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Gerald's Game

Updated on October 25, 2012

Another Stephen King Story

This book is about a married couple that decides to add a little zest to their love life. The husband, Gerald of the title, decides he wants to try a little bondage action. His wife is very uncomfortable with it, but she loves him, so she goes along with it. They start the game with Gerald tying his wife to the bed. He then goes to start the action, when, oops, he has a heart attack and dies. His wife is stuck in the bed, tied up. The book is basically about all the things his wife thinks about while she's waiting to die.

Gerald's Game

Gerald's Game (Signet)
Gerald's Game (Signet)

Although this is not the best work that Stephen King has ever done, it does make you think about what could happen if you decide to "experiment" in your love life. Yikes!


Another creepy effort from the master of horror, Stephen King.

What Do You Think?

I've only read this book once, but it made an impression on me when I did. I'm getting ready to read it for the second time.

What did you think?

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Here's a good line.

She knew that people died in accidents. Sure, she'd seen enough stories on TV, but she didn't realize there were people in those people. People just like her who suddenly realized they would never eat a cheeseburger again.

By The Way...

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Have you read this book? Maybe you're not a Stephen King fan. Whatever, let me know you were here at least. Thanks!

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