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Garden Writing

Updated on March 22, 2013

Want to write about your garden?

Many keen gardeners like to share their garden with the world, or just want to keep a record for themselves of all the highs and lows. Whether you want to record your garden thoughts for posterity, or earn money through writing, a garden is an endless source of inspiration for writers across the world.

This lens looks at places you can earn money by writing about gardening, as well as hints and tips on writing about your garden - whether you're a professional writer or simply writing for yourself!

Triond and Gomestic
Triond and Gomestic


Grow your own income with Triond

If you sign up with Triond then you can earn money by submitting articles on a number of subjects, which are published onto different websites. Gardening articles are published on Gomestic, which is all about home, garden and lifestyle.

All articles on Triond earn you money, and they pay monthly, via PayPal. You choose your own topics and titles, so you can be as creative as you like, and the Triond blog is regularly updated with ideas on how to make your articles more popular.


Helium: Gardening

Earn money writing for Helium

Helium is a popular online site with a special channel for gardening articles. You can write on your own topics, or choose an existing title, and your work is published immediately. As long as you contribute to the Helium community by rating other writer's work, you can earn money from your Helium articles, which is paid via PayPal (you can request a payment as soon as your account reaches $25). Helium welcomes writers from all over the world, but articles must be written in English.

Helium have a blog which features posts with general writing tips as well as ways to improve your Helium income.

Green Thumb Articles
Green Thumb Articles

Organic Gardening Articles

If you're an organic gardener then you may enjoy publishing your articles on Remember to read the submission guidelines before you start! For every 10 approved articles, donates $1 will be donated to the LACMG scholarship fund to assist in teaching low income individuals how to grow food organically for personal consumption and environmental sustainability. And you can earn money from your articles as well if you gave a Google Adsense account.

Books for writers - Hone your craft with a good book

Tell me about your garden - Flex those writing muscles!

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    • profile image

      GardenNut 6 years ago

      GardenNut is another site where you can write gardening articles.

      The articles are written using a simple form with optional pictures. You do not need to know HTML or typesetting to write your article. Just know your garden.

      They share 80% of the google ad-sense revenue with the writers.