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"Dear Diary, ..."

Updated on January 20, 2014
Everyone has a story. What's your's?
Everyone has a story. What's your's? | Source

The Script

(beginning or middle of story)

2011, Sept. 3

Dear Diary, It is the start of my sophomore year, and it feels nice to be able to write in it again after all that has happened since last year. I am hoping today will be a new day, and a new beginning for me. I hope I can finally achieve what I had my mind set on for some years now. I believe I am stronger now, and not even the divorce will stop me from trying my best, even though my parents admitted it was all my fault. I just hope someday John will understand and forgive me from making the choice to divorce him because I believed I should be able to live out my life before I make that serious commitment.

2011, Sept. 30

Dear Diary, I am sorry it has been a long time, but I have the best news! I got asked to homecoming! I know it is a little early to be asked, but maybe I will be able to get my mind off things, especially since the whole divorce thing. Maybe he could replace all these bad memories of relationships I've had with some better ones, that is, if we continue to talk after the dance. I am sure about this one though. He seems to be a whole lot nicer than John. That jerk. I am already going dress shopping next weekend with mom. I can't wait to see what his reaction is! Oh! By the way, his name is Kevin.

2011, Oct. 16

Dear Diary, I have been so busy with school I find it so hard to find time to vent to you when I am in need of assistance. Well to catch up on what happened so far, I guess you could say I may have met the love of my life! We hit it off so perfectly at the dance the other night, and he treated me like a princess! It was like I have always dreamed of being treated. He even got us both promise rings so that we would commit to this relationship forever. This has been the best weekend of my life!

2011, Oct. 31

Dear Diary, On my day off I chose to make time for us because I want to be able to vent to you more often, or else we both know what could happen to me if we become distant for far too long. I mean just look at what happened last year! Oh my god! I almost can't believe I did that! But anyways, my relationship is steady, and now I am ready to go trick-or-treating for my last time probably because I feel I am too old for this kiddish stuff. Oh! AND P.S. ...I might be pregnant!

2011, Nov. 7

Dear Diary, Well I got tested! And fortunately, I did not get any STDs, but unfortunately, I am now pregnant. I honestly can't even recall having sex. I mean we were flirting that one night, but it was all to hazy to remember, which is funny because I don't remember drinking at all. Which is also funny because I could remember only having one drink, and that was the one Kevin gave me. He told me it was just diet coke, but now that I think about it, it didn't taste like diet coke at all. It actually tested more like rubbing alcohol. Which is why I also asked him about the taste, and he just told me it was the stench coming from his jacket, but I KNEW IT WAS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE! THAT LYING SCREWDRIVER! I AM SO GOING TO SMASH HIS FACE INTO THE WALL WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!


2011, Dec. 13 (Friday the 13th)

Dear Diary, I am so glad to get back to you because this has been the most intense month span I have had from you since last year! So I got a new group of friends, and one of them was helpful enough to get me so abortion pills, but she had to get me 3 packs because I puked up the first ones because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it, but then I had her get me a 2nd pack, but then I started feeling hormonal, and got kind of depressed, and attempted to O.D. on them. Luckily, my friend Emily was there with me, or else I would have been dead by now. I had her get the 3rd pack because since I needed my stomach to get pumped due to the O.D., I was unable to complete my goal, so I finally was able to abort the baby with the 3rd pack of pills. I finally got rid of that scoundrel Kevin, because I finally decided to better myself by getting rid of any nuance in my life. So far, I have felt so much better without him in my life. It was causing me so much stress, but he had it coming, especially after he raped me. He tried using the "consensual" card on me. Yeah because I would definitely be the girl saying, "There is a party in my pants if you wanna get up in them!" HA. HA. NO! Well it is almost Christmas break and I can't wait to open up my presents because I have a feeling I am going to get a puppy. I hope it is a husky because I have always wanted one.

2011, Dec. 25 (Christmas)

Dear Diary, Good Morning! It's now Christmas, and the best part is that I did get a puppy. I got a husky and his name is Charlie! It's unfortunate that I couldn't see my dad today because he had to work, but at least I get to spend it with my mom and her side of the family. Well I guess I should admit that I have become to vulnerable to guys due to the recent deaths in the family, not including the one that happened last year. And we both know why I won't discuss that scene anymore. Plus I also received some relatively unexpected news, I am still pregnant because apparently, Emily switched the last pack of pills with Advil. So technically, I might have to keep the baby now because I will start to show soon. The news gets even worse. The doctor said I might be having twins...

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Meet The Author.

Dune. A high school senior, looking to become a film director and someday become a screenwriter.
Dune. A high school senior, looking to become a film director and someday become a screenwriter. | Source

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