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All in a day, July 24th was...

Updated on November 23, 2011

The world isn't fair people shouldn't bee treated this way,

as my fifth grade teacher used to say...

horseshoes and hand grenades,

the game was not rigged to play,

go to the golden arches they let you have it your way,

this is a corporation and to that you'll stay a slave,

show up in line or the pains you may have to stave,

off in our own little worlds, some even hidden up in caves...

others wild and crazy dancin' at all the raves,

lookin' for some rump bumpin' hot ones that keep it clean and shave,

I'll walk up... lets say my name's dave,

try so hard, butt all your false barriers will drop, and slowly begin to fade,

tonight gets all my magic, I'll make you scream... scream like your were being raged


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