season?
      I'll now pen my poetical reason
      for submitting a poem of 8 lines
      no more no less, that for me is just fine

      for Spring is here and well fitting
      a poetical thought that's befitting
      a two stanza line of verse
      no more no less, just to be terse

    2. The Demon Writer profile image60
      The Demon Writerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Ten foot wall
      Standing tall
      Do you hear
      Reality call?

      Protecting me
      You will see
      Behind the wall
      Is where I'll be

    3. haikutwinkle profile image60
      haikutwinkleposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      On March 11th
      the earth trembled
      tall buildings swayed
      but none fell
      a distance away
      fire broke out
      news flash, sirens wailed
      the day when everything was not normal

  2. profile image0
    Brenda Durhamposted 13 years ago

    I had a thought the other day
    of things that I would like to say
    if someone here should try to sway
    me into writing a poem....

    But alas! there went the thought;
    I wracked my brain but it was lost
    Yet still I write here in response
    even though I don't know 'em!


    1. mindyjgirl profile image78
      mindyjgirlposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Out on the open road,riding fast and free
      just me and my Harley

      Somewhere to go
      someone to be

      people to save
      Its up to me

      and my company
      The CIA

  3. Alyssa Nichol profile image93
    Alyssa Nicholposted 13 years ago

    From time to time
    The light grows dim
    Darkness taking control
    Leading us somewhere
    Into the unknown
    The Mystery of it all
    Has our minds in grasp
    And Before we know it, we're lost.

  4. Britt.Rei96 profile image58
    Britt.Rei96posted 13 years ago

    The music, is my saviour
    The lights, my sun and sky
    The steps,my life in motion
    To dance now is to fly

    My heart now in my movement
    Drumming me a beat
    I dream im in my special place
    and the world's beneath my feat

  5. surfcaster2010 profile image67
    surfcaster2010posted 13 years ago

    Love is complicated,
    Serious, passionate,
    To those who seek it.
    Love is natural, eternal,
    To those that fall into it.

  6. Astra Nomik profile image65
    Astra Nomikposted 13 years ago

    Words they find me - I find them,
    I write with android phone - and pen -
    the words they flow - and sometimes ebb -
    I mostly post them on the web.

    My web is my hub, my hubs are my space -
    Hub Pages seems the perfect place -
    As its poetry month - and laundry day -
    This one I wrote, hangs out today.

    This poetry thing - it takes some time
    to pucker up my lips and rhyme,
    But as its late - I have to go,
    So release those words - and let 'em flow.

    Cathy Nerujen - for National Poetry Month.

  7. Sally's Trove profile image78
    Sally's Troveposted 13 years ago

    And take a little sojourn to Eye on Life who is celebrating this month with you all...

  8. dallaswriter profile image60
    dallaswriterposted 13 years ago

    With speckles of love
    Her voice so proud,
    She stood beside him,
    She addressed the crowd.

    "My heart beats faster
    Than the days before,
    I've loved no other
    Like the one I adore"!

  9. calebacea097 profile image58
    calebacea097posted 13 years ago

    Fear and loathing, a scathing hate
    Nervous detachment, eloquently disturbed
    Trembling hands, shaking eyes
    Stuttering words, apprehensive mind

    Moment of totality, ever closer
    Eyes starring, burning you with their glares
    No escape, no retreat, mouth opens
    I say, 'I DO' proudly, and resonantly

  10. Magic777eternity profile image60
    Magic777eternityposted 13 years ago

    Took home an alley Tom-cat gone astray
    To keep the munchkinin’ mouse at bay
    Proud Tom, need not worry ‘bout tuna or cream
    Living by my fireplace is better than any dream

    No more cold nights seeking shelter for you
    Wet paws, raggedy fur, is now through
    An open door when you wanna go on the prowl
    I know you do, got kittens all over town

  11. leni sands profile image67
    leni sandsposted 13 years ago

    Please don't leave me crying
    My love was always true
    Listen to my heart call out
    for you to love me to

    This world will always be there
    For you and I to see
    but I will only be around
    If you think you can love me

  12. PAPA-BEAR profile image60
    PAPA-BEARposted 13 years ago

    I was standing before a old mirror
    shocked at what I percieved
    the face that I saw looking back
    was old aged could not be me.
    Then the image smiled nodding in affirm
    gesturing for me to follow
    so I stepped into the mirror
    from that moment gone.

