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Books Online Headquarters

Updated on January 14, 2016

Books Online

Books Online - Plenty of information about books that are available online, that can be read or downloaded online. Books are still a very important means of communication.

Books also take different formats these days. The printed book is stilll very popular. Then there are audio books that don't need to be read anymore, but are told to you. With the new MP3 players they are quite easy to take along.

Amazon and others have developed very nice electronic tablets that allow users to take an entire library with them and read electronically - The E-Books!

Book Online

There are a number of Projects that show books

Books are important witnesses of the development of cultures, and due to the fact that people wrote down what was happening at the time, we know today how earlies societies worked and what their know-how was.

To preserve books was always the aim of scientists and others, this worked more or less well, sometimes valauble libraries gost lost due to incidents like war, persecution, or simply due to the fact that an entire society diesappeared...

Today there are a few projects underway that want to make books available more widely through the internet. They range from totally open source (Project gutenberg) to maybe more commercially oriented (Google Books).

Kindle E-Books - The Best Sellers

These are the best selling Kindle novels - Download them with just one Click:

How long will Paper Books Still Be Available?

The good old book - printed on paper and bound in solid leather or carton - How long will it still be here?

This is a question that must be asked, as more and more content is distributed only in digital form and consumed by us readers on tablets, eboo readers and even our cellphones....

My opinion is, that there will be printed books even in 200 or 300 years, but they will become more of a niche product. I guess it's like with the vinyl records: First they nearly disappeared and were replaced by CD, DVD and streaming music. But now a growing number of artists start to publish again on vinyl, because it makes them unique and they claim the sound is better.

The same applies to a degree to printed books too: holdign a book and being able to turn pages and get the feeling of the paper is special and will never be replicated by any electronic device!


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