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Green Arrow: Emerald Archer

Updated on September 30, 2015

Oliver Queen

Green Arrow is the man they call Oliver Queen, another billionaire that becomes a hero through a tragedy. Originally created as kind of a Batman resembling character that grew into much more. Being that his Green Arrow persona has no super powers, except for being an excellent marksman with a bow and arrow and did I mention rich which allows him to invent numerous arrows. He is a comic book Robin Hood that has been portrayed in CW's Smallville and now Arrow. I just seen Arrow the other day (premier date), I wanted to see if anyone feels the same way I do about it. My opinions about it are below and more on another page that you can find below. Also, including a bunch of cool Green Arrow Stuff/facts.

The Green Arrow

Green Arrow has the money to get around but he mainly protects Star City. With his arsenal of different types of arrows like the comical boxing glove arrow and many more gadgets. He acts like a Robin Hood Stealing back things that were stolen from others and also protecting people from harms way such as muggers and other criminal organizations. Also, becoming a prominent member of the Justice League.

Green Arrow's early sidekick was Speedy this was when the green arrow character resembled Batman (Speedy being like Robin). The archer also teamed up with Black Canary a few times and eventually gets married to her. The Hero that Green Arrow teamed up with that got him more popularity was when joining Green Lantern. Most of the time Green Arrow works solo though and thats the way he likes it, usually. In the picture to the right Green Arrow kills Prometheus.

Emerald Archer

New 52 Green Arrow

He actually looks a lot like a Batman sidekick with his new look. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

Green Arrow and Green Lantern

Picture by James Lee Stone

A obvious pair that they would use together. But, not just because they are both green. These are some of my favorite Green Arrow comics any time these two are together, its usually funny and awesome to see them fight sometimes. Their counter personalities really make a great comic book to read.

Red Arrow AKA Speedy AKA Arsenal - Roy Harper

He is Green Arrow's sidekick until he becomes apart of Teen Titans as Arsenal. Mia Dearden is the second Speedy. Mia is actually portrayed in the Smallville TV series for a short time.

Green Arrow on CW

Alright so when I first heard they were going to do a TV show of Green Arrow I thought alright cool hope it's good. With the Green Arrow in Smallville it was depicted fairly accurate in the origins. In this Arrow show it really isn't any good with the background story. They veered way to off base, now I see why they didn't call it Green Arrow. I understand that they wanted to do something different then tell the same story than what they did in Smallville. It just reeked of inaccuracies that it makes you not want to watch anymore, especially if you like the original story. The uniform (plus Bow) in Arrow is better than in Smallville though. It is a good show that can stand alone, it looks like they are going to really play on that drama and suspense type stuff like all these shows do. More opinions and polls on my Green Arrow: Smallville vs Arrow lens.

Archer Poll

Which Green Arrow do you prefer?

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Arrow's Character Digg

A lot of people have been searching Digg. Asking who he is. Since I haven't kept up with the show after the premier I looked it up. This character is what I've derived from what the character does, is basically a alfred/robin/damsel in distress. He is just a character to play off of, interact with Oliver. A essential character for a tv series I suppose. He is not a character from the comics I don't believe, never found anything to say otherwise. If you think otherwise or have your own opinions on this character let me know in the comments.

Arrow Trailer and More Green Arrow Vids

What if Green Arrow wasn't green at all?

What if he was blue, teal, red, orange, purple, black, pink, white, brown, or any other color you could think of. His sidekick is red so thats out (kinda), but I think he might have done pretty well if he wasn't green. Do you think he would have been more popular if they didn't choose to pick green or indifferent? If he did have a different color he would have to change his name since he can't use "Green" in his name if he's not, right. So maybe something like Blue Arrow or Purple Arrow, What would you change his name to be after changing the color? Let me know in the comments, especially if you come up with a more imaginative one than I came up with.

What color would you want Green Arrow to be?

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Green Arrow

This really shows what you could do to make a green arrow costume showing his different costume designs.

Archer Poll - Green Arrow or Hawkeye?

Who is your favorite Archer?

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Did you hit your target.

Want more Green Arrow stuff visit the Comics Collectionary. From comics to collectibles find what you need on this archer by clicking the image.

How to Shoot a Bow&Arrow on YouTube


No Green Arrow costumes but here are some Robin Hood costumes that might suffice.

Did you watch the premiere? - What did you think of it?

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    • profile image

      emdinesh 5 years ago

      ARROW Episode 10. File size: 339.37MB Easy Download

    • ShadowSphereOT profile image

      Gabriel 5 years ago from U.S.

      @anonymous: Thanks for the great comment Nur. That's awesome that you took up archery, I actually would of liked to learn how to be proficient with a bow and arrow myself. I am actually thinking about making an Archer Character page with all kinds of well known characters if you would like to put your input on some characters contact me by going to my squidoo main page.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Awesome. I'm a DC fan and a Marvel fan, but didn't follow all Smallvile seasons. I can understand how fans of Green Arrow detest the fact that the TV version differs from the comic source but at the same time, I understand the challenges of making an entire season of a superhero character work on network TV. My verdict, they did an awesome job to keep some viewers hooked. (BTW I'm such a fan of archer comic heroes that I actually took up archery and own a compound bow!)

    • ShadowSphereOT profile image

      Gabriel 5 years ago from U.S.

      @Projectlazy: If you thought Smallville was bad then you definitely won't like this Arrow show. What made you stop watching Smallville?

    • Projectlazy profile image

      Projectlazy 5 years ago

      No I lost faith after season 2 of smallville. So I didn't want to touch this

    • ShadowSphereOT profile image

      Gabriel 5 years ago from U.S.

      @WriterJanis2: Yeah, I thought it was dark too. Maybe a little to much for the character. If they keep it like that through out the series it will be more like a Batman series. Oliver is more livelier when he is Green Arrow usually, if that makes sense. Thanks for the comment and squid like.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      I did. It was pretty good, but also pretty dark.

    • FloridaDino profile image

      FloridaDino 5 years ago

      Promising, need to watch a few more yet...