  13. steve of ian fame profile image59
    steve of ian fameposted 13 years ago

    The Oyster of Your Soul.

    If truly you forget and give,
    With sincere, trustworthy acts,
    By nature of the grit within,
    Your shell concedes the act.

    With every layer your soul creates,
    Your goodness must unfurl,
    As deep within your kindly eyes,
    Will shine a hidden pearl.

  14. 2uesday profile image64
    2uesdayposted 13 years ago

    Idle Lines.

    Eight lines is the request,
    eight lines, make them your best.

    Seven would be luckier than eight,
    maybe bringing good fortune or fate.

    Now all I need now, to do,
    is to invent one more line or two.

    Or abandon the idea forthwith,
    and to other things my time then give.

  15. Twilight Lawns profile image72
    Twilight Lawnsposted 13 years ago

    Eight is the challenge we're given.
    I'm not sure if I'll handle this test,
    Given that eight don't inspire me
    How then can I give of my best?
    The word I need to describe it
    (I've tried not to use “poetic”).
    So much for artificially
    Having written an acrostic.

  16. mcrawford76 profile image88
    mcrawford76posted 13 years ago

    Perhaps if I try harder.
    Maybe if I were smarter.

    Then he could look to me.
    Just a simple nod would set me free.

    My hands are bleeding, my brain is burnt.
    You only sigh, or say words that hurt.

    With all of my effort, forever trying.
    And you only ask, why are you crying?

  17. Jefacity profile image57
    Jefacityposted 13 years ago

    8 lines counting down in my mind
    only 7 now do i have enough time?
    down to six, quick better make it rhyme.
    here at 5, as i get ready to let my words just juke and jive
    now at 4, its time to go live
    down to 3, so close to go time
    now at 2, the curtains opening up
    now at 1, the crowds cheering - its show time : D

  18. tsmog profile image85
    tsmogposted 13 years ago

    Listlessly the melody chimes,
    Softly the candle flickers in time.

    My fingers dance along this board,
    Wandering while seeking a new chord.

    Where has the music gone,
    Why has the it left this song?

    Just let the dance be a dance,
    Let’s make this our next chance!

  19. Joy56 profile image68
    Joy56posted 13 years ago

    Positive thoughts wrapped around me
      I feel their warmth..........
      moving ever forward,
      learning with every step

    Hold out your hand, and come with me,
    To a haven of peace,
    A world of optimism
    We can travel together

  20. cindi h profile image61
    cindi hposted 13 years ago

    Death came for him in the early morn'
    from his loved ones, he was torn..

    He was promised everlasting life
    rewards for all his earthly strife...

    Death gently grasped his ravaged hand
      and led him to a glorious land...

    In the sky, as the sun took its place
      within its beauty, I saw his face.

    1. profile image0
      lambservantposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Beautiful Cindi.

      1. cindi h profile image61
        cindi hposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        thank you Lambservant smile

  21. Joy56 profile image68
    Joy56posted 13 years ago

    more poems please

  22. Jefacity profile image57
    Jefacityposted 13 years ago

    Sacred possibilities branching off into the distance
    what if's, shoulda, coulda, wouldas following us from behind

    Not enough time to do what we want, just what we need
    Barely enough optimism to fight all the hate and greed

    A mere moment in life where we make our stand
    A split second infinity to know gods hand

    Dreams and make believes @ 11:11
    A wish for you and me now, that we may all be blessed with heaven

    1. HattieMattieMae profile image60
      HattieMattieMaeposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Yesterday faded away,

      April brought your love my way.

      PinkTulips blooming in May as I think of you.

      Purple dutch shoes on my small feet,

      Laughing as grandpa ate the petals away.

      His eyes glimmering as I listened to what he had to say.

      Persuading my little heart to take a bite.

      Laughing back saying no way.

  23. Wulf Dreamwalker profile image59
    Wulf Dreamwalkerposted 13 years ago

    The rain poured down outside

  24. Wulf Dreamwalker profile image59
    Wulf Dreamwalkerposted 13 years ago

    The rain poured down outside

    1. Wulf Dreamwalker profile image59
      Wulf Dreamwalkerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      let me retry that i hit the wrong key by mistake.

