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How should be a good writer

Updated on July 18, 2014

writting is a creative job

Creating something is an eternal inspiration of human beings. When a child born he tries to express himself by crying. After few days when he getting understand his surrounding he see that surrounding himself everyone can speak. He tries to speak. Tries to rearrange some sound. He want to express himself. Writing is the expression of human mind with alphabetically. In broad concept who write for large population reader to express what in his mind in professional term called writer. To being a writer is not easy term. It is a complex matter. It is a fact of rearranging the words and language in a systematic manner to express something that is acceptable for the mass people. Seems to me who can speaks well he can writes well. The first intangible element of writing is knowledges and logic. If you want to be a literature writer you should have better knowledge on sequence of social events occuring. Language expansion and reduction techniques should be achieve. Being popular is an another target may be to a writer. For this you should select the popular topics of writing. What you are writing about it should be taken sincerely. After reading your articles or books if someone search for your next book, then it should be take a decision that writing is good for such class of reader. Classify your reader. In marketing context this is called segmentation. Whom for you writing? This segmentation depends on different factors. These are age, geography, education, profession. The book can make enjoy childrens that never appropriate for old aged. Same writings can never be same acceptance in china and india, because of cultural difference. Life style of Latin American people is not same as North American people. So before writing something segment your readers for whom you are planning to write. Literature should be in easier language but if you want to write some medical book it must be medical termed language.


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