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Last decision, yet to be taken...

Updated on October 25, 2016

The heat of the day,

has now been over,

the evening has silently,

swallowed up the fire.

the night has kissed the earth,

wearing it's shining cloths,

at this amazing moment,

why are you so silent,

sing something,

you, the flower of moonlight,

please smile for a moment.

Blue water of the lake,

appears in such a way,

a beauty spreading out it's arms,

and the sky seems that,

the blue eyes filled water of life,

the moon looks like a lotus,

that has been fully blossomed,

Let the magic of the nature,

be enlightened whole the night.

See, the naughty wind of April blowing,

bind up your uncontrolled long hair,

leave all the sadness,

you have collected in your heart,

put a cute star on you forehead,

just for a moment,

let our love be reached,

to it's highest peak.

Apart from all the sadness and

separation, let both of us,

be merged with the entire nature.


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