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A Gripping, Action-Adventure Thriller From Jersey

Updated on June 14, 2015

My Review of the Secret Assassin

A fast moving adventure set in a world of political assassins, corrupt policemen and innocent bystanders. This is a brand new novel from new indie author Eddie Kirkup. A man who is no stranger to a bit of tense action himself, ex-military and ready to have a go. Eddie received commendations for service to Queen and country during his military service but also made the papers in Norway when he took on a knife wielding burglar in the post office beneath his apartment. A bad day for the burglar when he tangled with Eddie, who managed to truss him up ready for the police to come and take him away.

There is then no surprise that Eddie has chosen to adopt the thriller-suspense genre for his books and has managed to create this action packed story of political assassination and criminal activities that are based in Jersey but spill over into France and then Cyprus, where the secret assassins plot a major coup against several heads of state. Their objective, to spark a nuclear World War 3.

It is a great read for lovers of action adventures that prefer to browse their books on an eReader and with the availability of Kindle applications that can be used on multiple eReading devices, you aren't limited to just a Kindle.

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Jersey's Secret Assassin

Jersey's Secret Assassin
Jersey's Secret Assassin
A fast moving, action packed suspense-thriller based in Jersey and Cyprus. Terrorists hatch a plan to start a nuclear 'World War 3'

"Sorry, mate, but it's true."

"It's true you're drunk."

"I was. Sober now... believe me."

Jersey's Secret Assassin Video Trailer - A fast moving action suspense thriller

Trying to get to the truth of how his brother died, Frank Armstrong finds himself embroiled in a world of police corruption, political assassinations and terrorism that threatens to ignite conflict at the highest level.

Frank Armstrong has been told his brother died in a tragic accident. But he knows that isn't true.

A Secret Assassin Novel


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Meet the Author

Eddie Kirkup has been an action hero himself, having once tackled a knife wielding burglar when he discovered him breaking into the post office below his flat in Norway. He overpowered the burglar, tied him up and called the police. That got him into the local papers as a bit of a reluctant hero. With a military background, Eddie is not the kind of guy that should be upset and this was one particular occasion the burglar found that out to his cost.

Despite this moment of fame, Eddie remains a modest man who actually prefers not to be in the limelight, typical of many writers who prefer not to blow their own trumpet and would rather sit quietly contemplating life and writing in a way that both entertains and informs. Eddie has certainly done that with his first book and here is hoping he will write more.

It is also clear that Eddie has drawn on his life's experiences and where he has lived to write his debut novel and personally I am very glad he did. It really is a good read, fast moving, interesting and well written. I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone that likes a good suspense thriller that is easy to read. But be prepared, you may not be able to put it down.

Eddie's Moment of Fame As An Action Hero

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The Assassin Finds His Target

His snores compete with the incessant buzz of the blank television screen. On the floor: fishing boots, beer cans, and bottles clutter around the sofa where he's flaked out. A willow-pattern plate and remnants of a generous fry-up lay amongst them. He sleeps, as someone unconscious, oblivious to the assassin who peers through the cottage window. Hawk-like eyes focus on the rifle magazine which is upright on top of the television set. Too easy, he thinks. Even the front door is open.

The Voice of the Tiger - A War Romance Set During the Time of the Malayan Emergency

A fictional story of forbidden love in the far off land of Malaya as it was known then. Vince Tanner believes he has both found and lost his true love, in a state of despair he gets lost in the rainforests of Malaya and discovers a whole new world of indigenous peoples.

Postscript of utmost importance

If you buy any of the books recommended above, this page automatically makes a donation to the incredible nonprofit, Donors Choose, which helps provide classrooms and students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.


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