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-Do I care?-

Updated on July 26, 2011

-Enter Space-

I'm watching, I'm learning, I'm living, I'm burning!!!!

I wonder what way, I'm to walk today?

The stars no longer have twinkle.

Death is the journey, we take as we walk,

With each step that we take,

And each word that we talk.

We eat and we plant,

We preach, and we chant,

Yet people are so damn deceiving.

When my journey here ends,

I'll make amends,

Then eternity, I am just leaving.

I'm gonna soar, through the stars for awhile,

I'll find a place where souls live to smile,

Love and be true to the gift.

Life is a place where souls can show face,

Before they soar through realms of forever.


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    • prashant angiras profile image

      Prashant angiras 6 years ago from shimla(india)

      this is really a nice poem..i also wonder for what has to be done on this new day,and then i encounter deceiving people and situations but such is a life nothing can be done..