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My wings , My hope!

Updated on December 13, 2015

Even if i want to,

I cannot deny..

No matter how i suffer ..

I cannot lie..

Though I am an angel,

It's a sentence left incomplete...

Because I am an angel,

With tattered and broken wings

Countless times I see,

Those with perfect wings,

I cannot help but feel,

A tinge of desire in me.

Often do i wonder!

The pleasure it would give,

To soar in the skies,

To soar over the seas.

Highest point in the skies,

Isn't that their endless limit?

The limits of those who have,

Perfect wings unlike mine.

The looks they give me,

Those bearers of perfect wings,

Oh! How I hate it!

I hate it, I hate it,

I hate it to no degree!

For when I look into their pretty eyes,

Sympathy is all i see,

Sympathy for the unfortunate,

Sympathy for the flawed me.

Who wants their sympathy?

No, their sympathy isn't what i need.

For if they think I am helples and broken,

Then mistaken they are, greatly indeed!

Tattered they may be,

But fly they can still.

I do not fear pain , I do not fear the ail,

With broken wings I shall fly!

Believe it! Mine limit won't be the skies..

These wings of mine ,i refuse to stop..

But stop if it must , then stop it shall..

Though only at the end of time!

Hear me now! Bearers of fair wings...

Hear me well! I shall now speak..

The next time you look with those pretty eyes..

It won't be with sympathy, oh, not for me!

It shall be with awe!

It shall be with surprise!

Because then i shall have risen..

Where you all couldn't rise!

Farther than the skies!

Deeper than the seas!

I shall have risen!

At the end of infinity!

So all of you there!

Watch me go by!

It might be not today!

But then, tomorrow it will be!

Like a blur you will see..

A new dawn arise...

I shall have flown through the skies!

And flown over the seas!




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    • profile image

      shobhana 6 years ago

      a nice poem penned