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Updated on April 17, 2012


I'm tired of all the fighting,

I hope and pray,

That all of this fighting,

Will come to end someday.

War is not the answer!!!

War is not the way,

So many souls in torment,

For these souls I say,

There is a place of rest,

Where you fight no more,

To the capitolist elite,

I say end this fuxxin war.

God is of the ages,

Time on earth relayed,

In the end the fever,

The fever it will fade,

Memory's of lost souls,

Written in the book of time,

In the end the soldiers,

Step off the battle line.


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    • d-richie93 profile image

      d-richie93 6 years ago

      THis is a very beutiful poem. I think you should add some pictures and other forms of illustation to kinsd of highlight the hub.

      Please visit one of my hubs and leave a comment.