      The rain poured down outside
      drenching the ground completely
      washing deep into the soil
      creating many puddles and mudpiles
      lightning flashed and thunder roared

      1. Wulf Dreamwalker profile image59
        Wulf Dreamwalkerposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        one more try

        The rain poured down outside
        drenching the ground completely
        washing deep into the soil
        creating many puddles and mudpiles
        lightning flashed and thunder roared
        shaking the ground to its being
        then fading away to sunlight
        the earth washed clean once again

  25. QudsiaP1 profile image60
    QudsiaP1posted 13 years ago

    In the realms where dreams meet,
    You at first came to me,
    I waited in time for you to come,
    You came to me yet again and now,

    My heart; my soul belongs to you,
    My life; my pulse belongs to you,
    My breath; each beat belongs to you,
    My dearest; my beloved; I belong to you.

    Copyright © Qudsia Pervez
    April 23, 2011

  26. cuteuniverse profile image57
    cuteuniverseposted 13 years ago

    When I was a little girl. I wanted to be a woman
    Tall buxomly with blossomy hips.That swings like my grandfather's clock
    Pendulums swinging east to west.

    I wanted to be a woman.Wild like the fawn
    That skips as it sips from the cold morning brook. Cool like the lion cub
    That plays with butterflies. I wanted to be a woman. With  twinkle batting lashes .Gold painted heart .Non paragon.
    I never wanted to be a beauty. Ask me why not. I never shall tell

  27. young_mommy89 profile image57
    young_mommy89posted 13 years ago

    If I were a bird, I wouldn’t be here. I would fly to a place that was sunny and clear. Fly away when someone got near. A solo flyer I would be. The whole world underneath thee. Everyday a new place to see. But I’m not a bird and you can really hurt me.

  28. manlypoetryman profile image79
    manlypoetrymanposted 13 years ago

    "I don't want no darn "Second-Hand" Life...handed down to me...

    Though older now...I have settled for some things...instead of seeking opportunity.

    I have dreamed bigger than the heavens are above land and sea...

    And have few regrets in life...except all the ones that still bother me.

    Each thing in life...I found along the by day...

    Helped me to make it...just a little bit further along...on my way.

    Yet, here I sit with "Hope" in one hand..."Poop" in the other...Boy, does it smell !!

    Thinkin'  that my best years are still ahead...Hoping that notion...hasn't been shot to H_ll."

    From poem: "Second-Hand" Life

  29. profile image0
    Home Girlposted 13 years ago

    Walk... pouring rain... black mind,
    Wet shoes...gray endless day,
    Dark loneliness that never goes away,
    Gray rain that laughs at you behind.

    Rain... rain...rain...
    No umbrella for your wet soul...

    1. profile image0
      lambservantposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      This could've been written by me. Very nice Home Girl. Do you live in the Pacific Northwest where it always rains and everyone is always gray?

      1. profile image0
        Home Girlposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        I live in Toronto, Ontario. We had more than usual rains this spring. I do not like rains in big city, well, I do not like big cities...

  30. PAPA-BEAR profile image60
    PAPA-BEARposted 13 years ago

    You looked in my eye's
    I wondered why
    had I said something
    out of line
    hurtful unkind
    but then you smiled
    I love blue eye's.

  31. Joy56 profile image68
    Joy56posted 13 years ago

    blue eyes,
    shallow smile,
    All mine.......

  32. Lady Luv profile image72
    Lady Luvposted 13 years ago

    Forever alone, until my death
    love steals your soul, takes your last breath
    a gaping wound, whats left of this heart
    now that we have grown apart...

    Had a love so great, seemed ocean wide
    and yet, it ebbed, fleet as the tide.
    No future in love, pain is too great
    I shall remain alone, 'til life doth abate...

  33. samiaali profile image61
    samiaaliposted 13 years ago

    Today while on my way to work.
    Traffic was stop and go.
    You caught my eye as I drove by.
    And made me drive real slow.

    Standing on the corner.
    You were lovely as could be.
    With your flowers in full bloom.
    You were the grandest tree.

