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HACKERS Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy a Review

Updated on February 14, 2016

The computer revolution is still happening

Hackers Hero's of the computer revolution

Was a story about unique people thinking unique thoughts and living with passion no matter the consequences. In the early days there was no great money or status to be had with computational technology in the way of the personal computers. In fact the only computers that existed where as big as huge rooms and did far less computation that your graphing calculators.

Interview with Steven Levy On the book Hackers Heros of the computer revolution

Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution


Hacking is a frame of mind and the framing was done with persistent keypresses and imagination.

A dance of mathematics and logic defining structure.

Consider the possibilities and the potential of an open mind pushing ever forward with light speed.

Know the knower and they will do what it is that is yet to be imagined.

Interesting not knowing what you can't do and then doing those same things that should have never worked.

Now is the only time and now it was done.

Gone was the second before this one so get to it the future awates, and waits for no one.


In the minds and adventures of the crafts men and women wizards of electricity and logic.

Let this book show you an imagination.

May you Hack a new unexpected future with new and unexpected possibilities.

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