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Hans Holzer Pioneering Paranormal Investigator

Updated on April 26, 2012

Dr. Hans Holzer Pioneer Ghost Investigator

This article sings about a tremendous pioneering paranormal investigator who gos by the name Hans Holzer. A mighty book author on mostly ghosts and his investigation into the spooks. Over 140 published books. enough for you to read and have a whole book shelf devoted to Holzer if you wanted. I will try to do my best to write about this prolific typer and reorganize the article whenever the need arises. Every day I will add to this lens and watch it grow.

Photograph of Han Holzer

Hans Holzer
Hans Holzer


A bit after the Thanksgiving Holidays on a chilly snow flaked night I found myself sifting through the book shop and there caught a glimpse of books that were published and sitting all clean and brand new on a book store book shelf in late November 2001 and so I shoved off a book and spent the crispy papery money...

Photo WInter

Snowy Night

My First Hans Holzer Book

The book was amply titled "Life Beyond : Compelling Evidence for Past Lives and Existence After Death" penned by Author Hans Holzer. Material was pulled from previous books he had written being "Life Beyond Life" and "Beyond This Life". prompting me to seek out these previous parchments to eye material left out. I was very interested in this subject and decided I wanted to know more. And so I purchased more of his books and a wonderful pile still growing today. Prolific and a writer of brilliance.

Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria


Vienna, Austria 1920 26th of January winter hans Holzer was born into this globe. And luckily from the beginning he inherited an uncle by name of Henry, a well scholored fello on fairies, spirits and the supernatural, especially of the home town and was to teach with influence to young Hans these wonderful stories.

Wise Owl
Wise Owl

Early Schooling

In the early years in school little Hans only a kid himself would magnetize other children to gather around him as he read from an expired streetcar pass of his father's pretending it was a ghost book, the kids would go home frightened of the stories as their parents grew with concern and told the teacher to halt the apologue.

University Library Vienna
University Library Vienna


As he got older Holzer attended University of Vienna to learn archaeology and ancient history. There was a teacher there who was an author so Hans went about reading the said teachers books, even asking questions about the written material in class. Holzer was good at reading people thinking perhaps that the teacher, because of his bit of grumpiness may have been so in such a way for reasons he wanted to write rather than teach. Always a thinker Hans was, as well as an adventurous seeker.

New York and Columbia University

In the year of 1938 He left for New York leaving behind Austria as it was being threatened at its borders by warring Germany. School by name of Columbia University settling in New York is the next educated step he walked into and studied journalism and Japanese language for the subsequent 3 years.

:: Post Card is Aerial View, Columbia University credited to Fairchild A. C. Corp ::

Amazon Book Store

My first Hans Holzer book ever boughten

Poll question about ghost hunting

Do you ghost hunt?

See results

Interview with Hans Holzer on an internet radio station

I heard this when it came out and listened to it on my mp3 player while I janitored and cleaned a huge mechanic and vehicle sales shop, the biggest one in Fargo ND . Many nights alone past midnight I listened to things like this cleaning and driving floor scrubbers.

Text with BIG Picture

Text with BIG Picture

Book Picture of ESP, Witches, and UFO's by Hans Holzer

Book Picture of ESP, Witches, and UFO's by Hans Holzer
Book Picture of ESP, Witches, and UFO's by Hans Holzer


In Search Of... - Ghosts :: part 1

Video of TV Show Hans Holzer once Produced.

In Search of... - Ghosts :: part 2

Video of TV Show Hans Holzer once Produced.

In Search Of... - Ghosts :: part 3

Video of TV Show Hans Holzer once Produced.

hans holzer

hans holzer

Author Hans Holzer - Book

The Lively Ghosts of Ireland



hans holzer

hans holzer

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    • troybreimon lm profile imageAUTHOR

      troybreimon lm 

      6 years ago

      @wheresthekarma: thank you again Karma. I think that is real sweet you ghost hunt, awesome :). hobby of mine too :)

    • wheresthekarma profile image


      6 years ago

      Another interesting lens. I have to book mark this one and come back and read the whole thing. I do ghost hunting as a hobby. :)

    • wheresthekarma profile image


      6 years ago

      Another interesting lens. I have to book mark this one and come back and read the whole thing. I do ghost hunting as a hobby. :)


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