Little Girl

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    Kerris27posted 6 years ago

    The Little Girl
    By Kerris Le Beau

    I feel I let her down.
    That little girl who cries.
    She has no answers,
    no reason to her why's.

    I never get to close.
    She is always out of reach.
    I only want to give her secrets,
    the clues only I can teach.

    The words that will save her,
    if only for one night.
    Shes got to here me,
    and know it will be alright.

    Despite all her suffering,
    no one sees her pain.
    I MUST get her to listen.
    Only the memory will remain.

    Nobody seems to notice.
    Not one soul is there.
    She cowers to herself,
    she feels nobody cares.

    But I do.
    I want to tell her.

    That little girl who cries.
    Still she wont let me near.
    She just runs and hides.

    She'll never know it's not her fault.
    She will carry it everyday.
    I scream at her,
    please let me show you another way.

    But the little trust she learned,
    vanished a long time ago.
    She wont listen to anyone,
    she will never let it go.

    I will never give up on you.

    Poor little girl that cries.
    I catch myself in the mirror,
    and wipe the tears from my eyes.