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Updated on June 1, 2016

A Short Letter about the Rain

to the boy writing poetry about the rain,

The rain started falling last night and three weeks before that, I learned to count each drop and tried to capture how it pierces through the light from the lamp post outside our house. Our house by the way, is near the streets so supposedly, I should be hearing the rush of cars but surprisingly when it rained, I only heard its fall. I only saw its arms spread wide embracing the ground like it's all it has ever wished for. I saw its smile. I don't know how and why but the downpour last night had the most unforgettable smile like the drops curved their alignment into the shape of misery.

What a beauty misery was to behold.

Her skin was drenched with coldness and detachment. Her eyes sparked like how broken glasses shine when a ray of sun hits its jagged surface. Her hair strands were like stitches of patched promises. She sang songs saturating the air with sorrows.

So I danced outside yet its my eyelashes that got soaked the most. Maybe raindrops don't cling to the strands of my hair anymore.

I don't know what else to say. I just can't forget what loneliness looked like and how she smiled.

-from the girl counting stars by the window


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