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Updated on January 19, 2010


Heyy all.. This is my first time writing about a few humorous incidents of my life, for that its my first time writing anything!!. I hope it goes ok (well..if it doesnt it will be yet another comedy huh? :P) and i sincerely hope that all of you would enjoy this. Whatever i describe in the following parts are true and have happened in my life, however odd it may sound (trust me...some of em are gonna !!!!!). To all those people appearing in the incidents, "Any resemblance to people living or dead is not at all coincidential." :D :D. Since i cant write all at once, im gonna keep this hub updated every now and then ( what do???? It jus keeps on coming!!!!). So last, i dedicate this to all the people who became a part of this, without whom this wouldn't have happened ,to my friends Vimek and Kiran who actually gave me the idea to do this (and who were a part of most of the incidents :D!!!!!) and to my cuzn Paru and to my aniyathikuti Lachuz (yea yea...both f u r gonna buy me sumthin 4 tat :P ) and finally to the two dearest things , Ammus n Diya (sorry for the long list of dedications :P). So here we go!!!!!


I do PC servicing as a part time job. So in the course of time i have been used to seeing all kinda weird people. One fine day i got a call from a studio saying that they were having problems with their PC. So i thought there lay my income for the day and i left home with gud spirits. First of all i had a hard time finding the place even though it was on the side of the main road and when i reached there i saw that it had been closed. When i asked the nearby shop they said the owner came,opened the shop for a few minutes and then closed it.They said that the guy must have left most probably. What kind of a business man is he?????? So i was about to leave when i got a call from the studio guy. He told me that he was waiting for me for a long time and asked me where i was? Ohh...did i come to the wrong place???? I told him that i was standing just outside the studio matching his description. Then this guy told me "Ohhh...Please wait im comin!!!" and to my surprise he opened the shutter to the studio. huh!! This guy was inside the studio the whole time!!!!!!

Anyway i made an enquiry about the condition of the PC and started reinstalling it as the software was corrupt. It would take sometime. Meanwhile the owner and one of his friends got aquainted with me and in a few minutes we were talking like thickest of friends(a gift that i got from experiences with people). As we were talking he told me that last week he got involved in some kind of a fight with someone. He and his friend here got arrested by the police (ohhh..goddd vigilantes!!!) along with one another friend. So they got an advocate to plead for them. This advocate was telling them how to act before the judge. The advocate told them, "The judge will ask you do you plead not guilty of this crime??? and you should say Yes. i do". It was that simple. The studio owner's friend kept memorising this part " Yes i do....Yes i do", he wanted it to be perfect , no mistakes, kept on repeating this. So they were brought up before the judge and instead of the anticipated question he asked "The evidences are against you.Do you agree that you have done this crime??" Before anyone could stop him, the studio owner's friend instinctvely said "Yes, I do !!!!!!!" . Everyone was staring at him while he was wondering why everyone was looking at him. Later he realised his mistake when they were fined 1500 bucks for misconduct.

Woaaahhh!!!!!!!!!! I laughed n laughed and almost fell from the chair!!!!!!!!!!


I have a friend who we call "Doctor" for some reasons (im not gonna go into those details.. :P). One day she was making an important call in her cellphone. As the conversation was going on, she realised that her credit was about to be over. She told the person at the other end that she would call back after recharging her credit. She was anxious to finish the conversation. She ended the call for recharging the credit. She had a recharge card for 50 bucks that she bought a few hours ago. She scratched the card for the secret recharge number. But then she remembered she had left the water running. So she kept the card on the table and went to turn off the tap and then she returned, took the card and entered the secret number into the phone when she was prompted to do so. But alas... she got the message the "The recharge card number you have entered is invalid. Please Try Again.." Ok..i made a mistake, she thought and re entered the number, this time very careful. But again she got the same message. She tried again and again, but still the same old message. She became furious!!!!!(A feelin when girls cant complete an "important" offence :P)

She decided to call the customer care and report about this. So she dialled the number to the customer care centre. A girl picked up the phone. Before she say all the formal welcome greetings, Doctor here burst out furiously "What do you people think of yourselves?? You say great things about your mobile company in your ads . But what do we get??? You  sell recharge cards that dont work. You know how much problems these things cause us??" She went on lik that for like ten minutes. Then the customer care centre girl, although shocked managed to find an oppurtunity to talk when the Doctor had to stop for breath, said "Ma'am such a situation is impossible to have occured. Maybe you have entered the wrong number or there might be something wrong with the steps you followed". Then Doctor said "What??? You sell stupid stuffs and now your thinking that im dumb enough to enter the number incorrectly??? I correctly entered the 10 digit code in the top part of the card!!!! OOPSSS.." and promptly disconnected the phone. Our Doctor here scratched the card correctly , but instead of entering that secret pin number, she entered the serial number of the recharge card which was also a 10 digit number located just above the secret pin.


