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From My Fingertips

Updated on April 4, 2016

I am VT Willi

Vanessa T Williams Writing as VT Willi
Vanessa T Williams Writing as VT Willi

Revenge is never good. Neither is backstabbing.

Ignoring warnings I proceeded

Tumultuous trying times, I found; but have since deleted.

From my mind and from my heart.

A terrible decision from the start.

To be a part of this group you must lose a part of yourself.

I played the fool and never received any help.

A host of beggars, liars, thieves, false victims and more.

In need of a favor every time your foot crosses the post of the door.

A gossiping circle filled with selfish gain.

Promises of exposure and hardly no one knows your name.

Vanities and social media maladies that makes the world believe that the community has hope.

It is all lies and personal gain is the scope.

Using anyone that can help the beggar to keep hold of the rope.

No thanks You’s, no ROI and no pay for services rendered.

Spun deceit from the world’s greatest pretender.

“I know who did it…I do, I do, I do…”

Every week I swear it was like playing CLUE.

Taking turns casting blame.

Telling any lie and making eyes cry to clear their own name.

I sat back and participated in some of this.

Yet, I was talked about and lied on when my time was missed.

Six months then I returned- I should have never come back.

New faces, new faces and their hearts were also black.

Photo opportunities to perpetuate the lie.

Love triangles, amongst all the singles, and screen- shotted replies.

To the queen…to the queen they all ran.

Promised silenced but all of their stories were in spin.

No one ever asked how the other knew.

The confusion was set, and it thrived by the one they all went to.

I called it out ,and repeated it as it was told.

I now realize that I am hated because I was bold.

I tried to fix a lot; but slippery are snakes.

I talked for many hours seeking a solution and my head would ache.

I have no more time to recollect.

I must continue on to the point of this poem before I forget.

I haven’t got enough time to talk about me.

But I promise that I will in my next article called, “All about RE”

At the core of it I am a writer that’s what I do.

I will clear my name after all the shit I been through.

Get a lawyer get a court order…get whatever you need.

I promise when I’m done with the truth…you will want to sue me.


From my fingertips I drip blood, from the time and the nights spent sowing into your dreams.

The droplets catch the ground by surprise and they dry under-neath my feet.

Your visage is no match for my mental capacity and we were created to be enemies.


From my fingertips drip the tears of my eyes as I wipe away the production of my anger.

My disdain for jail, and preservation of self has kept you from danger.

I can car less where you are from or where you at.

When I decide to speak it will be based in fact.


From my fingertips I hurt with grief.

My palms are numb and I still remain in disbelief. A lie because I could not do, exactly what you wanted me to?

This will not be one of those things that blows over my head.

With my soul, I wished that you were in a bed… of daises because that exactly where your lying ass belongs.

Go now be a martyr for all of those you used and wronged.

In Conclusion...

From my fingertips I can feel the center of the earth.

I am a writer and this is my RE-Birth.

A fool or not be what you have to.

Only a true fool would believe that I would try to destroy or take something that had no value.

Call it as you will but it is just a name.

Fix yourself and you will control the game.

Then your baby will be born and live again, no one loses sleep at night trying to steal you wind.

Almost Forgot...

From my fingertips I will set this straight, I burn and ache-

for resolution but it will too will be a mistake.

Your pride always overshadows your personality and says, “Never again”

But you shallowed it...didn’t you when to went and tried to lie on me to my friend.

That was ages ago and now that too is gone.

I can never again coexist with anyone from that circus;

It wasn’t where I belonged.


From my fingertips I vow to do what I said I never would.

Trying to destroy some one that actually did have your back

Never ends good.


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