  34. DJ VJ profile image61
    DJ VJposted 13 years ago

    My highest complement,
    (beyond the reach of Adam's hand)
    is to not say your name
    (always bursting in my mind)
             (always pumping my heart)
            I keep my hands in my pockets;
             (beyond the gravity of yours)
            I shoot a shy smile.

  35. dutchman1951 profile image60
    dutchman1951posted 13 years ago

    Congress, in 8 lines

    Oh what lines we know of, loyal party we read them twice
    eyes deceive, well- maybe not...did God die, I am just asking? 
    So then, will you save us?
    all the Promises important men make to save power's purpose
    The benefits are boundless coming from commoners
    wrapped in clean white linens- a reserection perhaps- no?
    bound light, in the Yellow aura's of promised Gold proposed
    shards of hope spun sweet, in pure gutteral prose


  36. Mindtrapz profile image59
    Mindtrapzposted 13 years ago

    I love to drink kool-aid
    while sitting in the oklahoma shade
    That cold drink is what I cherish
    except when I have to buy the generic
    kinds of drink that dont mix well,
    but most of the times your guests cant tell
    so therefore its to the dollar store I go
    when I will come out, nobdy knows

  37. Stigma31 profile image61
    Stigma31posted 13 years ago

    Everyone thinks it’s easy,
    To write the perfect poem.
    Some do it for love,
    Some to be well-known.
    But everybody is a poet,
    Each and every one.
    To make the perfect poem,
    Do it all for fun.

    1. profile image0
      lambservantposted 13 years agoin reply to this


  38. Ben Evans profile image64
    Ben Evansposted 13 years ago

    Dancing, we say farewell
    on a quiet June night.
    Will summer’s solstice tell
    while painting the evening in light?

    The warm breath of the winds
    warms our bodies in sense
    as the bitter cold it rescinds
    in a sky which is immense.

  39. Ben Evans profile image64
    Ben Evansposted 13 years ago

    One more:

    A pole is often true.
    Yet in the sea,
    it is at the angle of whim.

    A meadow of water
    is a friend
    of an unknown partnership.

    As my eye turns at an angle,
    I see the world beautifully.

    1. kimh039 profile image91
      kimh039posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      a day late and a dollar short;
      yet here I am to do my part
      to support a poet,
      or perhaps a poem;
      maybe the art of poetry.
      but alas. 
      the month is past,
      and my eight lines are spent.

  40. toknowinfo profile image71
    toknowinfoposted 13 years ago

    Here is my contribution, that I will try
    It seems somewhat fun, as I ask myself why
    An ode to a poem, this what I will write
    Eight lines that can be read, day or night
    Reading others poems it is easy to see
    There are so many more poets more talented than me
    Staying within the rules, as I approach my eighth line
    My greatest hope is that my rhyming is fine

  41. Jefacity profile image57
    Jefacityposted 13 years ago

    Pretty girl walking by
    Let my smile catch your eye
    As my lips part for a hello
    I see you wiggle a little like Jello
    Don't be shy
    I'm a good guy
    Just say hi
    And lets not regret just walking by

  42. dutchman1951 profile image60
    dutchman1951posted 13 years ago

    we have some great Poets in this thread, well done to all of you

  43. ZipperConstantine profile image80
    ZipperConstantineposted 13 years ago

    I have a dog name Genie
    She’s such a joy to me
    I love everything about her
    She’s so much company

    When I am sick, she is by my side
    Waiting until I’m better
    To take her out and play with her
    Or just sit and pet her

  44. Jen Johnson profile image59
    Jen Johnsonposted 13 years ago

    Yin & Yang

    We're a myriad of thoughts
    In a kaleidoscope of dreams,
    And everything seems real
    But nothing's what it seems

    The evil that we do
    Is for the good of all we know,
    And when there's no evil left
    Then there's nowhere left to go.

    (By Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
    Available in the book, Napkin Poetry
    On Amazon and Lulu.)

  45. profile image0
    blake4dposted 13 years ago

    If you write a poem while held at gunpoint
    You might feel nervous and anxious to finish
    But even if you write hiaku without vowels
    You will still need to let your mind wander

    If you do not finish that poem just in time
    You will hear the trigger going click behind
    But for two letters you almost were complete
    You mind it goes blank and your head bleeds

    Keep on Hubbing


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