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Grief, You Are Like a Bulldog

Updated on December 23, 2011

Oh Grief, You Dog

by A.Gagliardi

Oh grief, you dog!

You nip at my heels,

Then slink away

To bite me in another way.

Your panting breath is on my ear.

Your hungry growl and painful bite

Is often more than I can bear.

You’re once in front; then out of sight.

Oh grief, you dog!

Your barking wakes me in the night.

It interrupts my sleep

And sits with me ‘til morning light.

You hound me day in and out

Until I’m ready to almost shout

Out my sorrow and pain.

Then you breathe upon my ear again.

You sit upon my chest and gnaw

At my guts until I’m raw.

I cannot hide this pain you give,

I can only be strong and continue to live.


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    • agaglia profile image

      agaglia 8 years ago

      This poem was written after I lost my brother in a truck accident. I had not ever felt this gut-wrenching pain before.