This story happened while i was at Vimek'z home. That day his little cousin was there too, a 4 year old naughty boy. So he was sitting there playin with his toys and all. We were talking about dreams and stuffs like that. Just then the boy said last night he had a dream. Curious we asked him what his dream was about. So the boy started describing his dream. " I was standing at a forest and suddenly a group of people started chasing me. I got scared and kept running and then i saw a small hut in the middle of the jungle. to escape from the people i went and hid in the hut. I kept quiet. But suddenly one of the people found me and came to me with a knife. i screamed and screamed. Then suddenly evrything went white and it was written .....TO BE CONTINUED".

Then the boy continued playing with his toys..... (Ohhhhh...Godddddd)


So from the comments i hope you have guessed that Vimek has a "Special" friend.....(yeaaa the Doctor :P) .Obviously, Vimek had a hard time meeting the Doctor (i know all of you who has a so called "special" friend would know about this ) even though her house was nearby. They needed tactics matching guerilla warfare to arrange a meeting. Anyway one day Vimek  wanted to meet the Doctor so badly he decided to make a plan (ofcourse i had to go with him...Ohh sooo dead!!). He said that he would go to one of their mutual friend's house ,he in disguise that he had to return the friend a book that he borrowed and she as if she had to meet her old friend (cheesy ehh??). So everything was planned. No chance for troubles(atleast we thought).

On our way we were talkin about what would happen if her dad saw us and knew that we came here to meet her (we would be killed!!). So we were gettin close to the mutual friends' house. Vimek looked at me and said while walking "What would he do if he knows??? He would have to know about it one day anyway. The sooner the better!!! Im not scared of anyone." BAMMMMM!!!!!! (This is what happens if you don't look where you are going). Vimek bumped into a man. Vimek got up and looked at the man. It was a man in his early fifties. As soon as he saw the man, Vimek's face grew pale, and without  saying anything he just started walking back. I didn know what was going on. I heard him mumbling "Oh..Shit!!!! Oh Shit!!!!!"(Okkkkk!!!! I better follow!!) We didnt stop until we reached where our bike was parked. He didnt say a word, we got onto the bike and rode away. On the way i asked him what the hell had happened and why didnt we act as planned? He said, "Mannnn!!! that guy i bumped into.... was her dad!!!!!!!!!!!!" . I didnt have to ask any more questions( the look in his face told a thousand words :P)


This happened to one of my friends. Lets call him Raju ;) .So Raju was on his way to Banglore and he was happy he got a train reservation in such a short notice. As he was sitting on a bench of the railway station platform, he saw a girl sitting at the bench next to his. She looked cute, almost his age, and for a second there he hoped she would be sitting next to him (it was gonna be a borin 12 hour trip..he needed to kill some time). He didnt realise that he was kinda staring at the girl. Suddenly the girl looked at him. Raju turned away too quick that he forgot there was a lamp post next to him, he hit his head (Ouch!!!! tat must have hurt). The girl smiled, while he tried to hard to cover the pain and embarassment showing in his face. The girl kept on smiling. He heard the whistle, the train was coming (Godddd....saved !!!!!). He picked up his bag and without looking at her started walking towards the end of the platform, where his compartment was supposed to be. He didnt dare turn towards the girl.

So the train arrived. Raju forgot all that happened a while earlier as he was busy searching for his seat. The train started to move, then he realised he was in the wrong compartment.God!!!!! what a day!!!!!! As this was an express train the next stop wasnt for like three hours. He saw the ticket checker and told him about the entire situation. The ticket checker told him to find an empty seat if possible. Raju told the checker that he culdnt find any empty seats. The checker looked at him helplessly. Just then a girl said he could sit next to her if he wanted to as that seat was kinda empty now. Raju turned around and looked at the girl. It was the same girl who smiled at him at the platform. Raju couldnt stop smiling (he looked as if he had a hanger in his mouth). So that was settled and Raju sat next to her. They got aquainted. The girl said her name was Radha (another assumption folks!!) and she was studying at Banglore. Raju said sorry for having stared at her at the railway station. She said it was fine and the hit and all gave her a good laugh. In the next half hour they were talking like they were long lost friends. They exchanged their cellphone numbers. They talked about their families. Raju was having a good time, when he realised that it was soon going to be time for him to change the compartment as the next station was like half hour away. he told that to Radha. Radha said it was ok, and she looked at the window and kept quiet. It had been a while since she was staring out of the window. So Raju asked her "Are you Ok???" Suddenly The girl turned around and stared at him and asked "Aren't you my Mahesh???? Yes You are my Mahesh!!!! How long have i been waiting for you???? Please dont go!!!!!! Please!!!!!" And the girl got kinda hysteric (Ohhhohhhhh !!!!). The people next to them was staring at them. Raju got scared and in a second he got up picked up whatever belongings he could find and just ran to the back of the compartment. He went into the toilet and locked himself in. He heard banging at the door. He looked at the time there was 15 more minutes. He had to stay inside no matter what. After like 10 minutes (which to him was the longest 10 mins of his life) he heard the banging stop and people talking something. Later the train stopped in the station. He opened the toilet door and just ran out of the compartment without looking back and got into his correct compartment.Then got up to his berth. He sat there gasping for breath and trying to forget what just happened (hoping that the girl wouldnt show up there!!!!)


