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Updated on April 10, 2020

For generations, my family has the burden to curse because we all disgraced the gods. Well, just our ancestors and now Athena and some others believe it's time to lift the curse. While Zeus believes to keep it like that. My mother and father took a visit to the gods, with a pendent they have to switch and transport there. Not my type of transportation. The only thing that's the problem is that I have to wait until get back with my annoying older brother. Zeke, He has black curly hair the left, light-skinned, about 5’9, a super athlete, green eyes, and a scar to his left ear that I made. He totally deserved it. He’s just a senior and I’m only an eighth-grader. Honestly, I’m glad that I have a long way to go from being in high school. To me, it sounds like another job but way worse. But also knowing that I’m eighth-grader in like 14 years it went by so fast. To this day it's almost been a week since I saw my parents. I was stuck in my room for the most part of my day since I refused to really put much work into a history project. Zeke came in hold a controller in his right hand and the door handle on the other.
“Hey, want food?” He asked
“Umm, what are you getting?” I pushed my computer back.
“Uhh, pizza? Maybe some Chinese food?” Then I realized he had his headphone on his neck
“To be honest, I really don't care what you get, as long as it, not smelly food you get.” I sneered.
“It's not that bad if you try it,” He shrugged. “I get it it’s smelly but-”
“So why eat it?” I argued.
“Chinese food it is.” Then he closed the door.
I sighed and climbed out of bed, towards downstairs. Once I got down I see my brother playing call of duty, exclaiming about his kills and his deaths. I ignored him and walked to my left to get something to grab and go back to my room. Unfortunately, there was nothing. The kitchen was on the right of the room while the small dining room was to the left next to it was a door that leads downstairs. I went through to find my uncle’s drinking and playing cards. I silently went down trying not to get my uncle to see me, but the floorboards creaked and my uncle looked my way.
“Lizzy!” he exclaimed raising his cards in the air.
“Good late afternoon uncle.” I walked to the table next to my uncle.
“Lizzy, tell this moron he’s never going to win against-”
“Lizzy?” someone called from upstairs, Zeke. oh, am I grateful that he’s here.
“Yeah?” I shouted and ran to the stairs
“Lizzy,” I looked at my uncle. “Since you aren’t busy we can play cards with my brothers.” he smiled, he has grey hair and a peach fuzz brown-grey beard.
“Lizzy! Come here now!” Zeke yelled.
I hesitated a lot and touched the pole to the stairs, my uncle smirked and I let go of the pole and quickly got up the stairs. I saw my brother at the top glaring at me once I reached the top my brother shut the door and I could hear my uncle and his brothers laughing at me. I shifted to my right uncomfortably.
“What were you thinking!” he yelled and grabbed my arm to the living room.
“I don't know, I just wanted to eat something.” I yanked my arm back.
The dices. I and my brother have one dice for one of us. Mine is red and he’s is blue. Red is obviously bad and blue is good. Instead of his shaking, mine did to hold it from anybody getting it I made it as a necklace but the problem is whenever it tries to shake it explodes and destroys everything!
“Zeke! The dice!” I cried.
Zeke pushed me away and ripped the necklace away from me and threw it on the floor. The dice fell and started swinging itself around the living room. I scream and I saw a glimpse of Zeke heading to the kitchen. Whenever this happens I have no idea what to do so I fall to my knees and put my hands over my head and keep screaming for Zeke.
Then finally I feel Zeke grabbing my arm and shoved a pan to my chest.
“Cover your head with this!” I grabbed it and cover my left side. “This is gonna hurt!” he grabbed my arm and ran upstairs hoping it won’t follow us up. But it did, Zeke kept running until we made it to my room, during the journey there I kept stumbling while Zeke kept telling me to hurry, then I removed the pan from my face and the dice flew so close to my eyes that I almost fell down but Zeke pulled me up and I quickly put the pan in front of face trusting Zeke. we made to my room and Zeke slammed the door and luckily the dice it outside ragging to get inside. We stepped back to the corner of my room, Zeke in front of me with his pan ready at any command.
“Zeke?” I whispered.
“Shhhhh.” He put his finger on his lips and I stayed quiet.
We stayed there for a few minutes and the dice finally calmed down. We waited a bit more and Zeke carefully walked to the door and opened it slightly and the dice immediately flew inside and towards my eye. It slammed into my eye like a football, I screamed in agony and flung my hands on my eye. The dice fell on the floor and I could barely see the dice with my eye I didn’t even try to look at it I was in so much pain.
“Six,” Zeke said uncomfortably and passed me my dice.
“What?” I looked around all the sides. It's all six. This isn’t good “Zeke, mom, and dad!” I looked at him and he looked for his dice and his dice doesn’t do much damage it shakes in one place. He ripped it from his neck and laid it on his hand. We waited for it to stop moving and saw it. Six all sides.
“Zeke,” my voice shifted a bit. “What’s happening?”
Zeke stared at the dice, looked at me.
“Pack your stuff.”
“What!” I stepped back.
“Lizzy, mom, and dad haven’t come back for a long time. They are possibly in trouble. If it's true they probably were the price.”
“Don't say that!” I yelled and my eyes turned blurry. “It's not true.”
“You don’t know that Lizzy.” he put his hand on my shoulder. “They saved us, Lizzy. Now it's our turn.” he gave me the tiniest grin and rush to his room. “Pack Lizzy!”
I didn’t hesitate I grabbed my bag from the opposite wall I was facing and rushed to back anything under my bed. I found the picture when all of us went to the Eiffel tower, another of Zeke’s first tattoo a similar image of dad’s car plate. Zeke always loved that car it was small and affordable. That what Zeke loved about it. And for some reason an acorn under my bed? Weird. Another picture of my dad when he was a pilot, he smiled with his hand on his plane B.E.A-73.
I got back up with my bag full of clothes, medicine, and some other things we might need. Then on my desk, I found a pack of six macaroons. I hesitated to grab it but looked out and left.


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