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Green Arrow: Smallville vs Arrow

Updated on July 26, 2014

Look at these Queens, Ha Ha HA!

Oliver Queens that is. So lets get serious... oh wait that's Batman. No but seriously, lets get into the opinions of how these two are portrayed in each series. There are great differences in each story line some parts being more accurate than others. What do you like best from each? Which series portrayed Green Arrows comical side the best? Green Arrow isn't in my top favorite heroes especially since the Rich heroes are harder to identify with. More often than not this is the case with the other millionaires or now billionaires that roam the comic book pages.

Voice your opinions in the polls below or give a comment. Have an idea for a poll to add that will help find out who is the better Green Arrow? Let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to add it soon. Get your friends to vote share this on twitter or any other site you wish. The more votes the more we'll see which is the best.

Favorite Actor - Which do you think portrayed the character the best?

Favorite Actor

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Background Story

Is it important to stay true to the heroes background? Superheroes have their origin stories retold all the time but there should be some consistency in between. Here is the "Silver age storyline by writer/artist Jack Kirby, who established that prior to his vigilante career Oliver Queen had been a wealthy playboy. After accidentally falling off of his cruise ship he had been stranded on Starfish Island, where he learned to survive by any means necessary using a make-shift bow and arrows. He developed primitive Trick Arrows as advanced methods of hunting and foraging for food, then assembled a green suit for camouflage. Eventually a commercial freighter stopped by the island, and he swam out thinking they might rescue him. They were in the middle of a mutiny and he had to liberate the crew from dangerous pirates. Making a small mask to hide his face from sight, he took them all down using the skills he had developed. Now calling himself Green Arrow, he realized that he could use his abilities to serve society for the greater good and fight crime." (

In the CW series Arrow they get most of this right, I just don't remember ever hearing that he had a sister, both his parents die but in Arrow just the father. Maybe they were trying to keep the story from seeming too much like Batman, but that's what he was initially intended to be like in the first place. It looks like they are going to make his sister be his sidekick in Arrow, Smallville actually did this more accurately especially if they wanted Speedy to be a girl. Smallville put Mia Dearden which was the one to be the second Speedy after Roy Harper "Red Arrow".

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow
Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

for more experienced archers.


Green Arrow Origins

Every one of these videos will show you more about the emerald archer's origin and beginnings as the Green Arrow.


Arrow on Left and Smallville on Right

I do like both costumes overall but who doesn't want to nit pick at the details. Arrow's costume has the right material more so than Smallville I think if they had the costume look of Smallville but used the color and fabric of Arrow, it would be the perfect Green Arrow costume. Arrows Costume almost has too much of a robin hood feel to it. That it doesn't look too good. Another thing that's wrong with Arrows getup is the paint or camo paint that he uses for his eyes always looks like an inconvenience.

Costume Poll

Which costume do you like better?

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The Bow and Arrows

In Smallville Oliver's bow is more modern than Arrows. Although, in the comics it is a regular bow just like how the Oliver in Arrow has it. But, would a modern Green Arrow stay like that low-tech wise? Especially a Billionaire. In Smallville he made his bow on the island and was primitive till he got back home. What do you think?

Bow Poll

Which Bow do you like better?

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Tricks Up His. . . Bow? - One of the most comical aspects of green arrow were sometimes his trick arrows. Each Series had some form of them. Which were best?

Which Green Arrow Has The Best Trick Arrows?

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My Favorite Portrayal of Green Arrow

The Smallville's version I liked a whole lot more than Arrow's Green Arrow. Overall character and the actor who played him had that Oliver Queen mentality and look. Oliver on Arrow just didn't become the character like I had hoped to see.

Oliver Queen is supposed to have some comedic lines and just have a funny personality. Oliver's attempts in Arrow to be funny were just bad jokes that really were just sarcastic lines. Whereas in Smallville he'd crack all types of jokes you'd normally see in comics or the animated movies.

I do have to say in Arrow the sidekick Red Arrow is more impressive. They did touch upon it in Smallville but left it after one episode, while Green Arrow was still there.

Comments - Which is your favorite Green Arrow and why?

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