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A Short Story -The Handball Game

Updated on October 20, 2015

The battle has just begun with me and Robertson fighting for the grand title of champion. Tension has risen. My hands started to feel the sudden pressure as I clutched the ball. A stream of sweat was running on my forehead. It has been a neck to neck match between us. Everyone was waiting for me to see my serve. Robertson looked at me with those firing eyes. Boy, he was ready to bring it on.

I hit the ball on the ground as I flick my wrist. The ball made an angle towards Robertson. He makes a hit and what a hit it was. The ball flew into the air like a pilot plane, zooming up. My arm was ready to take the plunge. The ball began to land down on the ground with super speed. I hit the ball with full force. Fantastic shot! The best I ever done until Robertson called out, "That was a full, you idiot!"

"No it wasn't. I hit the ball on the line", I told him.

"Oh yeah right", He rolled his flaming eyes.

"C'mon man, you even saw that shot. It was on the line. Even look at it yourself."

"Well, most of your shots are pretty weak. You can't handle that. I am right and you're wrong." I hate it when he gets all agro on me for one shot.

"Dude, get over it," I argued. "Just because you can't even see things with your two eyes, doesn't mean to have to insult me."

"Whatever man. Anyway, this handball game is pretty unless. I'm going."

What a chicken! Robertson is such a weak person sometimes. He can't even hold one thing without making any sense. Anyway, so our handball competition came to nothing and I didn't even get my $10 dollars back. That darn bet shouldn't have been made! I hated that.

Robertson and I (his real name is Adam but I just annoy him by saying his last name) have been like two countries fighting in a war. Cold, deadly and an on going conflict. We had been competing in handball with each other ever since year 5. He is good, people know that but inside, I can tell that he is weak. So what if I am a bit too arrogant towards him?

"Mark", Andrew Histon whispered in Science class. "This is a note from Adam."

Every body was copying notes from the broad about Atoms and stuff. I looked at the torn little piece of paper. I took it from Andrew and turned around to see Robertson giving me a smirk with those fiery eyes. The note wrote ‘YOU AND ME. AT THE COURTS DURING LUNCH. BE THERE.' "Oh great," I thought. "He wants bloody revenge on me. It is all about the handball for him".

When lunch time came, everybody in my class knew what was going on up in the courts.

"Gees, this will be interesting," I thought. As I started walking up to the Courts, I saw Adam with his green tennis ball in his hand. A bunch of guys were standing on the side line while another bunch, clawed their hands on the court fence. They look like prisoners who wanted to get out.

"Mark, I have been expecting you," Robertson said stupidly.

"Yeah Yeah. So are we going to play or what?" I asked, annoyed.

"Sure. If ...we make this more interesting."

"What?" Clearly, I hate it when he has to stir things to make it more ‘interesting'.

"I have a bet that if I win, you have to run around the whole entire field with only your boxers on." He looked at me with a smile on.

I looked at him thinking that he was crazy. "What happens if I win then?"

"Then I have to do the same thing." I had a moment to think about Robertson with his undies on. The humiliation on his face would be priceless.

"Fine. Deal" I gave him my hand.

He shook it. "I hope you have clean underwear tomorrow," Robertson cheekily smiled.

The fight of the handball bet began with Robertson throwing the ball up in the air. I took a swing and hit with force. It was a close battle between Robertson and me. Everybody was impressed by our skills. Even some of the teachers were watching but none of them knew about the bet. At almost the final game, it was one all between us.

"This is your last Mark. Soon you will be facing your humiliation", Adam said as he pointed at the ball in his hand.

"Bring it on!" I called.

Robertson plunged the tennis ball up in the air. I took my massive swing and gave it my all. I looked at the ball flying. As it landed, Robertson ran down and tried to use his ‘low cut shot' but instead, he actually fell over on a small rock and well... he did show us something that was hidden - His pink teddy bear boxers!

Everybody started giggling and pointing at Robertson. I was a bit glad that wasn't me.

Robertson looked like a tomato while he tried to cover his underwear and get his tennis ball.

"Hey Robertson, don't try to make another bet with me when it is involves showing your hidden secrets" I laughed. At least I got my victory.


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    • Lowell's Notes profile image

      Lowell's Notes 7 years ago

      Great story! Made me smile. :)

    • efa_09 profile image

      efa_09 8 years ago from United Kingdom

      A short story in indeed!! Well narrated.

    • marcofratelli profile image

      marcofratelli 8 years ago from Australia

      Nice - there were fierce handball competitions going on at recess and lunch back in my school days. People take it very seriously! (With a real tennis ball, not a console game)

    • amjadbhatti profile image

      amjadbhatti 8 years ago


    • profile image

      myscores 8 years ago

      What a story....

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Nice story and it reminds me of one I just may have to TRY to write...loved the'teddy bear underwear'...good job my dear///G-Ma :O) Hugs & Peace (drinking wine now)  seems writers have to be drinking something...hey?