It was well into the first year of our college. Classes were getting pretty boring. We used to do all sorts of things in class to avoid falling into a deep slumber (all sorts of things except study :P) This incident occured in the last class of a Friday. The classes went into extra time on Fridays and especially this day as it was the Mechanics class (The lecturer was extra boring plus he used to take extra time). Students who were awake were making up plans to make a time machine to get over this (yea that desperate!!!). So these sorts of things were going on in the class.

In one of the last benches of the class, two boys Rajesh and Antony, were busy dozing off. Rajesh woke up with a start (maybe he had a bad dream!!!). But Antony was still enjoying his siesta. Rajesh was a little annoyed by his sudden waking up. He wanted to do something to compensate his early wake up. He was thinking of things he could do. He could make rockets with papers and throw it at the lecturer (tooo risky!!!) or he could take his cellphone and play a game. No!!! He wanted something with a little more fun. He turned around and saw Antony still dozing off peacefully. Suddenly he got an idea. He shook Antony rigourously and said "Cmon man say your number, the lecturer is taking rolls.You l lose your attendance..wake up u idiot!!!" Antony woke up with a start and shouted "Number 12 Present Sir!!!!!!!!!!!". Everyone in the class stared at him and suddenly bursted out laughing. The Lecturer too couldnt help laughing. Antony sat there staring at Rajesh (who by the way dropped on the ground laughing out loud) burning!!!!!


It was Vimek's brother's engagement day. He was getting ready to go. He had bought a new white shirt the previous day which he thought would be perfect for the occassion.He got

dressed and went to recieve the guests who were coming. He was in a very good mood as it was his only brother's engagement and in a way he was going to be the star of the day. Then one of the guests came and said to him, "Son, you look quite handsome today in the white shirt. Looks as though its your engagement." The people standing near them laughed at this comment. Vimek gave an unsure smile and walked away (Was this a compliment or an insult????). He got busy as the party had to leave for the bride's house in like 5 minutes and he forgot all about the comment. The comment was actually a warning for things to come.

They reached the bride's house on time. Vimek got out of the car and walked behind his brother to the reception hall.Vimek's brother got busy talking to some of the people there, while Vimek stood there scanning the entire hall(For girls....ofcourse!!!! :P) As he was standing there a few people came towards Vimek and shaking his hands said, "Congratulations!!" and handed over some presents to him. He was shocked!! Then he explained to them that he wasnt the groom and pointed over to his brother who was standing on the other side of the hall.As soon as he did this and turned around an old man came grabbed his hands and dragged him to the centre stage.He said to Vimek its gettin late, the functions should start now. This old guy here was the person who managed the
function. Vimek thought for a moment and asked the old man, "So why did you bring me here?? Should i do something??" The old man laughed and said, "What are you asking?? How would the engagement happen without the groom being present???" (Not again!!!!!!!!!!) Luckly for him Vimek's dad was close by and he came over and explained to the old man that this was the groom's brother. The old man confused by the way Vimek dressed thought he was the groom.He said sorry to Vimek and proceed with his business. Vimek had become the laughing stock of the day (yaa..atleast he gotta be the centre of attention :P). For the rest of the day he managed to conceal himself behind the crowd.


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    • profile image

      rohini 8 years ago

      tz awsum.....APPLAUSE!!

    • profile image

      $ul@gn@ 8 years ago

      really it up...n in ordr 2 do tat jus do lots of mischfs n silly mistks........ok??;)

    • profile image

      Rep 8 years ago

      gud to know i havent figured yet!!

    • profile image

      paru... 8 years ago

      hihihi....nice one da....i missed dat moment wen vimek met her dad....hehehe...huhuhu.....!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Zee 8 years ago

      Da! nee vann imagination aanalloi! @ your Raju story :P


    • profile image

      vimek 8 years ago

      @ meetin someone special(Doctor)...........phewwwww!!!!Nothing else ...phewwwwww!!!!!!!!!y should i b scared???ehh??? :P :P :P i dont fear anythin :P :D :D

    • profile image

      Kannan g S 8 years ago

      hehehehe.... Nice 1 chettayi.. :P

    • profile image

      Zee 8 years ago

      machu! diddnt know you could write!!! Nice work mate!!

    • profile image

      vimek 8 years ago

      @ call to customer care!!! hehehehe :P :P i swear ,,the person on the other end ...WASNT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P

    • profile image

      vimek 8 years ago

      @ FIRST RIDE......:P it wasnt my fault...while u ride ..u should concentrate on ridin not on girls :P :P :P

    • profile image

      LACHUZZZZ 8 years ago

      ple lyk doc keep d customer service alive...hehhehe...roc on sista!! ;)

    • profile image

      lachuzzzz 8 years ago