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Frank Miller Artist and Writer

Updated on May 17, 2015

Born on the 27th January 1957, in Maryland, America, his ancestors were Irish immigrants. Growing up in a large family, of seven other siblings both of his parents tried to instil the value of hard work and self discipline in their children. His father worked as an electrician. His mother worked very hard as a nurse and would often be on call through the night. Growing up in the country, Miller was a devoted comic book reader, especially following ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Superboy’. Admiring the creative work of comic book artists Jack Kirby and Mike Spillane Miller found living in the countryside boring and dull, it was his fascination with comics that provide an escape. At fifteen he lost interest in reading comic books and started drawing comic characters in his spare time.

At the age of twenty, his first job after leaving school was working as a receptionist in an Art Gallery. When artist Thomas Wood, opened an exhibition showcasing his work at the Gallery. Miller decided to follow his childhood interest in comic books and become an artist. In 1978, Miller moved to New York City and loved it! However, his early days were difficult as he lived in poverty almost to the point of starvation. Despite keen competition for comic book artists and without any formal training. Miller started working as a freelance artist, ‘Twilight Zone’ for Gold Keys publication was the first story he began to draw. Building on his portfolio of artistic work before he began working for DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

In 1983, Miller found regular work through Lyn Varley, working as a colorist for the graphic novel ‘Ronin’. Miller was chosen, when Gene Cola stepped down as an artist and comic book writer for DC Comic’s comic character Daredevil, Spiderman. X-men and Wolverine, including ‘Electra’ another comic character. Falling in love with Varley, he eventually he married her. In 1986, worked on a number of award-winning projects, including ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’. Making a the decision to leave DC comics, working instead at Dark Horse to draw and the majority of his time was spent writing stories.

Miller and his wife moved to LA, in the late eighties and began writing film scripts for Robocop and its subsequent sequels. Working with Hollywood wasn’t easy for Miller as he became frustrated over the adaption of his stories. He returned to writing graphic novels instead, promising not to write screen plays for Hollywood again. In 1998, Miller began writing ‘300’ based on the historical invasion for the Persian Army in Greece. Film director Robert Roduriegz approached Miller about the possibility of adapting SinCity one of his graphic novels. Taking Roduriegz up on his offer of adapting SinCity into a full feature length film. In April 2005, SinCity was released in cinemas worldwide, the film was successful. However cracks had formed in his relationship with Varley and they both settled for a divorce. In the same year Miller divorced his wife. Building upon the previous success, Further films followed based on the comic books were made into films. In 2008, Miller continued the trend by adapting ‘300’ into a full-feature length film. In the same year Sin City 2 went on general release at cinemas.


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