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Synchronicity, Doreen Virtue and You

Updated on February 8, 2011

Do you have a curious inclination? Perhaps that is what brought you to this page. Or maybe it is just synchronicity--incidentally the title of one of Police's early albums. Synchronicity refers to a coincidental event or serendipity. You run into a friend that you haven't seen in twenty years, but you were just thinking about him or her that morning, or you were wrestling with a problem and the answer arrives in an uncanny manner.

Who knows? Perhaps something out of the blue might happen to you--like it did to me. While searching for a sports card of Rocky Colavito on the web, I accidentally came upon the name of Doreen Virtue. Whoever has a name like that? It must be contrived, I was thinking. I decided to investigate. Why, I didn't know for sure. That was when I stumbled upon the Hay House website. And there was Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.!


Now two years later, though I never purchased Colavito's card, I did go on to buy and read (twice) The Lightworker's Way , and several other books by Doreen. I have even been invited since to teach a community college class on angels (what Doreen's books are about). Synchronicity?

And what does Hay House have to do with me and you, you might ask? If you haven't visited this website, you are in for a unique experience. There you will find a smorgasboard of mind-expanding (mind-blowing?) authors such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Browne,Caroline Myss, John Holland, Sonia Choquette and Cheryl Richardson, among distinguished others, that will undoubtedly address a personal concern or question of yours. (And this is just a fraction of the authors as new individuals appear throughout the year--such as Colette Baron-Reid,Michael Neill,Sandra Anne Taylor, or Denise Linn.)

Besides the availability of books, each week a daily schedule of one-hour programs is presented live on the radio (your computer), organized by the producer, Summer McStravick (who also has her own show on FlowDreaming). If you cannot listen at a given hour, a huge archive of over 4,000 shows of various authors has been created and are cataloged and available on demand.

Since the day I first visited, Hay House Radio: Radio for the Soul has evolved and gotten only better. Now, in addition to great programming, you wil find opportunities to listen and/or view on-demand events, take courses,attend periodical conferences (upcoming: I Can Do It! Conferences such as April 30-May 3 in San Diego), or go on cruises with your favorite authors. Does it get much better than that! I don't think so.

               Louise Hay

The lady behind this caring, humane organization is Louise Hay, a woman who turned her life around at a young age and later wrote the book You Can Heal Your Life -- which significantly influenced the lives of many others. Now the help she offers has multiplied through the founding of Hay House Publishers and HayHouseRadio.Com. Just recently an inspiring movie of her life and her beliefs was released with the same title You Can Heal Your Life. I recommend this to everyone.

So, whether you are looking for some life coaching, want to know more about the other dimensions or angels, how to attract abundance, or just need some reassurance or good, old-fashioned inspiration, Hay House Radio is the place to start. But be careful, you may be quickly overwhelmed,in a nice way, by what you see and hear.

You may also access Hay House Publishers and Hay House Radio through the website


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for opening my mind a little more! I'll check out Hay House and Doreen Virtue!

    • DarleneMarie profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      Very interesting Hub.  Synchronicity has happened to me many times in my life.  I have read Louise's book and quite a few of Dr Wayne Dyer's books, thoroughly enjoying each of them.  I have never heard of Doreen Virtue; however, you have piqued my interest.


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