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Great Fantasy Books with Dragons

Updated on September 9, 2014

The best fantasy books with dragons

You would think that fantasy books with dragons are easy to spot, wouldn't you ? But in the sea of fantasy books, it's not always clear if there are dragons in them as well. And to find good fantasy books where dragons play an important role is a different matter. Since J.R.R Tolkien wrote the Hobbit with the notorious dragon Smaug in it, many books have seen the daylight. But some dragon books are more original than others.

Of course all depends on personal taste, but in this review, I present to you great fantasy books with dragons. Dragon books that are not to be missed. Some are old dragon books, and some are printed in 2013-14. Today, dragons are more popular then ever before. Why ? That's what we are going to find out. Follow me through the dragon hole into the land of the best fiction and fantasy.

the dragon Smaug
the dragon Smaug

The dragon smaug

the most famous dragon in fantasy world.

The dragon Smaug is probably the most famous dragon in the land of the fantasy books. He will probably be even more famous after the movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" will be released in the end of 2012. Although the dragon Smaug will only present himself in the end of the book, I'll bet Peter Jackson shows us a bit in the first movie. With Benedict Cumberbatch doing all the voice work for Smaug.

Although the movie will probably be great. The book "The Hobbit" is a fantasy novel on it's own. It's something you have to own. hardcover if possible. I own three copies, a Dutch, English and a Spanish one. And use them to learn Spanish. Knowing the book by heart, I more or less can figure out the unknown Spanish words.

It's a great read, and if you want a fantasy book with a dragon in it. Here you have one. A dragon with character...

Earth Sea - Ged the dragonlord and Archmage.

a great dragon fantasy book by Ursula Le Guin

Ursula La Guin is a top fantasy writer and won many awards. The Earth Sea Quartet is probably her most well known fantasy novel. Or do I have to say novels ... You can read the book separate, but if you start with the first one A Wizard of Earthsea (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 1), you want to read them all. The novel has been translated in lots of languages and became an international bestseller.

The first book starts of with the introduction of our hero Ged. A simple shapperd from the Isle of Gont. Ged has more power then his local master can muster and he is sent to the magicians school in the Island of Roke. Here he encounters friends and fiends, including his inner self.

What I love about the book is the fact that it has a huge map. And you can follow the voyages of the dragon slayer Ged with his boat when he follows his quest.

And yes he does encounter a dragon. A smart dragon who detects a lie and can't be faced eye to eye. The dragon described in the fantasy book by Urslula le Guin is a classic cunning and intelligent creature. He is a respectful and powerful enemy.

Come not between the dragon and his wrath.

~ Shakespeare, King Lear

The Magician - Raimon E. Feist

The orphan and the dragon

The Magician is another best seller. Raymond E. Feist started his epic fantasy books with The Magician. Here Feist describes the Kingdom of Isles. Pug an orphan is apprenticed to become a master magician. At the Kingdom of Isles suddenly the peace and tranquillity is destroyed as mysterious alien invaders swarm through the land. Pug and his warrior friend Tomas are swept up into the conflict. And an epic story is born. During Pug's travels he discovers his true powers and indeed meets a mysterious dragon.

The Magician is a book full of fast moving action and a vivid imagination. A must for all fantasy lovers.

And like the fantasy novel of Ursula Le Guin, The Magician has a great map in front of the book as well.

Dragon lore - how to train a dragon ?

In the year of the dragon you have to prepare yourself. Find a guide about dragons, a book about dragonology. fantasy books with dragons. And all other dragon lore.

Eragon : Inheritance Cycle - Epic Fantasy books with dragons

Eragon, After the success of the movie and the great RPG it hardly needs an introduction for the true fantasy lovers.

And it all starts of with a dragon egg. The farmers boy Eragon finds a mysterious stone in the mountain, which happens to be a dragon egg. The dragon that hatches out of the egg is creating a special bond with the boy Eragon and is named Saphira.

Eragon and his dragon Saphira have to flee from there home town when the King sends his men to find and capture him. This sets the hole story in motion. Eragon becomes a dragon rider and travels through the country and becomes involved with elves, dwarves and quests.

The Dragonriders of Pern - great fantasy books with dragons

You want to read about dragons. Here it is. The Dranriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey is a great fantasy novel. it got a 4.5 stars from 208 votes on amazon!!! The dragon book of McCaffrey is a classic and she is one of the great science fiction writers in the genre. The stories are told in detail and full of imagination. As a reader you are taken away in the world of the dragon riders.

Pern is a planet colonized by humans. When the humans first colonized the world, they did not take into account the sister planet, which had an indigenous life form....

The silver "Threads" fell in a destructive pattern on the planet Pern every 200 years. Destroying all life. To fight this menace, the inhabitants of Pern created a species of dragon that could burn these "Threads". Now after 200 years disaster is to strike once again.

The books by Anne McCaffrey are a mixture between sci-fi and fantasy. They are a great read for young and adult. The Dragonriders of Pern are definitely worthwhile reading and do urn the name "a great fantasy book with dragons in it" with proud

Dragon Keeper - (Rain Wilds Chronicles, Vol. 1)

Imagine the world of the Liveships Traders and travel along the Rain Wild River in this stand alone adventure from the author of the great Farseer trilogy. Guided by the great blue dragon Tintaglia, they came from the sea: a Tangle of snakes fighting their way up the Rain Wilds River, the first to make the perilous journey to the cocooning grounds in generations. Many have died along the way. With its acid waters and impenetrable forest, it is a hard place for any to survive....

Robin Hobb is a great fantasy writer and won several awards. She lives in Tacoma, Washington where is writes her fantasy stories.Robin Hobb is well known as the author of the Farseer Trilogy (Assassin's Apprentice, Royal Assassin and Assassin's Quest.) and has recently finished the Rain Wilds Chronicles. published as Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven. Although the other two parts still have to be published. (The will be named : City of Dragons with Blood of Dragons. And can be expected in 2013

Hobb wrote brilliant fantasy novels and is one of the prominent new fantasy authors.

A Song of Ice and Fire

R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones

The book "A Song of Ice and Fire" by R.R. Martin has become a huge bestseller. And it's worthy to be one. A Song of Ice and Fire, starting with A Game of Thrones is compared by J.R.R. Tolkien's epos The Lord of the Rings. The book is indeed full of rich details and carachters who are discribed in depth. Characters with different personalities.

The book is set in a fictional country full of medieval knights and chivalry. Intrigue,honor, love and hate, all come to pass and makes A Song of Ice and Fire a page turner.

Although the first book Game of Thrones does not contain many dragons, it will get an important part in the books to come. The series Game of Thornes are broadcasted by HBO at the moment and the actors are true characters and well worthy there roles.

Dragon Age: Asunder

The book based upon the Dragon Age - origins game

Go back to the dark mystery fantasy world based upon the triple platinum game, Dragon Age Origins.

A misterious killer snoops around in the halls of White Spire, the heart of the templars power base in the great Empire of Orlesian. To prove his innocence, Rhys has to go on a journey into the western wastelands to find what's behind the game that's played. He discovers many things that may change the future of his fellow mages forever.

A Dance with Dragons.

A song of Ice and Fire.
A song of Ice and Fire. | Source

Game of Thrones - knights and dragons

Game of thrones series 1 start to unfold the powers that are fighting for the throne. By fair means or foul. The role of dragons is small but with season 2 coming it becomes more important. The dragons are a part of the plot of the first series Game of Thrones. It's a great book and the series are not cheaply made.

Although the series are great, the books which are slightly different are turn pagers.

4 1/2 stars out of 459 revies !!!!

Game of Thrones behind the scene

What's your favourite dragon book ?

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