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Poem - Canadian Geese

Updated on April 28, 2012

Canadian geese,

entering America illegally.

richardhead chezany to investigate.

geese are vocal in their opposition.

intelligence recommends,

shoot them kill them.

the masses mutter,

mostly under their breath.


Image Copyright Getty   ..thanks JP
Image Copyright Getty ..thanks JP


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    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 10 years ago from NYC....

      well just like currently with Hamas double agents were to blame for the RIRA operation in Omagh...

      There were 3 levels of warnings given that were ignored by the RUC / Brits... heightened Special Branch activity in the days leading up to the bomb together with offhand remarks by Branch detectives BEFORE the event all add up to a conspiracy.BTW I am from County Tyrone, I lived 6 miles from Omagh, my kids were on the street that day. This is another case of state violence in the North of Ireland, along with shoot to kill, assassinations, planting evidence, torturing of prisoners, interment without trial, killing of elected representatives, killing of legal representatives...

      If you have something constructive to say that adds to the specific topic within the poem, ok fine good - otherwise fuck off..


    • profile image

      impressed 10 years ago

      Love the Hamas pic!

      Nothing lets people know you're really oppressed like killing a bunch of unsuspecting and unarmed civilians including your own people who wish to try to achieve their aims through the peace process.

      Hamas are my heroes, just like their sister organization, the RIRA, with that fantastic bombing in Omagh that killed 29 "enemy combatants" including pregnant women and babies and wounded 200 other people. Woohoo! Grand, eh?

      Hey, you know that wonderful Hamas saying, "When you are hungry, it is foolish to hunt a tiger when there are plenty of sheep to be had."