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Good Writing Tips

Updated on September 28, 2013

Some Helpful Blurbs

This lens is a collection of tips, tidbits, and other goodies that are good rules and practices to live by if you are interested in writing, publishing, or blogging.

Whether your goal is to make a profit selling ebooks etc. or just want to be an informative source for others, these tips will help.

They are not in any particular order, nor in and category, they are just thoughts and random blurbs that I hope will be helpful to you!

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Just Do It!

One of the ways to increase your long term success publishing is to create high quality,

high value reading material on a regular basis. Publishing various ebooks may make you massive

revenue month after month for years to come.

Social Networks

Some of your private conversations that are informative, funny, wise or speak truth to life

may be organized, turned into short ebooks and sold for profits.

Many of your remarks posted on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can be organized,

edited and turned into short ebooks and sold. In many instances, you don't have to market or

promote your ebooks as they will sell themselves, but you must make them available for this process to occur.

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Check Your Work

I probably misspell more words than you do, but that has never stopped me from using spell and

grammar check and hiring a proof reader and/or editor when necessary. Most importantly even when

I couldn't afford to pay someone it never stopped me from publishing ebooks or making money.

There's something amazing about knowing you'll add value to people's lives by offering high quality

reading material in the form of ebooks or other reading material AND be in position to earn profits while doing it.

Try or Nothing

Some of you have incredible stories, ideas and/or are sitting on a lot of research on a particular subject.

Now is the time to organize your material, edit and upload it as ebooks. This may earn you residual revenue month

after month for years to come.

Write down your thoughts when you have insomnia. Some of your wild, wacky or even wicked thoughts may be a good plot

for an exciting adventure, or mystery story. Remember ALL stories started in someone's mind even if it came from real life...

that real life story came first from a thought, which may be turned into a book. Turn your insomnia related thoughts into high

quality books.

No Excuses

It does not take a formal education, good looks, particular sex or ethnicity to be successful publishing ebooks.

It does take a burning desire to succeed, belief that it will happen.

During family events record your elders speaking. From their mouths will come a certain conversation, history, humor and wisdom

that should be shared with future generations in their living memory and legacy. Some of that information may be reorganized

into short ebooks that you publish.

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One of the goals is to figure out how to get ALL of your ebooks to sell each month without spending more money on

advertising than you're earning in book royalties.

You may earn hundreds... thousands... EVEN tens of thousands of dollars EVERY MONTH publishing ebooks that people desire to read.

However, you MUST put in a certain amount of work. Done properly the recurring revenue is truly exciting.

You don't need a ISBN (number) to successfully publish your own ebooks. You do need a burning

Consider This

You don't have to take years to create or publish your first or next ebook. In fact, with a burning desire you may publish

an ebook within 30 - 90 days.

When your ebook starts selling on one platform you'd be wise to quickly find others to sell it on and consider printing them too.

Seeing your ebooks sales increase can become positively addictive. This WILL only happen when you upload more ebooks.

Some people publish a few ebooks and promote them with a vengeance and find great success doin

Luck or Not

You may achieve publishing success when you find niches. Know your target reader,

Give your reader what they want on a regular basis, build a relationship with your

target readers, frequently, create high quality; high value content and ebooks.

Some people that publish ebooks have some really big winners right out the gate...

if you never publish your ebooks, you'll never know if you have one of those big winners or not.

Write A Steamy Novel

Some of your wilder days may be turned into fantastic voyages also known as hot

and steamy romantic novels. Turn them into ebooks and profit for years to come.


There are plenty of people who are on a fixed income, dependent upon what politicians will do for their livelihood.

No one should have to be in this position. Some solutions for you and I are learning to earn passive revenue through publishing,

affiliate marketing, making money online through ads, rental, dividend and royalty income.

Ebooks are one of the simplest ways to start earning residual revenue.

One of the many advantages of publishing your ebooks is you may change something with in i


With ebook publishing it helps to find a group of writers, authors and indie publishers who mutually support each other.

It can be a good source of additional marketing and promotions, since each writer, author and publisher have their own niche audiences.

Many of your posts on Facebook may be expanded and turned into short ebooks.

This high quality, high value information and/or entertainment may be appreciated by more than just your 5,000+ friends.

Remember there are over 1 BILLION Faceboo

You Already Have This

You could take your high school and college papers and turn them into short ebooks. Even a 3 to 10 page paper may be sold

for .99 to $2.99. In most instances, you invested time and sometimes money creating the papers in order to get a letter/grade,

diploma and/or degree, why not turn those papers into potential profit centers in the form of short ebooks?

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A Point Made

I received an email from someone who bought a copy of my first published ebook. They bought the book in 2005 and were

pleasantly surprised that I still used the email address I included in the book.

Consider that for nearly 10 years this person may have mentioned my book and I from time to time to others. You never know

how one conversation or another may help build your brand, market and promote your material and keep your legacy growing

long after your initial contact with someone.

Herein, you're reminded to maintain a pleasing personality, especially when interacting with your target audience,

release quality, valuable products and maintain the same contact information when possible. In this case adding a personal

touch goes a long way in terms of people remembering something good, great or wonderful about their interaction with you.

Got something to say or add to these tips.

Please leave your own tips and feedback!

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    • profile image

      GabrielaFargasch 4 years ago

      I love it! I am starting to experiment with ebooks and I've already wrote a few children stories... I haven't published them yet though.... I agree with everything you wrote here! Great page!

    • profile image

      dwtardischasers 4 years ago

      Great page, I liked it so much I had to join just to like it lol! Good On Ya!

    • judithmurphy profile image

      judithmurphy 4 years ago

      I have bookmarked this page cos I want to write an ebook but need a jumpstart - thanks for the encouragement.

    • Sojournstar Media profile image

      Angela Hobbs 4 years ago from The TARDIS

      Don't forget to talk to me ;)